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Oct 7, 2015
Hi, so far I have taken my first bio course and I dont know weather to continue with bio and take microbiology which is in the 200 level or start taking gen chem 1. should i save microbiology and anatomy with physiology later? I am going to kind of be in my sophmore year in the fall I took courses for my freshmen year only during the winter and summer. I am just scared to take microbiology because the lab is 40% and I did horrible in my intro bio lab but did well in the lecture. I do not know how to study for lab because i dont understand the expsriments and also I am trying to take balance so i wont be stuck taking all my harder courses duing my last years. does anybody know of a schedule sequence to help balance. I also dont know when to start taking two science courses? like which ones are good to take together? my university is very difficult so many students say to take certain science courses completely alone like in one semester with no other class. I am so confused because I take such a long time to study for my courses that I dont have time to do anything else. I cant imagine taking more than one science a semster. I feel so lost I know I want to do this but I do not know how. Study tips are greatly appreciated!!


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Mar 29, 2016
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Well.. thats really sad to hear because you need to do more than one science if you really want to finish your college life normally.
There are many science classes in prerequisit for pharmacy
Anyway, I know and I understand that many students say that some science class es are really harder than other college Lol. Thats like cliche.
But I guess the science class with lab gives you a pre lab assignment right? Then you gotta read the lab procedures carefully.
Then try to figure out what is the purpose of this lab.
Also, reviewing your lectures before lab will greatly help. The background knowledge helps to absorp everything from the lab.
I can say preview and review your lab materials and lectures are the key for success.
It would be better if you do two science classes asap. More than 2 science classes would be hard to keep up. Some semester you would need to do more than 2 science classes.
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