1. X

    What counts as general biology?

    When I went to college, I started out at an online university for two quarters before transferring to an in-person university. I took General Biology I at my online school, but obviously didn't have a lab since the courses were online. My college doesn't require a second semester of general...
  2. meowhello

    Is Chemistry and Physics harder than Biology? How can I prepare?

    I completed my Freshman year with all A's in my Biology courses: Intro to Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 1/2 and Microbiology so I'm thinking about skipping the introduction classes to Chem and Physics and jump right in to Gen Chem and Phys 1 Sophomore year (this fall).
  3. M

    Which class should I take - Cell Biology or Medical Microbiology?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but I think the non-trad aspect applies most. Since I have one more semester (spring) before I *hopefully* begin M1 classes, I want to take at least one more class. I have the option of "Medical Microbiology" or "Eukaryotic Cell Biology". The reason it's...
  4. a_zed24

    Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Hello there, do all wound infections transform into toxic shock syndrome? I know the answer is no, because TSS is very rare, but why is that? -Thanks!
  5. E

    I need some advice

    hey guys, so because of financial issues I took Microbiology at community college but it’s 2000 level not 3000 level. Does it matter that it’s 2000 level? Or do I have to retake it in the fall at a university instead?
  6. G

    Admissions and Optional Prerequisites

    Does anyone know if admissions committees give preference in admission to people who have taken the "optional prerequisites" (Bichem, Microbio, Anat and Physio) for their school? I'm especially curious about the impact on applicants to SUNY Optometry. I have a some time before application and...
  7. squirrelnutkin

    Microbiology Lecture/Lab Requirements

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there will have some insight into this situation. At my undergrad, bio majors were required to take an advanced senior lab. My lab was Microbiology. On my transcript, the course is named Microbiology Lab. It was a 3-credit course w/ 1 hour lecture and 5 hours...
  8. apoplectic

    MD & DO Step 1 Microbiology Bacteria Trigger Words

    Murray’s Microbiology has helpful sections in each chapter listing pathogens and trigger words. The following is a list of bacteria only and their trigger words that I found useful for Step 1 review. The Murray text also provides similar associations for viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc. Refer to...
  9. MedicalDoge

    Lowly Pre-med Question

    Hello Pathology experts, I have a few quick questions the pathology career in general. I am going into medical school and have a great interest in pathology. I know I am ahead of myself but I just want to get a feel for the field. 1) If I aspire to subspecialize in either neuropathology or...
  10. B

    What determines Acute vs chronic infections in health individuals?

    I understand that newborns, elderly, and immunocompromised patients are more likely to develop chronic infections or activation of latent infections but what causes a healthy person to clear an infection such as Hep B as opposed to other who go on to develop lifelong chronic infections? I read...
  11. a_zed24

    Toxins' heat stability

    Hello there, I know endotoxins are heat stable while exotoxins are not. But why's that? What particular feature do the endotoxins have to resist heat? Is it because the are mainly made of lipid and saccharides, and don't "denature" like proteins? Maybe it's a silly question, sorry about that...
  12. a_zed24

    Bottom of the biofilm

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what is the bacterial growth phase in the bottom of a biofilm? I know bottom bacteria are dormant... Does it mean they are in the stationary phase? Thanks
  13. a_zed24

    Disk diffusion method

    Hello there, does anyone know why do we perform the diagnosis step during the disk diffusion method to test the bacterial susceptibility towards the used antibiotics? By "diagnosis step" (as our prof. called it) I mean that step in which we examine the bacterial culture to determine what type of...
  14. a_zed24

    Disk diffusion method

    Hello there, does anyone know what are the basic steps for the disk diffusion method to test the bacterial susceptibility towards the used antibiotics? Thanks!
  15. X

    For Sale Flashcards for sale: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Micro; Lange Pathology

    I'm selling my 4 decks of flashcards. They are in very NEW/never used conditions: Netter's Anatomy; Lange Pharmacology; Lippincott Microbiology; Lange Pathology. These are highly recommended study material for both first and second years of medical school and for Boards studying. The price...
  16. B

    Videos for Biology, Microbiology and MCAT. Over 250 videos...

    MCAT, Biology, Microbiology and branches - YouTube
  17. G

    Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domination The Board Game

    Gaia Game Studios is working to release an Biology based game called Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domination. In Bio-Logic, players take control of an engineered Super-Bug that must fight, evolve and develop in order to infect the body. All mechanics found with Bio-Logic are based on real life...
  18. A

    CLS Micorbiology

    I am in this predicament where I am required to take microbiology as a pre-req course at CSUDH. The only problem is that I graduated recently from my University without taking that class. The counselor at CSUDH told me that microbiology would required a three-semester wait period. I was hoping...
  19. blueduck1162

    Vet med/pathology/microbiology

    Hey everyone! So I've been a lurker of SDN for a few years now and have just created an account. A little about me...I started college off in the nursing program, but soon realized that wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I liked the medicine aspect of it, but not much else. I withdrew from...
  20. M

    Easy way to remember antibiotics for different diseases

    Hi, I would like to know: is there an easy way to learn the antibiotics used in different conditions? or how would you go about learning them? I am finding it very hard to rote memorize, for eg meningitis-ceftriaxone, pneumonia- amoxiclin/clarithromycin/co-amoxiclav, chlamydia-azithromycin...
  21. mrjbb

    Microbiology Instead of Biology 2 Prereq

    Asking for a close friend. She's taken Biology 1 and has the chance to take Microbiology instead of Bio 2. She's found micro to be of more interest. Her question to me was, can she use Micro/lab as part of the 1 year biology requirement? I've looked at some OLD threads on here and my answer to...
  22. P

    prepharmacy prereqs

    Hi, so far I have taken my first bio course and I dont know weather to continue with bio and take microbiology which is in the 200 level or start taking gen chem 1. should i save microbiology and anatomy with physiology later? I am going to kind of be in my sophmore year in the fall I took...
  23. P


    Hello, so far I have taken my first bio class and I did good but I had to study so much and I wasnt even full time. My problem is I have to relisten to every lecture and it takes me so long because I pause and write down everything and I can't miss a detail because the tests are VERY specific...
  24. rs_med_student

    BOTH Best Books for 2nd year recommendations please.

    hello guys. next month ill be hopefully moving to 2nd year and studying: -phathology -microbiology -pharmacology -genetics (i probably wont need a book) i need something that all med students dream of,a book thats: clear concise easy to read HIGH YIELD or MIDUIM YIELD just like Guyton for...
  25. T

    Wait to take genetics microbio/cell and molec?

    Should I wait to take genetics microbio and cell and molecular biology until after the DAT or take it the semester before.
  26. H

    Sketchy micro for dental school/ NBDE part 1?

    I begin my D1 year in August and was wondering whether anyone has experience using SketchyMicro videos for dental school microbiology and NBDE part 1? I know the videos are created to help with UMSLE, but I was hoping they would still be useful for dental students. Thank you!
  27. C

    UC Berkeley Extension Classes - Professor/Class Reviews

    Has anyone taken these class with these professors at UC Berkeley Extension? Could anyone comment on the quality of professor and level of difficulty? I can't seem to find any recent threads on this... Genetics (online) with Susan Parkinson Immunology (online) with Monica Ranes-Goldberg...
  28. toro2013

    Microbiology-Upper Level or Lower Level?

    So, I see a lot of schools require Microbiology, however, how do I know if a lower level introduction to Microbiology will meet the requirements. Does anyone have a list of schools that will take a 2000 level microbiology course?
  29. G

    microbiology advice?

    Hi everyone! I'm a freshman in college and I'm currently taking microbiology and anatomy..these are the first science courses I'm taking in a college setting and I'm afraid that I might end up with a B in micro, its not impossible that I'll get an A but in the high chance that I get a B, would...