1. isaeed

    One online class for a prerequisite?

    hiya everyone, I hope y'all are staying healthy, happy, and safe! due to the pandemic, i wasn't able to register for physics I lab on time because it got full quickly so i am taking it this semester. i am planning to apply to med school next summer though (2021-2022 cycle), and i want to get my...
  2. bentley13

    Lab Fees and Income Structure as Associate

    Hi SDN! I’ve been offered a couple associate contracts and both have indicated that I would be responsible for 100% of lab fees. Is this standard? It seems odd to me that this expense would fall on the associate. Obviously a lot of whether this is fair to the associate or not depends on how...
  3. I

    Tips on getting used to restraining aggressive rodents or prairie voles specifically?

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of experience working with mice, but just started in a new lab where ill also be working with prairie voles. Honestly, Im not the most comfortable working with animals as I've never grown up around any really. So working with my mice probably took more getting...
  4. L

    Fall Research Lab

    Due to COVID-19, almost all of the labs on my campus are not hiring any new undergrads nor are they allowing students to come to lab in-person. I was originally planning on applying to a lab this month so I can conduct research with them for the school year but it seems like that will not be...
  5. a_zed24

    Qualitative test for CO toxicity

    Hello there! One quick (and relatively insensitive) method to detect acute CO poisoning is to take a blood sample, dilute it and mix it with 5% NaOH. A pink tint in comparison with the colour obtained from a normal blood specimen (I've been told it'd be brown-ish?) suggests the presence of...
  6. A

    CJD fears from anatomy lab

    We were viewing cadavers and wet specimens including brain tissue. A used glove (touched the cadaver and specimens) was inside out and I went to put it on. My hands have eczema and I got scared that I could contract CJD from the used glove. I washed my hands after and told my professor. She said...
  7. chunkyfilms

    Where can I take a Biochemistry Lab?

    I'm registered to take a 3 credit Intro to Biochem lecture, but I'm looking to add a lab in the future just in case I need it. The school I'm taking it at doesn't offer a lab at all. They're going to start offering a 4 credit Biochem course during the winter but it will still just be a lecture...
  8. P

    Why would a grad student decide to take in an undergrad

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was just wondering what the reasoning is behind a grad student in a research lab deciding to take in and train an undergrad. I get it that he's acting like a mentor, but aren't I just slowing him down and taking time away from...
  9. whothat0

    Gap year Job (Lab tech at dental school or Job in industry)

  10. S

    Organic 2 lab?

    I am currently enrolled in a summer course for organic 2, including a lab. I'm just wondering if taking the lab is worth it, because I can use this time studying? I am not taking biochem, so that is my only hesitation in not taking the lab, because it possibly makes up for it. Any advice on this...
  11. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  12. squirrelnutkin

    Microbiology Lecture/Lab Requirements

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there will have some insight into this situation. At my undergrad, bio majors were required to take an advanced senior lab. My lab was Microbiology. On my transcript, the course is named Microbiology Lab. It was a 3-credit course w/ 1 hour lecture and 5 hours...
  13. H

    SUNY Letters of Rec

    For SUNY, I know there is a requirement of two science professor recs, an optometrist rec, and one from a prehealth committee. For the science professors, would a letter from my Orgo lab professor count? I'm not very close with my lecture professor even though I visited his office hours...
  14. D


  15. 7

    Do Lab hours count as total Semester hours?

    For example, in my University Gen Chem 1 is 3 credit hours for the lecture and 1 credit hour for the lab to make up 4 credit hours total. When I looked up a few dental school requirements, it generally said that you need 8 semester hours of inorganic chemistry, 8 semester hours org etc. and it...
  16. S

    Is my undergrad research good enough?

    I graduate from undergrad in December and plan to apply to medical school next cycle. My undergrad research was a systematic review, which is pretty much a big literature review. I have gotten my paper published and presented at local as well as statewide conferences. Does this meet the research...
  17. 8

    Residents getting their own labs??

    I heard from a friend who is nearing completion of an MSTP program that an older gal from his school was offered her own lab space and research staff to come to their institution as a resident. He said she basically does her residency and spends 10-20 hours a week directing the work of her lab...
  18. L

    Undergraduate research interview

    Hey guys, I recently got invited to an interview to be part of a very well respected doctor's research. I am, however, very nervous about the interview itself. I've never had to go through an interview before (college didn't require interviews, nor have any of my extracurriculars). My strengths...
  19. DarkKnight835

    Taking too many Pre-Reqs over the Summer?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for all the upperclassmen/ADCOMS that are on here regarding taking too many pre-reqs classes over the Summer. I am a current rising second semester sophomore at a local 4 year university. The first Summer between Freshman and Sophomore year, I had to take Gen...
  20. 8

    Is medical school for me if I suck at lab or anything hands-on?

    Hello beautiful people! So I really want to go to medical school, however time and time again, I have seen through many of my lab classes that I SUCK AT LAB. Basically I suck at anything that is hands-on and requires practicality. How bad is this for medical school? Like I am ok with the...
  21. TragicalDrFaust

    Best way to handle a ruinous lab partner

    I ended up with a bad lab partner in a 4-credit 400 level biochem class (through the tried and true method of pairing everyone with the person they sit next to on the first day!). We've had to redo every experiment so far because of mistakes she makes. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but I'm...
  22. TragicalDrFaust

    Is working an entry level job at a lab after undergrad helpful on applications

    Found a couple threads but they were all older and not DO-specific. I'm currently a senior studying biochem/molecular bio and planning on taking a gap year. For obvious financial reasons, I would prefer to take a lab job after school, particularly if it checks off research on the pre-med laundry...
  23. L

    No RECENT clinical experience?

    Hi friends, I am currently working in a clinical research lab and dedicate about 20 hrs/week. I will have about 1500hrs by next summer. I currently do not have any publications under my belt, and I have not indicated on my primary that my team plans to submit this upcoming year (although I have...
  24. SciClin

    How important is the lab requirement for MD/PhD applicants?

    If I have 4+ years of experience in the lab (let's say ChemE), is organic lab really necessary? I will have also had 3 semesters of Bioengineering lab coursework too.
  25. T

    AMCAS Course Work Lecture and Lab Question

    I'm trying to figure out how to add some courses in. I have read through this section of the manual, but this is still unclear. I have lots of courses like this on my transcript: HumAnatomy & Physiology IIw/Lb Credit: 3.0 Grade: A HumAnatomy & Physiology IIw/Lb Credit: 1.0 Grade: A One is...
  26. physiogirl2019

    Am I being crazy?

    I just finished up my sophomore year. My cumulative is now a 3.84 and science is 3.75. I am mostly happy with my grades (4.0ed both gen chems, both basic biologies, and both orgos), but I am going nuts because I got a B in my organismal biology lab. I bombed a lab exam the day I was at the peak...
  27. 8

    Should I make the undergrad lab switch?

  28. D

    reneging on research position

    Hi, I'm curious about what you guys thinking about reneging an offer for lab tech at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital (I have signed an offer letter)? I recently received a new offer to join a lab that started recently, that is also very small, but with research I am very passionate in...
  29. CommyO

    For those not taking Gap years..

    How do you guys do it? I mean how to do maintain a decent gpa and do research? What are the time demands for the research? Also, would research be good to have for applying MD non PhD? Honestly, I know people say don't check boxes but I'm not lab savvy at all and I honestly dislike labs...
  30. nembry

    Summer-- O Chem 1 w/ lab or Phys 1 w/ lab?

    Which would you guys advise that i take this summer? Organic Chem 1 with Lab or Physics 1 w/ lab? I will be taking them UTD and I attend UT Austin (which is very notorious for having difficult labs) during the regular semesters. Keep in mind I will also be working as a medical assistant 15-20...
  31. O

    Computer science lab for pre-med research experience?

    Would working in a computer science lab (as opposed to a traditional biomedical/biology/chemistry lab) hurt my chances of getting into medical school? I know that research experience is an important component of the pre-med résumé, but, since I'm majoring in computer science, I was wondering...
  32. I

    Don't want to do independent research project

    I am in a little bit of a unique position here. I joined a basic sciences lab at the very end of last school year (May 2016) and am currently working in the lab. I applied for a position as a "student researcher" as opposed to "student volunteer" with the expectation that I would be working...
  33. neva525

    Physiology lab practical exam-what am I doing

    Hello everyone. I'm in 2nd year of college. I'm writing you in hopes you can tell me how to properly do capillary puncture from the finger of a hand. I don't know if you guys had to do it for your physiology practical exams, but I have to. I need to do it in order to pass my physiology exam...
  34. Jay_Tito

    The results are back! First Freshman semester was horrid. Any advice appreciated!

    Hello! I finished out my first semester as follows: A- English A- Statistics A- Bio Lab B- Bio 1 C- Chemistry 1 My GPA is looking like a 3.3 I'd like to improve my grades come next semester, and I'd like you guy's advice on your own personal study habits, time management skills, etc. What...
  35. A

    Where can I get a 1-credit Physiology lab?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  36. A

    1-credit Physiology lab? Can it be taken online?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  37. B

    Should I push through with research

    Hey guys, So in January i started working in a lab as a lab aide - and starting in August I began doing my own research. Over the last few months, however, I have learned that bench research is not for me. My lab is very time consuming, and I do not enjoy it very much. Being a junior, it is...
  38. RogueBanana

    RogueBanana's Guide to Undergraduate Research

    Hey Everyone! I see a lot of people asking about how to "get in" to research as an undergrad, well fear not! Your good buddy RogueBanana has made a guide just for you! So Roguey, how do I find a spot as a research assistant? I'm glad you asked! 1- Ask A Professor So there are a lot of ways...
  39. B

    letter of rec follow up?

    So I recently left a lab and asked my PI to write a letter, which he agreed to. Its been 2 weeks since we exchanged emails, and still no letter. I know PIs are super busy and have a lot of stuff to do other than write letters for students, but just wondering: is it too soon to ask email the PI...
  40. RJLIL

    Organic Chem Labs - New England Uni. Online

    I need to fulfill my requirements for Orgo 1 and Orgo 2 labs before matriculating. I wanted to know if any of you have experience with taking the Organic chemistry Labs online through UNE. Thanks