1. H

    Having to drop a class I included in an update letter

    Hey guys! I recently sent an update letter to some of the schools I applied to and included my class schedule for this final semester (among more substantial updates). Unfortunately, due to a staffing issue my section of anatomy is no longer being offered and I have to drop the course. Is this...
  2. C

    Undergrad Majors / Minors

    Hey all! I'm a current sophomore majoring in biology (BS) with a minor in chem and looking to add something else. Right now, I'm thinking of majoring or minoring in either Evolutionary Anthropology or Religious Studies. I think I'd enjoy either quite a bit, but was wondering if anyone could talk...
  3. williamsmateo

    How hard is my semester?

    Hello, I am a pre-dental student. I am entering my 3rd year and I am taking Ochem II, Genetics, and Analytical Chemistry. How hard is my semester going to be, ball park? I passed Ochem I with a C and struggle to understand the material.
  4. C

    Significance of academic minor

    I'm currently a rising sophomore doing a major in neuroscience, and I am unsure what I should do as my minor. FYI, I am planning on graduating a year early, taking a gap year, then applying to med school. I go to a large public institution that has many options. The ones I am considering are...
  5. L

    Graduating in 5 years

    Hi everyone, Do medical schools see it as something negative if I graduate in my undergrad institution in 5 years as opposed to 4 due to taking lighter classes per semester intentionally? Edit: This is my first time using SDN. So glad to join this community!
  6. habbohomer

    Should I take my Pre-reqs at Community College or at 4-year University after transferring?

    I've seen this question asked a lot and I've seen mixed responses. Especially now with covid, would it make sense to wait until after transferring to a 4-year university to take pre-reqs as taking them online and at a community college may seem too easy and not appealing for Med school...
  7. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  8. S

    How many classes as an M1?

    I'm an incoming medical student working on a scholarship application that asks about how many courses I will be taking as an M1. Can someone help me out with the average number of courses M1s take? Thanks!
  9. S

    How many classes?

    How many classes do medical students take on average per year?
  10. P

    Pass/Fail Classes

    I was wondering if anyone knew vet schools' opinion on pass/fail classes. My advisor told me that taking one would not be an issue, but I am not sure about two. I took one last semester already and I want to take another one this semester since it is my last semester. Keep in mind that the class...
  11. D

    What Classes Do I Have Left to Take?

    So these () are all the classes I have taken so far and maintained 3.8 GPA. I am majoring in chemistry and was wondering what I should take to have a good chance at most dental schools. I have 3 semesters left: Spring 19, Fall 19, and Spring 20. How should I spread the classes to make time for...
  12. F

    Retaking a Chemisty Class

    How does the AAMC calculate gpa if I retake a class. I couldnt find a lot of info online. I wanted to retake gen chem (I got a B-) but I want to graduate and retake it in another college. My college has horrible chemistry teachers and people fail or do really poorly. Does it make a difference if...
  13. N

    Should I take extra classes so I can apply to more schools?

  14. modernfam

    Extracurriculars for sophomore year?

    Hey guys, I'm technically a freshman right now, but I got my associate's degree with my high school diploma and instead of completing my bachelor's in two more years, I was planning to spend an extra year to bring up my GPA and polish my resume. When I was working on my Associates at a...
  15. SciClin

    My "core science" classes won't be graded? How will schools view this?

    This is quite a specific scenario, so I apologize if the (# of people helped) : (effort put in to answer question) ratio is rather small. My school allows students to take placement exams for nearly all "core science" classes. In short, I will not have the following classes on my transcript...
  16. D

    Taking classes outside of your curriculum

    I'm a second year neuroscience major and I have most of the mcat/med school pre-requisites in my curriculum except for biochemistry (which I intend to take). However, I have quite a few classes (outside my curriculum) that I want to take to be more prepared for the mcat and med school classes...
  17. D

    Getting better at Math

    Hi! Math has always been a bit challenging for me and I've been doing well until recently. I dropped my Pre-Calculus 2 class because I could tell I was failing and I had no chance to raise my grade since the class is only 3 months long. As a consequence of that I need to drop the Calculus I had...
  18. F

    Doing my last 2 years of undergrad online?

    I’m currently 27 years old and just finished my prerequisite classes my local community college. I also became certified as a Surgical Technician, which is why I’m in a predicament. Would it be okay for me to finish my last two years of my undergraduate degree at a nice university (University...
  19. P

    pre med course requirements

    hey y'all -- I've been looking at different med school pre reqs (required and recommended) and am wondering if a semester of statistics is really necessary for the majority of med schools?? my schedule is already at over 20 hours including a stats class, so should I take it or would not taking...
  20. brightlight3

    Biochem as an acceptable substitute for Orgo II

    I have a question regarding Biochem substituting for Orgo II for medical school admissions. If I took Orgo I with Lab and did Biochem I, would I need to have a lab component in order to fulfill the medical school requirements or would it be acceptable to just have the lab for Orgo I with a...
  21. E

    Married man... how to live during Optometry school?

    Whenever I go to optometry school, I will be faced with the challenge of finding a home, getting a job, moving, etc. All of this including the stress of admission, financial aid, and overall focus on study. This is a challenge I'm accepting, and I am prepared to create a high-quality, positive...
  22. N

    Online Genetics Courses

    Hello SDN, I know this question has been asked before, but I wanted to see if I could get any other responses...what are some good (i.e., comprehensive but relatively easy) online undergraduate genetics courses that can be taken during the summer? I am specifically looking for courses that start...
  23. C

    Bad Grade in Gen Chem II Lab

    Hi - I am a cognitive science major (a junior in college) and I am considering doing a psychology grad program with a focus on neuroscience. One thing that worries me is that I received a terrible grade in gen chem II lab- a D+ (I understood the material, but I was late with turning in lab...
  24. bsneuroscience

    Overwhelming Freshman Year Schedule??

    **This is my first post on this website, so I'm not 100% sure how to navigate within forums, and I couldn't find a SPECIFIC answer to my question, I'd really like some advice on my decisions! I will be graduating high school in 2 months and will be heading off to a 4-year state uni, it's not a...
  25. N

    Pre-Requisite Question! Please help

    Hi, im planning on applying this coming cycle. I have taken ochem lectures but not the labs because i have transferred twice. I dont know many schools that require all the pre-requisites to be complete prior to applying. Other than like Ohio State which requires 9/13 requirements prior to...
  26. stydying4PharmD

    SOS: I need an online Physio I/II class!

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  27. stydying4PharmD

    SOS I need an online physio I/II course! Suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  28. LuminatorMan

    Take Chem and Physics or Chem and higher level Bio?

    Hey. I am a first year at a top university in the U.S. I intend to declare a Biology major, however, I am not sure yet. My question is, do you think I should take (our) Gen Chem and Physics 1 in my sophomore year, or Gen Chem and a higher level Bio that is recommended for the MCAT, and...
  29. liketb12

    PLEASE HELP!!! Switched Calc 2 to Cal 1

    Hey everyone, Last semester, I had to take Calc for the life and social sciences, basically an applied calc class, because there was only one calc 1 class and it was full. However that class was not the same as taking actual Calc 1 as they omitted practically all of trig, exponential, and log...
  30. wolfnscale

    How to prevent running out of steam? (PostBaccs/NonTrads)

    Howdy SDN! Here's a question for my fellow non-traditional pre-meds: how do we NOT run out of steam? I'm a non-trad. I have a BS, an MS, and I'm currently in a Post-Bacc program. Each of these programs I've done back to back, without summers or breaks (my longest break was my first winter...
  31. A

    Abysmally low sGPA — What should I do?

    Hi all, I'm a 21 year old senior at an accredited university in Puerto Rico. After much indecisiveness, I've set my eyes on studying medicine in the U.S. However, for the past three years, I've managed to pass most of my classes (I'm an Anthropology major) with little to none study habits and...
  32. Niikkiiii

    Having trouble this semester

    Hey all, I have had a pretty rough semester. I guess I would like some reassurance (if possible). I want to go to medical school but I am literally in danger of failing two classes. I have been busting my ass and trying to pull through but I do not know if that will be enough as the semester...
  33. L

    Pepperdine MA or MFT classes, assignments, workload

    Just wondering for a full-time professional who is going back to school, what are the MFT/MA classes at Pepperdine like? Are the assignments mostly reading and writing? Are there multiple choice exams as well? Are the classes more experiential or more academic based (reading, writing, exams)? If...
  34. 7

    Questions about classes

    I've been reading through the classes to take on many dental school websites, and a lot of them state that to be competitive you should have advanced science courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, Histoloy, Evolution etc... I was wondering if other upper level science classes also count...
  35. D

    Taking Relatively Light Course Load

  36. G

    gpa question

    I am a sophomore in undergrad currently and plan to finish undergrad with a biology degree. I have taken two anatomy/physiology classes with labs and made an A in both of them. However, these two classes are not in my 4yr degree plan. Will they still be fully counted in my cGPA and sGPA? or will...
  37. themanonthemoon

    What classes to take prior to MCAT... with one semester left?

    I am currently a Junior at university with one semester after this current one to go. I have completed both general biologies, English, Psych/Soc, and one semester of physics. This semester, I am currently finishing my second general chemistry semester and first semester of A&P lecture and lab...
  38. G


    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding undergrad grades. I am in the beginning of sophomore year now. Realistically speaking, if I made nothing but A's and B's throughout my 4yrs of college, how many B's could I make and still have a realistic chance of getting into MD (or even DO) school...
  39. C

    Classes to take after doing poorly in ochem

    I got a B-/C in ochem. What classes should I take to show that I can actually do well in ochem and bounce back? Assuming I get an A in those classes of course.
  40. L

    Are these useful classes to take before DAT?

    I'm looking into taking Neuroscience, Immunology, Anatomy, or Physiology next semester. Out of these 4, I know Physiology will definitely help for the DAT, since it's covered in the biology section. Besides physiology, are any of the other 3 useful to take for DAT preparation? Or any other class...