Professor Co-Signed Letter of Recommendation by TA

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Mar 23, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I recently asked my TA from a science course to write me a letter of recommendation for OptomCas, and my professor agreed to co-sign it (however, he has never done something like that before). Can anyone else who has done something like this before for their application share some insight on how you instructed your professor to co-sign it? Does he just have to include a letterhead and put his contact info on the bottom of the letter?

Also, did you input your TA's info into OptomCas so they could upload the letter, or did you input your professor's info instead for them to submit the letter? I've come to realization that there is also a little questionnaire/rating of attributes section for them to complete along with the letter, so would it make sense for my TA to upload and complete it (since they know me better than my professor)? Thanks!

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