ptcas application

  1. J

    Application Mistake

    I’m embarassed and disappointed in myself for having a handful of typos in my application that I can no longer change because I didn’t notice them until after I submitted my application. Luckily my essay is good but my experiences and achievement section is where the misspelling lies. I fear the...
  2. J

    Need advice

    #1 I am a recent graduate of University of Kentucky. I have a overall GPA of 3.4. Here is a background of my grades and observation/volunteer hours. Course grades: Anatomy and Physiology I: C, Anatomy and Physiology II: A, Exercise Physiology: B, Biomechanics: B, Chemistry I: B. Chemistry I...
  3. P

    DPT Re-Applicant Questions

    So I am reapplying to programs since this cycle I unfortunately did not get an acceptance. I was wondering if anyone who has reapplied would tell me what all is saved on PTCAS? Am I going to have to resubmit all my transcripts, have my shadowing/observation hours re-verified, my GRE score...
  4. hermionegranger9

    DPT Shadowing Hours: Hours from High School? Hours from an MD?

    2 questions about Shadowing hours for DPT programs (FOR PTCAS) If you have shadowing hours from high school (senior year) 2015 from a PT, can you use this in PTCAS for an application for the 2018-2019 cycle? They are 20 hours of pediatrics shadowing hours at a cerebral palsy institute. Is it...
  5. A

    Waitlisters 2018-2019

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to commiserating our waitlist status. If you've been waitlisted like me, post which schools you're waiting on!! We got this guys!!!! :clap:
  6. G

    Post-Interview Questions

    So I had an interview at Rocky Mountain University and I'm curious how long it usually takes to hear back from a school once you have interviewed? My second question is when do schools generally interview people? Is there a month of the year that is most popular? I want to know what is...
  7. T

    PTCAS Due Date

    How early should you submit your application before the deadline? I know the website gives an estimated time for verification, but I just wanted to make sure that all materials needed to be submitted by the program deadline and not 3-5 weeks before this date. The wording on PTCAS is a little broad.
  8. S

    PTCAS Early Decision Timeline

    I applied for early decision and it took about a month to get everything verified. I understand that the deadline for the program to contact me, by law, is September 24, 2018. I was wondering if the programs wait until the deadline (August 15th) to look at the applications and make their...
  9. K

    csu sacramento, worth applying?

    Hello. I have a C- for one of CSUS prereqs (biomechanics), and it says they require all prereqs to be completed with a 'C' and 3.0 prereq GPA. C- was considered to be a passing grade for upper div in my department, and that semester was a rough due to a bunch of factors. This seems to be the...
  10. A

    PTCAS Course Verification Deadline Question

    Hey! This is my first post so my apologies if anything is wrong. I'm posting because I am very confused about PTCAS's shockingly long 4-6 week processing time. I submitted my application yesterday, and have a deadline on December 1. Everything has been in for a while, but my courses aren't...
  11. J

    Disqualified from UNF without consideration

    I submitted my PTCAS application a day ago, I applied to only FL schools. I already received a response from UNF saying I was disqualified due to my GRE analytical score being 0.5 less than their min. I'm beginning to feel very nervous because even though I realized my analytical score was on...
  12. Pursuit.of.DPT

    University of Mary Hardin-Baylor - DPT

    Good Evening, I received an invite for an interview at UMHB for their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Current and past students, what is the interview like? Is it a one on one interview or panel? Any ideas on what the essay portion is about? or the structure of their essays? Any...
  13. O

    potential PTCAS issues????

    Hi everyone, I am currently (or at least trying to be on top) on my game by submitting my application early as possible. However, there seems to be an issue that I have been running up to. I picked out my three references well ahead of the application deadlines of my program choices, gave them...
  14. B

    PTCAS essay

    I'm seriously struggling writing my essay for the prompt this year just because I know how important this essay is!! I've been super passionate about going to PT school since I was in high school, but I almost don't know what to write since I have so much to say. I know I'm running late but I...
  15. D

    PTCAS Prereq GPA

    Hi everyone, so I am a little confused about the PTCAS gpa system. I submitted a few apps, and had my coursework verified, and they calculated the gpas. There is no prereq gpa, and it's kind of worrying me because I know my prereq gpa is a lot higher than my cumulative science, overall, etc. Is...
  16. J

    Do I note volunteering a second time in PTCAS?

    Hello, While obtaining my observations hours I was considered a volunteer. Do I also note in the 'Experiences" section on PTCAS the places I volunteered at even though I am somewhat already noting them in the 'Observation Hours' section and having them verified by Physical Therapists? Or is...
  17. J

    How to input CANA experience in PTCAS?

    I took a 6 week nursing assistant program last year and within that time frame we did a 2 week clinical at a nursing home. Later I went on to become certified in the state of Florida as a CNA however it's now expired. I took this because my area didn't have any pt aide positions that I could...
  18. J

    Has anyone experienced issues with AP courses?

    Hello! Currently filling out the 2017-2018 PTCAS application. Many schools have General Psychology as a prerequisite, and then often a second prerequisite will be another psychology/behavioral class. I took General Psychology as an AP class in high school. I put it in as an 'S' for...
  19. J

    DPT 2017-2018 repeated prereqs ?

    I've filled out my transcript and now identifying my prerequisites to the schools I'm applying to. For repeated courses, I see on the PTCAS instructions when indicating which course fulfills a prerequisite that: If you repeated a course, match ALL attempts to the appropriate prerequisite...
  20. P

    Updating GREs to schools

    I have taken the GREs already, but plan on taking them again since I want to score better. I am about to send in my PTCAS application with the low scores, but obviously I want the schools im applying to, to see my new and improved scores. My plan was to email them stating that I have new GRE...
  21. N

    Multiple positions in one extracurricular activity

    I'm having trouble completing the extracurricular activity section of PTCAS. If I've held multiple positions within one organization, should I list all of those positions as separate entries, or cram them all into one?
  22. A

    Just submitted my PTCAS application

    So I didn't realize that I needed to esubmit my application for it to be verified and I just now submitted it. I'm feeling really dumb because it says all over the website to esubmit as soon as possible so that it can be verified in time for deadlines, but for some reason I totally misunderstood...
  23. Cheezy89

    How to get to PT school with low GPA!

    Your grades may be low but it is not impossible. I did it and so can you. Of course your chances are low, of course it is hard but I had the lowest stats you could possibly imagine and now I am a first year PT student. This thread is to inspire applicants to chase their dream of becoming...
  24. A

    Questions about the application process

    Hello everyone! I am getting ready to submit my application and I had a couple questions. PTCAS received all my transcripts mid July and my application still hasn't been verified yet. Is it normal to take this long? Will PTCAS inform me if I typed something in wrong in my courses? Also...
  25. pmaq

    NEED HONEST OPINION about ONLY applying to schools that do NOT require GRE

    Would it be a bad idea to only apply to schools that do not require the GRE ? I narrowed those searches down to the schools (not requiring the GRE) I would like to attend I had planned on taking my GRE next month , but only two schools I want to go to require the GRE and I think I'll survive...
  26. F

    PT Application Help

    I am working on my application for the 2016-2017 cycle for physical therapy program and was wondering what other people thought about the essay prompt. It is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?" I feel like this prompt is...
  27. D

    PTCAS Question about 'Course Type' for Kinesiology Classes

    Hello everyone, I am a current Kinesiology major applying to PT schools for the 2016-2017 cycle and I have a question about entering my coursework. I understand how to choose the 'course type' (lecture only, lab only, both, etc) for the courses such as chemistry and physics that, at least at...
  28. A

    Application Question

    How do I know if I need to send my transcripts to the schools that I'm applying to? Like it looks like some don't want transcripts sent and they just need the PTCAS transcripts. I've tried looking on the schools websites and I'm not having any luck finding anything. Any help would be...
  29. A

    Question one of my references asked?

    So I sent my reference an email saying she should be receiving an email from PTCAS about the letter of recommendation and asked her to save a copy of it to send to other schools that aren't on PTCAS. She then replied yes she got it and she always saves copies. But then she asked, if the PTCAS...
  30. E

    Extracurricular Activites in PTCAS?

    Hello! So I have a ton of extracurricular activities that I have been involved with throughout college, but I have not had many leadership positions. Just wondering what I should put in the box that says, "Enter the title of the position you held and a brief description of your...
  31. M

    Brainstorming the new PTCAS essay prompt, and I'm very lost!

    Hi all, I've been trying for the past few days to figure out the new essay prompt that was posted for this years cycle, and I don't think I understand what it's asking. The prompt is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?"...
  32. beyoutiful_sunshine

    PT Prerequisite on PTCAS

    So I've started filling my PTCAS application by entering my coursework and I'm confused as to what PTCAS considers a Biology I pre-requisite. When I'm supposed to mention if a course is a PT pre-requisite, it says Biology I (Not botany or zoology) but at my school (Sam Houston State) those are...