1. R

    Physics After Applying. Is there aDeadline?

    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe. I know it is acceptable to take physic after applying to dental school as long as all the other requirements are fulfilled. Being an accounting major, I must take certain classes to fulfill my major and wish to take physics the summer before...
  2. T

    Couples Advice For Which School to Commit To:

    So my partner and I need help with which school to put by the April 30 Deadline, but here's the dilemma: SO #1 and SO #2 both interviewed at School A and School B SO #1 was WL'd at Schools A and B (will commit to School C in the meantime and probably won't hear from WL until after the deadline)...
  3. L

    Soft Deadline Question...

    Hey everyone. So on PTCAS it says Wheeling Jesuit's deadline is Oct 15. However, on their DPT website, it says that they have a soft deadline of December 1. Does this mean that I can technically still apply to the program? If so, I am thinking about submitting my application to WJU as an...
  4. K

    General Admissions & OTCAS Chances of Application being verified

    Hi all, So, i am in a bit of a pickle... I have submitted my application awhile ago to OSU (whose deadline is Oct 1). I also sent my transcripts awhile ago but everyone's worse fear happened to me, and they got lost in the mail. So I had to resubmit them, this time i did it electronically. I...
  5. explorer012

    Primary application Submission

    Hi all, Is submitting a primary application at the end of September too late? The deadlines for schools are November/ December. I know the verification process takes ~6wks at this time. If a deadline is December 1st. Does that mean I have to submit by AT LEAST October 15th to get the...
  6. S

    Missed UCSF 4-Week Deadline. Should I still apply?

    I applied to 26 schools and sorted all the secondary invites into a separate email folder so I could see which schools I needed to actually do. I was completely overwhelmed in July by secondary invites so I tried my best to find and write the ones that were due first (which ended up being the 3...
  7. T

    PTCAS Due Date

    How early should you submit your application before the deadline? I know the website gives an estimated time for verification, but I just wanted to make sure that all materials needed to be submitted by the program deadline and not 3-5 weeks before this date. The wording on PTCAS is a little broad.
  8. Ske0016

    Is the Early Decision deadline the deadline for pharmCAS verifying my application or me submitting m

    I am applying to the early decision program at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. I submitted my application on July 19. However, one of the three schools I attended as an undergrad has given me a very hard time about sending my transcripts. They just sent my transcript yesterday and they...
  9. D

    Score release date after deadline

    I am scheduled to take MCAT on July 7th (next Saturday). I am also applying early decision to the school in my hometown. Its deadline for early decision is August 1st. My score obviously won't be released by then. What are my options here? Will this hurt me? They do interviews in August and...
  10. Empathetic Dreamer

    Letter of Recommendation Deadlines

    If we are planning on submitting our application the day the deadline opens (June 5th I believe), does this mean that we need to have our evaluators finished with their letters by then? Or are they able to send it later? Will this affect how quickly they will look at my application? My school...
  11. I

    Should I wait to finish my classes to increase my GPA or submit at deadline?

    Hey there! I'm in a bit of a conundrum here. I'm applying to University of Saint Augustine for Spring 2019. Applications are due on June 15th. I'm currently taking Physics II and Human development courses that end June 27th. I'm not sure if I should wait until after my courses are done so...
  12. notfanning

    Is it okay to submit AMCAS mid-June?

    Hey all! So due to a delay in the processing my FAP application, I was unable to register for the May 5th MCAT test date as I'd originally intended. I have, however, registered for the May 18th exam. My alma mater requires all applicants to receive their MCAT scores before sending out their...
  13. S

    Interview Offer Timeline (TX schools)

    Hey guys! I was wondering when the latest TX dental schools usually offer interviews. I applied a couple of weeks before the deadline (applied in mid-September) and have received an interview from only one Texas school. Getting a little worried. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?
  14. donutzebra

    Not returning secondaries

    I have a really dumb question. I saw the thread about how not showing up to medical school interviews without informing them first is really unprofessional and could potentially burn bridges in terms of residency chances. I just wanted to confirm that denoting a school on AMCAS, receiving a...
  15. Mkanto93

    Different dates for deciding to Accept?

    Hi everyone, so I’m in a pickle. I applied to both PTCAS programs and those that don’t use the platform. The PTCAS deadline to accept is Jan 15th, and I have an interview for the 3rd of January. I just found out a school not using PTCAS wants my decision by January 1st. Does anyone have any...
  16. A

    PTCAS Course Verification Deadline Question

    Hey! This is my first post so my apologies if anything is wrong. I'm posting because I am very confused about PTCAS's shockingly long 4-6 week processing time. I submitted my application yesterday, and have a deadline on December 1. Everything has been in for a while, but my courses aren't...
  17. D

    UCSF/SFSU Program Deadline Confusion?!

    Hey guys, I am still in the process of finishing my supplemental essays for UCSF/SFSU DPT but on PTCAS it says the due date it October 2 and 11:59, on the SFSU DPT website it says October 1 at 11:59, and on the UCSF website it says October 3 at 11:59. Does anyone know which date is the correct...
  18. L

    Rutgers South Deadline Question

  19. M

    Am I too late? + Supplementary Question

    Hey guys, 1) So last night I submitted all of my primaries and have my transcripts verified, as well as my official DAT scores posted; however, I am still waiting on LORs. The last 2 LORs will be submitted early next week before September hits (so they say). Am I too late? AADSAS says my...
  20. D

    California State Univ. LA deadline approaching!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I applied to CSU LA option 2 program for fall 2017. Did anyone else? The deadline for the application is a week from tomorrow. That is April 14.
  21. 8

    Research/Internships with LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE

    So i just got rejected from all of the research programs I applied for, and I really would still like to have an internship under my belt before I take the MCAT next summer. I was wondering if there are any research/internship opportunities that i could still apply to that have deadlines in...
  22. Slippers

    Do residency programs have the same rank order list deadline (March 3) as applicants?

    The only reason I am asking this is because I am currently on rotation at one of the programs I interviewed with. And just to make this clear: I have absolutely no intention of slacking after the deadline passes. I am aware of the advice to treat all rotations "like an interview" and I have...
  23. B

    Competitiveness without Step 2 CS? Deadline?

    Hi everyone, I'm an international medical student graduating December this year. My plan is to ideally participate in the next match (opening this year). However, I see that interviews start generally from October through January. I have only passed Step 1 (with a competitive score, I think)...
  24. E

    MISSED the ROL deadline..

    I have a confirmation email from 9:00, but it still says "ranking" and not certified.. I was switching back and forth between my two top spots + kept re-certifying. I know, stupid stupid stupid mistake.. Is this even heard of? I'm sick to my stomach.
  25. hannieOT

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St Augustine Florida

    Hey everyone. I applied for USA's Fall 17 in FL. The deadline used to be 12/15 but on OTCAS they moved it to 2/1. I am just curious as to if we will have to wait an additional 6-8 weeks now! Today marks week 7 since 12/15 and I am going crazy! Anyone know anything?
  26. Ici

    accepted but have late interviews

    I searched a bit, but couldn't find anything regarding my specific question. I have received an offer from one school and still have 2 interviews scheduled. One of those interviews is April 25th, so I am fairly certain I will not hear about my status for at least a few weeks. Would I have to...
  27. M

    What order should I do my MD/DO application? (Question is not as dumb as it sounds-open me!)

    I guess what I am basically asking is what order should I do everything so that my entire application can be complete the soonest without any area suffering. What can be done while other things are processing? Some stuff can be submitted after. This is essentially what I am asking about. Okay...
  28. M

    What order should I do my MD/DO application? (Question is not as dumb as it sounds-open me!)

    I guess what I am basically asking is what order should I do everything so that my entire application can be complete the soonest without any area suffering. What can be done while other things are processing? Some stuff can be submitted after. This is essentially what I am asking about. Okay...
  29. W

    Application Deadline

    Hi everybody. I was wondering if you had any insight on if it would be a good idea for me to apply this year or wait until next year. I have yet to take the DAT so I would need to study for that for couple months but I had been studying for the MCAT. I am an Iowa resident so I don't know what...
  30. R

    Can I accept a school after april 30 and withdraw if I am accepted to a preferred school?

    I was accepted to a school about a week ago and received a packet in the mail asking me to sign my acceptance offer and whatnot. I am currently on the waitlist for another school that I would prefer to attend. Since it is after April 30, can I sign and send in these forms and then withdraw later...
  31. MedicalMermaid

    How does the AACOMAS application process/timeline work?

    Hello again everyone! I am new to applying for med school and am a bit confused about how the application timeline works and was hoping someone could explain it to me. I saw that the AACOMAS application for the 2016 cycle opened on May 2015 and then each school has a different deadline...
  32. H

    2016 Application cycle questions

    Hi, I've been a pre-med, since I've been in college, but have seriously considered veterinary medicine as I'm basically generally interested in medical philosophy and surgery of all sorts and have always been fascinated by animals and their quirks and functions. What I want to know is if it's...
  33. C

    AOA ACGME Merger Timeline?

    Will AOA programs with current pre-ACGME-accreditation status be inspected and issued an initial accreditation status before the deadline to rank AOA programs via NMS? Thanks so much!
  34. Soffee

    HELP! Will my app be processed on time?

    Hello everyone! I forgot to submit a transcript for the community college class I took and am *panicking*! It was one class--a pre-req for my Biology major. I'm going to run out tomorrow and turn in a transcript request form for my CC, but am worried the processing time of my app will be...
  35. U

    Accepted; expedited decision request.

    I was accepted into a medical program. They have given me a 2 week period with which I am to make a decision. I have applied to other programs, and have completed their secondaries and awaiting to hear from them regarding the decision to grant an interview. Is it entirely appropriate to request...