Question about NYCOM interview?

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May 1, 2000
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I have just been invited for an interview at NYCOM and I have sent out all my letters. Now I need to set up an appointment for the interview itself but it doesn't look like I will have a chance until after the May 12 because of my finals and graduation. I know I am applying late but what should I expect with the secondary application and the interview itself? I would really appreciate any new info about this matter. Thank you.

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I think you should call and schedule the interview ASAP. The secondary application is very typical (why NYCOM, work experience...) and the interview is not stressful. If you want more information, send me an email.
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Do not delay your interview. Timing is very important! Do it as soon as possible.
Try and arrange for the interview ASAP.

As for the interview it's not that bad. You'll start off before the interview filling out the secondary application with the standard questions like why do you want to apply to NYCOM... Really short answers since they don't give you lots of space. Then you wait for your turn to be interviewed. Sometimes you get one person (or two) interviewing you. They're usually professors at NYCOM and each of them have their own style. But during the interview they'll definitely ask you how you define "osteopathy" and why NYCOM. Depending on what's on your application they might ask questions from that. Just be confident in your answers. The interviewers may throw you a curve ball just to see how you respond.

Good luck.