course load

  1. abualas

    Going part-time in college next semester in order to study for MCAT?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on applying to medical school this upcoming cycle. I've been doing my due-diligence and have a good GPA, will apply with good ECs, been working on getting my LORs, etc. This really leaves me with one last major hurdle besides actually applying to medical school and...
  2. F

    course load in undergrad

    hello - im wondering how bad it looks if i only have taken 12 credits almost every semester except spring 2021 and fall 2021. life happened and i was not able to handle any of my classes and should’ve just taken a medical leave, but i didn’t. i plan on taking 2 courses at a time in my diy post...
  3. N

    Bad idea?! Taking all these courses at the same time ?..

    So for the first semester of my sophomore year I am taking Physics 1 & lab, genetics, calc 2 and environment & society (writing and reading intensive course). Do you think it would be a bad idea to switch out the environmental class for biochemistry. is it a bad idea to take biochem at the same...
  4. D

    Out of classes to take -> light senior course load. How will it look?

    Hi, I have 4 lab sciences left until graduation (16CR). I'm definitely not going to take them all at once, so my plan was to spread them out over the spring and summer semester. I'll take classes to get up to full time (12 credits), but taking a full 15 will likely require me to take...
  5. 9

    2 W’s on Transcript Course Load

    Hello, all! I’ve just been kind of concerned about my academic record. I have 2 W’s on my transcript (one from Calculus II which I retook the following semester and received an A in, and the other one was in a business class I dropped due to a change in minor). I still have a 3.8-3.9 GPA and I...
  6. MichAAGC

    DO specific: ditch the job for post bacc?

    Hi Everyone, I'm noticing many comments about GPA repair, post bacc courses, and course load. I graduated a few years ago with a aacomas cgpa of 3.3, and an sgpa of 3.2. My undergrad course load was always light to moderate (10-14 credit hours), never heavy. In undergrad, I was intent on...
  7. M

    Dropping Physiology course after deadline

    I am dual AA/diploma recipient currently attending the University of Florida as a freshman and currently have 15 credits. My academic adviser has a huge issue with my course load: Organic I, Physics (W/O calc) with lab I, Human Physiology, Economics food issues, and and introductory course to...
  8. drawingdentist

    Need Advice, is this too many science course?

    Hey everyone, I need some advice about my college course load. I am a biology major pursuing a minor in studio art. I am a sophomore in college and I will be graduating a year early. This means I need to take my DAT this summer since I will be applying this upcoming cycle. This fall I am...
  9. P

    Freshman Year Plans

    Hello. First time poster for what it's worth. I will be an incoming freshman to a smaller, private, liberal arts college this fall. I plan on pursing a career in the medical field, with my ultimate goal to be a doctor. However, I am concerned about the work-life balance aspect as having a large...
  10. A

    Senior year course load

    Hi everyone! I am a rising senior and have finished essentially all my major courses already. With the extra room in my schedule, I am debating whether I should pursue a minor (probably either in English or History) or just take random classes that interest me. Any thoughts on whether one is...
  11. dwarfplanet

    Is the workload too heavy?

    I'm concerned about my workload for next semester; I'm currently taking Orgo 1 + Lab, Human Physiology, Genetics, and a gen ed philosophy class. This is 16 credits total, which I normally would not worry about, but several people have advised that taking human physiology and genetics together is...
  12. M

    Northwestern Post-Bacc Program

    Hi! So I was recently accepted in Northwestern's post-bacc pre-med program and I plan to start taking general chemistry courses this summer quarter. After talking to my academic advisor, I cannot make up my mind about whether or not I should do the 12-month program or the 15-month program. I...
  13. A

    Summer Semester - Research and a Class

    What are all of your thoughts on summer semester course loads? I am planning to start biomedical research this summer (the agreement is for 16-20 hours a week) and Physics 1. Taking a class is pretty important for me considering I dropped a class last semester, but is it doable/advisable with...
  14. S

    Would taking a 2.0 credit courseload instead of 2.5 lower my chances?

    I am taking a course that I am doing really badly in right now and was going to drop it before the drop date so that it wouldn't show on my transcript (at my school, we can't retake courses to replace a poor grade). Would having a 2.0 credit course load instead of a 2.5 credit course load lower...
  15. P

    Light course load for MCAT studying

    Hey guys! I've done some looking on these forums regarding this topic but I was hoping to get some advice regarding my particular situation. Essentially, I am wondering if it is frowned upon for me to take a pretty light course load while I study for the MCAT. I am a junior now and am planning...
  16. S

    Upcoming semester courseload

    This upcoming semester I am enrolled in 5 courses, 13 credits. But I want to drop one course bringing it down to 10 credits as I am not really interested in the course and I don't think I will do good in the course(labour studies). It should also be mentioned that I am in my second year and I...
  17. XWolfX

    More courses or MCAT prep?

    I am in my senior year, and I am 5 credit hours away from graduation with all of the prerequisites for my state school. I have a 3.86 GPA with a 3.89 science GPA. I am pretty confident in my test-taking abilities, but I plan to take the Kaplan MCAT prep course. The medical school at my...
  18. R

    Orgo with Bio

    I'm a sophomore at Tufts and I'm trying to figure out when to take orgo. I took gen chem last year and struggled with it. I ended up with a B in chem 1 and a C+ in chem 2 (although part of the reason was because I somehow idiotically skipped two pages on the final). I'm currently registered for...
  19. S

    Question: Independent study for Fall Semester Coursework

    I have been offered a chance to do another independent study for med-chem research in the fall and I am curious about what implications this might have on my application update at the end of the semester. I only have a 19AA, so I am assuming my fall semester will be finished prior to any...
  20. MPHPeaceCorps17

    How many credits per semester do you take in grad school?

    Hello, This will be my first semester in grad school. I am pursuing an MPH while participating in the Peace Corps. 6 credits will be awarded towards my MPH degree requirement. I am told I have to take between 30-33 credits the year prior to Peace Corps. And my last semester when I return I'll...
  21. D

    Senior Level Courses in American Dental Schools

    Do American dental schools require you to have a certain minimum number of "senior level courses" in your junior or senior school year? Ie. UWO now requires that "Each of the two best years used for GPA consideration must also have at 3.0 full course [out of the full course load of 5.0]...
  22. Tea Leaf

    Organic Chemistry

    Hi guys! So I need some advice. I am signing up for classes- late, because I had a financial hold on my account that I just cleared, and am having trouble getting in to Organic Chemistry. There are 3 slots with different professors: 8:15 AM - 9:10 AM with Professor M on MWF: FULL 4:15 PM-...
  23. toro2013

    Is this course load doable?

    Biology II w/lab Chemistry II w/lab Calculus I Microbiology
  24. F

    Course load

    Hello everyone, So I just wanted to know dental schools look down upon my classes If I only have 13 - 14 unit semesters my last 2 years of undergrad? For example my semesters would look like this: Ochem 5 units Microbiology 5 units Psychology 4 units
  25. F

    Course Load in Undergrad

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year college student who just decided to Persue dentistry. I've taken a few science class that fulfill the requirements for dental school . Example: Fall 2014 Physics 2B - B Statistics- A Accounting 1B- A Total units - 13 Spring 2015 Bio 1 - A Intro to chemistry- A Medical...
  26. S

    Medical school courses year 2?

    I hope I'm doing this right. I've never used this site before. So I completed my first year medical school in Australia. I recently transferred to US. All my credits and everything were considered. That being said, I was wondering what classes I should take together for this semester? I have to...
  27. V

    Taking No Sciences Class This Semester

    Hey everyone I am currently a second semester junior. I'm currently have a 3.89 cGPA and 3.94 sGPA. I have taken two science classes all my semester on top of ECs, so far have finished: Gen chem 2, orgo 1/2, biochem, genetics, neurobiology, cell biology, physics 1/2. This semester I plan on...
  28. M

    Post-bacc student in need of advice for class scheduling/applying

    Hi everyone, I'm a post-bacc student and I'm planning to take the OAT in late June/early July and get my applications in soon after. Following the spring 2016 semester, I'll still need to take Anatomy, Physio, Biochem, and Micro. I'm wondering if it would be smart for me to skip taking summer...