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Nov 10, 2007
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If someone could please help me by addressing my questions I would greatly appreciate it. I have been trying to dig around and find this information, however, I have been unsuccessful.

A bit about my background first (most of which can be obtained on my mdapplicants page):

I am waiting on my MCAT scores from 7/17, however, I currently have a 27. I am hoping for higher from the 7/17 administration, but you never really know with these things.


If I am waiting to receive my new MCAT score, but have a previous one (one that would not particularly wow any of the admissions committees), should I still go ahead and complete my secondaries ASAP, or should I wait and see what the score is and go from there?

My concern is that if I was to submit my secondary applications with my current MCAT score, that I would be put in a rejection file and my payment would be cashed without a second thought. However, if my MCAT does go up, I feel that I might be competitive.

It is denoted on my application that I took the 7/17 MCAT and will be awaiting scores...

Should I submit anyways? If someone could please give me some insight I would really appreciate it. Feel free to PM if you feel that is easier, or leave a comment on my mdapplicants page...

Thanks guys, best of luck this admissions cycle...
Jul 29, 2009
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I personally would not submit the secondaries yet ... you will get your new MCAT score in mid-August, which is still not that late (despite what SDNer's might say). Spend the next few weeks really refining your essays and getting everything ready for score release day. Then if you are satisfied with your MCAT, submit them all that day; if not, take the year to strengthen your app even more and apply next cycle.

An upshot to this strategy is that if your MCAT is not where you like it, you will save all that secondary $$$. I applied last year (late) with a 27P to too few schools, with no luck. Got my MCAT up to a 31P this time and am applying earlier, hopefully with better luck. You sound like you are in the same boat I was. If I could redo it, I would not have applied last year with my 27, and then went for the one-timer this year. Live and learn.

Best of luck; hope you rocked your MCAT!