Question regarding one year gap

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Apr 1, 2005
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I have a question that I would like to ask but at first I need to inform you about my academic status;

My major is chemistry and I will receive my BA in June of 2006. I am planning to go to medical school after I receive my undergraduate degree. I will take the MCAT in April of 2006 and I will send out my primary application in June of 2006. I am applying to medical schools for Fall of 2007. There is one year gap from the time I get my BA in chemistry, till I get admitted to the medical school.

Here is my question. What would you recommend me to do during this one year gap? because I was thinking about the master degree in public health, does anyone know if this is a good path?
Your advise will be appreciated

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DrMom said:
I'd say only do an MPH if you're actually interested in public health. Don't do it just as a time-filler.
hey DrMom!
is 19 credits too much to aim for in a semester? :confused: I have the option of doing 6 classes of 3 credits each now..this is my second semester in the Epi concentration. am i biting off more than i can chew?or do i just have to be a super-gunner to do it?
would appreciate your input :)
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Technically for grad school that is waaay over a full-time load. It all depends on the program. I never took more than 9 credits a semester, but I was also a mom & working. If I were you, I'd ask people in that particular program what they think about a load like that.
DrMom said:
Technically for grad school that is waaay over a full-time load..
i met with my faculty advisor today, and this is what she suggested. it does seem like a LOT, and that's what has me jittery. othewise, i don't have any family commitments like you , and am willing to work hard. however, the hard work should help me achieve my dual goals of completing the remainder of my MPH online, and begin my residency next year.that is the only reason i am willing to even consider the 19 credits. if i cannot do the courses justice, and end up dropping 1 mid-semester, that would be even worse. really have to think long and hard about this one. the problem is the people in my course are mostly out-and-out Public Health people. they don't really have an idea about doing things faster as the are happy enough to complete the course over 2-3 years..