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Jul 9, 2015
1. One of my coworkers is applying to the same schools I am. She is getting LORs from the pharmacy manager and another from a pharmacist. I already asked the pharmacy manager to write me one, but I also wanted to ask the same pharmacist she did. There are a couple other pharmacists who have offered to write one, but I wanted to ask this one in particular because he has supported me so much into going into pharmacy school. I just don't know if adcoms would think its strange that two people from the same job had the same people write their LOR.

2. My 3rd LOR is coming from a grad student that advised me in a university research lab. For my 4th LOR, do you think I should ask another pharmacist, my tech supervisor, or a professor? The thing about asking a professor is that most of the professors I was close with I took their class 2-3 years ago and haven't spoken to them since, so I'm not sure how strong the letter will be.


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Oct 19, 2015
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1. It won't matter that he wrote you both a letter; not really anyways. Are you a better tech than her? ejther way, if you're sure you'll get a good letter then go for it.

2. Ask whoever you think would give you the best letter!