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  1. grape_koala

    Recommendation Letter Requirements if Committee Letter is used

    My school has a pre-health committee so I will be submitting a committee letter in lieu of individual letters. They ask we submit our letters directly to them, which they will attach to their letter. In this case, does the typical LOR requirements (2 science, 1 non-science) matter? I was...
  2. R

    Letters of Recommendation Question

    Hi there, I'm applying for the 2020-2021 application cycle and probably most concerned for the LOR portion. I do have significant LOR options including DOs and MDs I scribe with, employers of the domestic violence shelter I work with (during my gap year), professors who knew me very well/I did...
  3. A

    General Admissions & OTCAS Letters of Recommendation Advice

    Hi! Currently I am in the process of reapplying to OT programs (mostly, if not all, MOT). This is my second cycle that I am applying to, but applications don't open up for another month or so I believe. I have re-asked two out of my three past writers of my LORs but am wondering how to more...
  4. B

    Letters of recommendation -Optometry

    How would you approach this siuation? Just say an optometrist says they would feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation for me if I send a list of extracurriculars and my gpa... I’m am just nervous because my gpa is lower than I had hoped.
  5. High Yield Press

    Advertisement Residency Match Advising and Professional Editorial Services for ERAS Application Documents (PS, MSPE, LORs)

    We offer personalized residency match advise. Please check our website, www.residencymatchadvisor.com. Our services are at a fraction of a price of competing companies and our service is top notch, check it out. Don't let small mistakes ruin your dream career. Residency Match Consults Match...
  6. D

    My letters vanished? ERAS LORP

    I was originally in class of 2019, however, was put in class of 2020. Recently, the ERAS LORP was undergoing "maintenance", after it came back online. MYERAS is asking me for a token and the ERAS LORP doesn't show any of my letter writers. I have worked hard to gather my letters and one of my...
  7. S


  8. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...
  9. ChipSkylarkxxxshinyteeth

    Professors are letting me draft my own Letters of Rec before they add their own sauce!!!

    I’d like to say that I’m in a pretty lucky however stressful situation where two of my professors I reached out to for LOR’s from are actually suggesting that I write key points and anything I'd like in the letters about myself. Has anyone else been in this same situation? If yes I need your...
  10. L

    Letters from Course Professors vs PIs

    I decided recently to apply to MSTP programs this cycle and I realized that although I will have 4 great letters of recommendation from labs that I've worked in and doctors that I have shadowed, I have not established any relationship with course professors. And I know that most MSTP programs...
  11. ToothyBoi

    Getting Letters of Rec While Reapplying

    In the event that I have to reapply, I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about getting more letters of recommendation. I could apply for a Master's degree. However, I don't really want to pursue this for two years, although it would be partly due to be able to get more letters of rec...
  12. 7

    How do you get to know professors?

    I am asking specifically for getting LOR's. I go to a really large Uni, 40k + students, and all my classes have 300+ students in them. My professors don't really know me except for when I get a nice 100% on their exam and they call out my name in the next class period. I never go to office...
  13. Miracle_Fruit

    Unfortunate error with AMCAS LORs

    Hi all, Here's the backstory: - I submitted all of my letters of recommendation 6/10/2018. - Received confirmation email from AMCAS stating they received all my letters. - Submitted all secondaries end of August. - Get an email today, saying that one of the letters was not received. - Call...
  14. D


  15. G

    Letters of recommendation for rural students

    Any rural or frontier med area students had success in getting your letters? I have already searched the forums and couldn't find anything specific to my situation. I am struggling to obtain letters of recomendation. I have one but need more some schools require 3 some 5. We live in a rural ...
  16. jordij94


  17. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Letters of recommendation advice. About to leave job.

    Hi everyone, I am about to leave my job to focus on my prerequisites for OT school. My superior is someone I wanted to ask a LOR from. I have already mentioned it in passing last year. I won't be applying for OT school or a while (perhaps another year/cycle) since it will take some time for me...
  18. M

    Question about asking for a letter of rec for internship at a practicum I'm starting next week.

    Hi all, I was looking for your expertise on a question regarding a letter of rec for my predoctoral internship. I am starting a practicum next week and I'm planning to apply to internship this year (2018-2019). Would it be appropriate to ask my supervisor to write a letter of rec for...
  19. H


    My letter of rec from my dentist is not on letterhead. I asked him and he doesn't have one. For those of you with a similar experience, what did you do? Is there like a template one you can give them? Do you create your own? Help! (I'm using Interfolio btw) Thanks!!
  20. S

    Letters of rec MD/PhD

    Good afternoon SD! I am an overrepresented minority at a small state school. Major: Biological engineering & philosophy Masters: Biomechanical Engineering (concurrent to BS) MCAT: 527 I am planning to apply to manly upper teir MD/PhD programs this coming 2019 cycle. I was wondering if anyone...
  21. R

    Early Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everybody. This is my first post. When it comes to asking for letters of recommendation very early (2 years before applying), what should I ask my professors? It is far too early for them to send it through AMCAS. So should I ask if they will send it to me, or hope that they write it now and...
  22. T

    I sent more LORs than the maximum for a school on AMCAS, what do I do?

    Hi there, I may have done this for more than one school by accident, but in the section of the AMCAS primary that asks you to check the boxes for what letters to send to each medical school applied to, I checked "ALL" for all of them, since they are all good letters and they will all be...
  23. jordij94


  24. P

    Letters of Recommendation for Master's Programs

    I am applying to Master's programs that start fall 2019 and most of them have applications that open between September and January 2019. I have three professors that will be writing letters of recommendations for me who are all currently writing them, but it feels weird having to ask them to...
  25. H

    Mailing Letter of Rec

    Hi, so I am currently trying to get a committee letter as an alumnus from a school I already graduated from, which means that the prehealth office there is going to handle my file and recs for applications. However, I am also trying to get a letter of recommendation from my lab professor at a...
  26. little_giant

    Letters of Rec Requirements for Committee Letter

    Hi everyone! I know some colleges like Albert Einstein require specific LOR's such as 1 from a major professor who taught you, and 1 from a non-major science professor who taught you. However, if I have to send a pre-med committee letter, and that does not include those specific requirements...
  27. student-of-life

    Attended Stanford for undergrad - should I use not well known state school postbac committee letter?

    I attended Stanford for undergrad, taught through TFA, and then worked in edtech for a few years before deciding to become a doctor. As a career changer, I've done most of my pre-req requirements over the past 1.5 years at a local state school, which is now offering to write me a committee...
  28. 6

    Quick Question about Letters of Recommendation

    I just found out about Interfolio which is very useful for the post bacc programs that I'm applying this summer. But since I'm a senior and I see an option on Interfolio to ask for either general or specific letters of recommendation, would it be a good idea to ask my professors to submit a...
  29. madiso30

    Science Letter of Recommendations

    I posted this on pre-MD as well. Just wanted to see some other opinions. Pretty much all schools (DO and MD) require 3 letters, 1 non-science and 2 science. I have a physiology professor, kinesiology (anatomy) professor, and a humanities professor writing me letters (also a my boss from work...
  30. madiso30

    Science Letter of Recommendations

    Pretty much all schools (DO and MD) require 3 letters, 1 non-science and 2 science. I have a physiology professor, kinesiology (anatomy) professor, and a humanities professor writing me letters (also a my boss from work and a DO for DO schools). My question is, does the kinesiology count towards...
  31. sasukeuchiha33

    Asking for rec letter my freshman year

    Hi all! So, I am a freshman about to finish my first year of college. I know for medical school, it is standard that one have two rec letters from a science professor, and one from a non-science professor, as a minimum. I have developed a very close and personal relationship with my English...
  32. ringofkeys

    science LoR requirements

    Does anyone have an updated list of schools' LoR requirements, specifically from science professors? I could only find lists from 2011 or 2012. Also, does anyone know which schools do not require two science professors, or have no preferences for whom the letters are from? I'm currently...
  33. U

    LORs criteria: science/humanities professor vs. lab?

    Main Question - I have seen that the "standard advice" is to have 2 LOR from professors in hard sciences, 1 from professor in humanities, and ≥1 from ECs. • Does a professor whose lab you work in count as a "hard science professor" letter if you never actually took a class with them? I'm...
  34. A

    Confidentiality for LOR with Interfolio

    Hi, I am in the process of obtaining letters of recommendation. I thought to use Interfolio. However, is it alright if I don't select the confidentiality tab in Intefolio ("This request is for a confidential letter or evaluation.") because I want to be able to see the letters? I want to see...
  35. Nappygirl

    Issues with dentist LORs - no signature, no letterhead, no correct spelling

    I have two dentist LORs stored on Interfolio. I called Interfolio and found out that one letter lacks a signature and contact information (letter is not on letterhead). The other letter has my name misspelled. 1. I am afraid that the LOR that is lacking a signature and contact info will be...
  36. H

    Letters of Recommendation from DPM or online course professors?

    Hello! I am trying to prepare everything possible and was wondering if DO schools accept letters of recommendation from doctors of podiatry. I have been scribing for about a year and one of the physicians I worked with was a DPM who could give me a glowing recommendation. I was also wondering...
  37. I

    Letters of Rec for Masters + Med School

    Hey there! I'm a senior at Boston University and I have a few professors/teachers who I believe can write me great recommendations. However, I want to apply for a Masters degree first, and I do not want to expend these recommendations just for my Masters. Would it be appropriate to use a...
  38. 1

    When to ask for med school recommendation letters?

    There's a science professor that I want to ask a letter of recommendation. But I'm afraid it might be too early to ask. But if I ask later, such as in May, she may have a ton of letters to write and may even forget me (hopefully not). I had her last semester but she's not teaching this semester...
  39. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  40. D

    LoRec help!

    Hi, I'm a nontrad applicant with decent GPA and high MCAT. I attended a great books college for undergrad. The natural science classes at that school involved reading, discussion, and often mathematical demonstration, of works by the greatest scientific authors in history via small-group...