Quitting job after acceptance?

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Apr 26, 2018
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I'm sorry if this has been asked a lot - I tried looking on SDN but couldn't find advice specific to the same situation as me. I have been very fortunate to receive a few acceptances recently (thanks to SDN for the wisdom through the years!) and I originally planned to scribe for this year. I let the med schools know this was my gap year plan and it was also discussed in some of my interviews since I lacked clinical experience in my activities.

However, if I had the choice, I think I'd be more interested in different jobs for my gap year rather than scribing (I have heard it's quite tiring on top of being low-paid). I have heard that if I had a decent number of hours already worked, the medical schools won't care about me quitting, but I haven't worked any hours yet as a scribe (I'm supposed to start in 2 weeks). Could changing my plans lead to my offers being rescinded? (To be clear, I would most likely be doing a non-clinical job if I quit scribing). Thank you for any advice!

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Read your acceptance letters. They will list what the acceptance is contingent upon (usually "satisfactory completion of coursework," "clear background check," etc). If the letter doesn't say anything about continuing scribing (which would be highly unusual) then you're in the clear. It is a ton of work to un-accept a student, so I really wouldn't worry about this.

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Are you going to attend medical school despite lacking in clinical experience? What makes you think that you are going to like the clinical environment? On what are you basing your expectations of what clinical service involves (it can be tiring, it will be "no-paying" for the first 4 years and relatively low paying for at least the 3 years after that)?

While it is true that it is unlikely that your offer will be pulled if you don't follow through with your planned gap year activity it is not there as a hoop to jump through but as an experience that has value for you as you decide on a career.
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I guess you could quit, but starting medical school is still quite a number of months away. You may learn something even while training up as a scribe. But your offers won't be rescinded just for this.
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Why not work as a scribe for 6 months so you get an idea what clinical medicine is like, then take a different job for the rest of your gap?
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Stick with a for a while, say 3 months, to familiarize yourself with the format and vocabulary of appointments. If you get a good doctor you can glean a lot about lifestyle and what specialties you might want to get into. This is valuable info to take into medical school.

If you start to find it boring or repetitive, which will probably happen quickly unless you're scribing in the ER, start looking for a new job that pays more and is more fun or other things that could get you ahead later on such as research. Or just enjoy your gap year.

You won't get in trouble for quitting.
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Also maybe just try to save some money up. Always nice to be able to travel during breaks, eat at nice restaurants etc.
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Thank you everyone for the replies and showing me a new perspective. I think I may try working for a while as a scribe to gain more experience, and then take some time off before med school! :)
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