Aug 22, 2016
Hi all,

Does anyone know the approx breakdown from: How many schools you apply to, how many you will get interviews from, and finally to how many you get accepted to? I applied to 11 schools. I applied to 11 due to the nature of the schools; all big research institutions. I eventually want to get my Ph.D in rehab sciences. I feel like I might have applied to too many, looking at other threads.
Aug 10, 2016
Pre-Physical Therapy
There are a lot of factors that contribute to the approximate breakdown. How many applicants per school, the school's specific guidelines for which they choose desired students, all the applicants' statistics (GPA, GRE, hours, etc.), your statistics, when you applied.... the list goes on and on. You could get in to all your schools, or you could get into none. There is no set breakdown that shows the relationship between how many you apply to and how many you get in to. Good luck!


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Oct 5, 2010
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You can pull the information report from last PTCAS cycle that shows the exact admissions breakdown of everything. You can not use this to predict your chances at all, but it's still fairly interesting to see how many schools people apply to and how many they get in.