1. H

    What is the estimated average debt for private schools if I were to apply next year?

    Im in-state california. I'm hoping to apply to UCLA/UCSF next year because it's cheaper but they're also very competitive, so I was wondering, assuming I have to head towards privates, what would be the average debt since tuitions increase every year? Would it be possible to have 200-300k debt...
  2. PsychoForPsychiatry

    Best Med School Options for Rhode Islanders?

    Hopefully I can explain my situation without going too much into detail. Basically, I was born and raised in RI. After knowing I wanted to go to medical school, I applied to colleges with that in mind. I applied to a few BA/MD programs, of which I got into none, but I got into the schools...
  3. M

    Non Billable Expenses

    How do students pay for non billable expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, and other random stuff. My school estimates it will be 10,000 dollars a year for this stuff. I only have enough money saved for one and a half semesters. What do you do when you run out of your savings?
  4. M

    2018-2019 Official Medical School Application Costs

    Hi! I’m planning on applying to med school this cycle and wanted to gauge how much people ended up spending in total. I’ve seen there are some threads for previous years as well as a cost estimator made by SDN (Medical School Application Cost Calculator by SDN), but I was hoping to get some...
  5. maybeapedsdoc22

    Gap year vs acceptance to very expensive school

    I was accepted to Midwestern University AZ, which although I am happy about, I also am not happy with their >$110,000 COA per year. That is an INSANE tuition amount and id easily be in $500,000 in debt coming out of school. That being said, should I try to retake the DAT and maybe hope for a...
  6. S

    UNC (OOS) vs. Pitt (IS)

    Hey everyone. I was blessed to be accepted into 5 dental schools. UNC, Columbia, Pitt, Temple and Rutgers. I initially made a decision to choose UNC based on 3 major factors that I was considering (Cost, Name and Weather and location). However, after more research on ADEA book and on this...
  7. O

    MPH Budgeting for books and supplies

    Hi, everyone. The fall semester is quickly approaching (exciting!) and I'm trying to finalize my budget for the school year. I know most of us are incoming MPH students, but I'm hoping some of you can offer some financial insight on the subject of books and supplies. My school's of Cost of...
  8. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  9. Rmaurer754

    Other OT-Related Information Master's Costs in Australia/U.S.

    Hi all. I'm going to be applying to some programs within the year for my master's, but the biggest issue I'm facing is the financial burden. Are there any current OTs/OT students on here that found an affordable school or method for paying? Student debt is soon to be hounding me and I'm hoping...
  10. P

    PhD/PsyD PsyD Tuition: How much is too much?

    Although I am waiting to hear back from University of Denver's PsyD program, I'm worried about the tuition. It's $62,000 a year. Is it even worth it? I was accepted to Florida Tech and their tuition is $29,000 a year. Can I justify DU's price??? Anyone attending a costly PsyD program, and if so...
  11. Johnny Appleseed

    Med School Debt

    I've been a little frustrated about the lack of info that exists on how much debt med students will really have when they finish residency. I've seen articles stating that the average medical student debt is ~$189,000. That just isn't true for most of us. If we take out $75,500 the first year...
  12. H

    Is it possible to afford vet school?

    Currently I'm working part time jobs while getting core classes done at community (to reduce debt). Getting my associates is taking a long time as it is, due to working so much. I already have taken out 7,000 in financial aid and am not even half way done my associates. My grades are amazing...
  13. A

    Going to interviews in hopes of better financial aid

    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a difficult situation (a good kind of difficult, though). As of now, I have been blessed enough to have been accepted to 4 MD schools, 2 of which I would happily attend. I have interviewed at 6 others, and am waiting to hear back from them. For this, I am extremely...
  14. Cluubias2

    Dental School Statistics

    Hello SDN! I've completed a spreadsheet that contains every major information about every US school. The excel contains a dropdown under each column that allows you to organize the data. For example, if you want to rate schools based on average accepted science GPA, select the drop down under...
  15. G


    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in undergrad at a community college here in the U.S. I was wondering a few things....1) Are there med schools in any other country or countries that are of the same quality and cheaper than the U.S.? 2) if so, where are they? And is it possible for me to attend...
  16. G


    hi, I am an undergrad pre med student. I would like to stay in state if possible. There are two MD and two DO schools in my state. I was wondering, about the DO schools, what debt is like after graduation and residency and getting a career. They are more expensive than the MD schools here. Looks...
  17. J

    Canadian Nontrad. How can school be made affordable?

    I'm a Canadian with an engineering background (including a master's). I have a GPA of 3.7-3.85, depending on how you calculate it. I'm still waiting for my MCAT score and it will basically determine if I have good chances for Canadian schools or not. I'm trying to understand the entire process...
  18. PikminOC

    Psychiatrist Liability-Insurance

    Any good, or in any event, less terrible medical liability insurance for a private practice psychiatrist?
  19. T

    Other OT-Related Information Prereqs and Cost

    Hi! I am looking to begin my career in OT. I graduated with a BA in Sociology in January 2016. I am mainly looking at Stony Brook's OT program, since that is where I attended undergrad. However, I have none of the science prerequisites. Do you think it would look better on my application if I...
  20. W

    Rent during Dental School

    Just curious for you traditionalish dental students how much you guys pay to rent an apartment/room (minus internet, heat and other utilities). Ive had ultra cheap rent throughout undergrad but was curious what people are paying throughout the country. (yes I know rent varies depending on location)
  21. G


    Hey! I applied to GLEPI 4/5, and got in yesterday. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked! Does anyone know how this program compares to Harvard's/JH? What sort of opportunities have you gotten specifically due to being at Emory? Perks? I also got into Colorado School of Public Health (my state...
  22. P

    NYU vs UDM vs UMD

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into 3 great schools and I am having an extremely difficult time deciding where to attend. I have read countless threads but I would greatly appreciate any details/comments/opinions anyone would like to share with me. My options are NYU, Detroit Mercy and...
  23. D


    Hi all, Does anyone know the approx breakdown from: How many schools you apply to, how many you will get interviews from, and finally to how many you get accepted to? I applied to 11 schools. I applied to 11 due to the nature of the schools; all big research institutions. I eventually want to...
  24. Johnny Appleseed

    DO Tuition by School (2016-2017)

  25. Ollivander

    How much money would applying to 28 schools cost in total?

    How much money would applying to 28 schools cost including supplementals?
  26. V

    AADSAS/Application Cost

    Hi All, I am currently (about) to start applying to dental schools. I am just wondering if someone whose been threw the process or knows about how much I am going to be spending? I plan on applying to about 8 schools. Does the AADSAS server cost money? Costs to send application to each...
  27. C

    MD vs Mid–Levels (Nontraditional Students)

    Calling all Nontraditional Students!! If you have a moment, and you are willing, please answer the following questions: At what age did you matriculate? What was your background going in? What motivated you to make a switch into medicine? Did you go for an MD or Mid–Level credential (such as...
  28. A

    Solid Public University (with Full Ride) vs. University of Pennsylvania (with half-ride scholarship)

    I am currently deciding between a solid public school with a full-ride scholarship and University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship that pays for half of the total cost of attendance. Medicine is my eventual goal. The public college is close to home and allows for a study-abroad trip...
  29. Ollivander

    Should I just not apply to any private schools? 400-500K debt seems like a poor financial decision.

    After reading this thread (Link) and the posts by (@Incis0r, @sgv), I feel as though I should probably keep taking shots at my IS school (UAB) as well as other state schools and just leaving privates off completely due to costs. I'm about to finish undergrad and do a SMP that will put me ~25K in...
  30. R

    No longer excited after acceptances :/

    I've had the fortune of being accepted to 3 US schools in good standing and at first I was the happiest person ever and now I'm panicking about the costs, I had a scholarship at a state school for undergrad and never had any debt. I've been living a year out of school with little expenses and...
  31. B

    Dear USC Trojans, students & alumni...

    I have recently been accepted into USC's DPT program. Initially, I assumed that I would attend a norCal school over a soCal school no matter what. However, the more I look into USC's program, the more I get the uncomfortable feeling that I would be passing up on a great opportunity. I...
  32. widmaerjm

    Warfarin Pharmacogenetics

    quick question: What resources is needed to set up a schedule for warfarin using a patients genes as oppose to the traditional method and is the benefits substantial to the cost associated with it? any input in the subject will be appreciated :)
  33. M

    Changing Health Care (Costs) TED style talk geared toward educating employers, policy makers and the general public about the importance of correcting our current health care marketplace dysfunction – which is driven by widely disparate provider prices unexplained by provider...
  34. 1

    Canadian Dental Students attending US Dental School

    US Dental Students can share their opinions too! 1) I understand that you are on a student visa, and not a work visa. Thus, you probably are not able to work during the summer months. What are some of the things that you do during your "break"? 2) How was the adjustment in terms of...