Reading comp section on PCAT

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Jul 8, 2007
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I know people have asked variants of this question but what is the best preparation for the reading comp section on the PCAT?

I did the kaplan stuff but they pick up their passages from past MCATs. I did relatively good in the course. The actual passages on the august 08 pcat weren't as wordy or complex, but I still was stuck with 2 answers to some questions [did some guessing there] and i guess some bad guessing dragged down my percentile score :(

I can get my other section score up as by reviewing more for the concepts. I even raised my writing score but am really frustated by the reading comp. Should I look at GMAT and GRE reading comp sections for practice since pearson doesn't have a lot of practice items on the market.


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Did you try the official pearson PCAT practice tests? I found the reading comp section to be very similar to the actual thing. A good thing about it is it provides explanations for each answer and why the others are wrong. I found the MCAT prep reading far more complex, and an overkill to the actual PCAT format.
I think the best factor in the reading comp. is to train yourself with the time. It does not matter what kind of material it is.