Reasonable Withdrawal?

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Currently I'm enrolled in a summer credit for an internship. There was a failure of on-time communication between the advisor, PI, and myself. My internship has been swapped to remote data entry and now the deadline has passed for the drop without W. I don't think the credit would be reasonable anymore as I don't qualify for the requirement due to lack of learning goals being limited than the number we require. Originally we proposed topics but those are no longer in effect since the original internship was canceled. Either way if I do stick I don't think I can write 15 full pages about my time in data entry alone without extending the same thing over and over again. I can P/F potentially, but I don't know what to do exactly.

Would this be reasonable? I have one W from freshmen year and used to have bad grades but have been performing strongly since Spring of 2019. I hate to have more downsides when I was just getting better.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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To answer your question, it depends. The better your GPA/MCAT, the more forgiving people are. Then it depends how you explain it, because reading your post now I see 1. You couldn't follow deadlines to set up your internship, and 2. You couldn't follow deadlines to drop without a W.

If the issue is the paper itself, are you able to use the majority of the paper to write about the background of why and what data you are collecting?