Recommend good Biochemistry book.


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Feb 21, 2003
  1. Dental Student
    Hi, I would like to buy a Biochemistry book. Could anyone suggest one which would help me understand the material in dental school level? Any recommendation would be appreciated.:)


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    Aug 10, 2002
      my school recommended stryer and the huge "Cell" book. I kind of found this to be an overkill. I had a semester of biochem in undergrad and used Voet and found it more than adequate. Voet is however very big on mechanisms, so am I. Evaluate the expectations your course directors have of you and what you have of yourself. My school is pass/fail so generally I was at liberty to choose the book I felt most comfortable with without the fear of jeapordizing my grade.
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      Feb 28, 2003
        Yes...board review books would be the best!

        They cut out all of the BS and give you the meaty stuff. Only problem is that you might have a hard time learning from a board review book bec they do not explain the material as much as in a text book. So there might be many head scratching moments.


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        Mar 27, 2004
          kaplan have a very good outline for the review. It have enough explanation. But if want a quick overview. Dental deck is also good. Toymed is seen a little hard. And lippocoit is a very good source. Some of the usmle quick review is also recommend. I think the best way is getting familiar with the concept and try not to remember all of them...because you going to get burn out and quick the review
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