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Feb 2, 2009
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do optometry schools take the higher of the two grades, the most recent grade, or do they average both into your gpa?

also, whats the average gpa usually around and is a residency required after optometry school?

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optometry schools would average both grades into your gpa.
for your prerequisite gpa optometry schools calculate the gpa for classes without +/-
thus, a C+ = 2.0.
as long as you have at least a 2.0 in prerequisite classes you are fine, and I would not recommend you retake them.
Actually, now with the new centralized application service, you will report ALL grades, both first attempts and retakes. From this, OptomCAS will calculate several different gpa's, which are then forwarded to the schools of your choice. It is then at each individual school's discretion to decide which gpa they will consider. Some will take the average of the two attempts, some will take the better grade.

Presently, a one year residency is optional.

Please do some research. is a good place to start.