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Jul 24, 2002
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hi everyone. i still don't want to believe the reality of this post but maybetyping it will make me face the truth. i will be retaking the MONSTER in april since i got a 25. would like to know 2 things. i am not yet ready to study, but thought i would get audio osmosis to keep my brain mcat oriented. i want to know what people thought of this product and if someone has a copy to sell. also, what did u think of EK Verbal? i am also thinking of subscribing to the Scientific American. i got a 9 on verbal but should have done better as i speed read and was a lit major ( i got an O in writing, how funny is that?). those annoying nat science passages always get me. thoughts?


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May 23, 2002
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Examkrackers VR method may clash with your own, as they do not recommend speed reading. If you got a 9 on VR, and a 25 composite I would put the effort into raising your sci scores first. I highly recommend Audio Osmosis. Try Ebay, there are serveral copies on sale right now.

Scientific American is good for cocktail party conversation too!

Good luck


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Feb 14, 2002
Scientific American is a good magazine to read--I think it's about at the level of the bio passages you'll encounter. It'll help you in both areas.

I can't recommend AudioOsmosis, despite the fact that I do have a copy to sell. The test is visual, so there's no reason to think that an auditory review would be very helpful. At least, I didn't find it so. It's a good aid when used in conjunction with the EK subject books. But it's awfully expensive for the benefit gained over just the books alone.

I did not actually study for verbal at all. However, I'm aware that the "strategy" I used is remarkably similar to the one taught by Examkrackers in that I do the passages in order, reading for main ideas rather than details. I don't circle stuff or anything like that.

What I do that's a little different, and that made verbal easy for me was to read the passages as though I were reading for pleasure--to have an attitude like, "OK here's a topic I probably know nothing about, but that's kind of interesting. Let's see what it says." --Completely forgetting about the fact that there are questions to answer at the end. Then when I get to the questions, I find that I know the passage much better, and can answer them quickly.

I know it's kind of dorky, but making yourself interested in each passage as you go along makes the whole section far more pleasant.
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