1. S

    CPJE April

    Hello. Anyone taking April-May batch? Anyone took it and want to share some insights?
  2. H

    CPJE March 2019

    I made this thread for people who are taking CPJE for current batch (predate hopefully mid-end March). There's only available dates until March 2nd then goes to April.
  3. I

    January CPJE

    I’m taking mine the end of January using rxprep clinical and law to study. For those that took the exam already, How difficult was the exam ? What are some of the concept you think we should focus on when studying. If there is any study group, I will love to join as well. Good luck to every one.
  4. C

    License Transfer to California if Licensed Under 1 Year?

    Hi all, I’m currently completing a PGY-1 residency out of state but decided I would like to return to my home state of California after finishing in July. (Went to pharmacy school in another, different state). Do I have to be licensed for a year in order to license transfer? I missed the...
  5. J

    Potential CPJE California Board of Pharmacy Hearing

    Hello fellow students and pharmacists. I’m starting a thread here to collect interest around a “project” I’m working on with a local CA congressman and his staff to hopefully bring forth a pontenial house committee hearing on the California State Board of Pharmacy and wrongful/unjust practices...
  6. U

    Retaking CPJE in Nov. 2018 -- Please help!

    Hi, all. New member here. Took the CPJE in Sept and barely failed. Attempting again in November. Any advice? November exam more difficult than other months? What to study and what not to study? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. R


    Hi everyone, I wanted to start an online group/chat to study together to keep each other accountable. I moved here out of state. And being out of school for so long and not connected with other people studying for the CPJE it's been difficult to keep accountable. Also joining a friend to...
  8. D

    cpje timeline

    Hi guys, I'm out of state (AZ) and want to apply for CPJE. I'm currently in the process of completing the application and would like to know the estimated time periods for the CABOP to process the application, ATT to be generated, score to be received, and license to be received. I am planning...
  9. A

    CPJE for Latest Batch (Late August-September 2018)

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd start this new and much-needed post! I was wondering if those of you who have taken the CPJE for this new batch could share your experience as you go. Did you feel rushed on time? I have heard that the July exam was a difficult one and wanted to know what you thought...
  10. J

    The "open secret" about how to pass the CPJE

    You know that "bulletin" they send you when you sign up for the test? If you're smart, you'll study those questions very closely. If you search this forum you'll find out why :) Here's the thing nobody else will tell you though. There are multiple versions of the CPJE bulletin and it's wise to...
  11. C

    Improve Your CPJE Score by 6–12 Points

    I wanted to start a thread that focuses on how I eventually passed the CPJE by changing how/what I was studying. I also want to invite others to share what changes they made to their study habits for the CPJE that eventually made the difference. First-time passers of the CPJE, you lucky...
  12. spinin

    San Francisco Bay Pharmacy Board Study Group

    Anyone in the bay area interested in studying for the boards in a group? I'm thinking at UCSF and a few other places for variety. I've already passed the NAPLEX, but need to retake the CPJE after failing the first time.
  13. L

    For Sale Rxprep 2018 (new)

    I'm selling a new Rxprep 2018 book for $140. It's new in a plastic vinyl cover.
  14. K

    February 2018 CPJE Experience

    Hi :) Longtime lurker here. I just thought I would post my CPJE experience and study tips and pay it forward. History: I graduated a few years ago and work in a retail pharmacy. This was the second time I took the CPJE (and if we’re being frank it won’t be my last haha). Materials: RxPrep...
  15. Lexington2012

    The CPJE 90-day retake requirement is not the law?

    I've looked over the law book pretty carefully and I can't find ANYTHING about a 90 day waiting period for retaking the CPJE. At this point I'm thinking it is an arbitrary rule created by someone at the BOP that isn't based on the actual law. http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov/laws_regs/lawbook.pdf I...
  16. A

    For Sale RxPerp and CPJE law book sale

    Hi guys, Selling RxPrep 2017 and CPJE Law (by RxPrep). They are good condition, no damage, and few light writings (2 pages). If you pick up at San Diego area, its $85 and $45, together $110. For shipping, $90 and $50, together $130. Online courses are not included. Let me know if you are...
  17. T

    CPJE Ebay Pharmacy Charts Wanted

    Hi all, I plan to take CPJE in the next 2 months. Iam looking to purchased a used pharmacy charts from Ebay trhat everyone is talking about to study for CPJE. I can pay through Paypal. PM me, Thank you
  18. R

    CPJE Exam Dates

    Hi , I am so stress about the my CPJE. I am planning to take exam on 09/29. does any one know how many weeks pattern. I been looking everywhere, and i can't fine correct answer. is it 5 weeks pattern or 6 weeks pattern. Thank you
  19. S

    For Sale RxPrep California Law Summary for CPJE 2017 Edition **NEW BOOK**

    Hi, This book is brand new with no mark ups. Selling for $70 (includes shipping). The same book is selling for $90 on amazon and $80 on eBay. PM if interested.
  20. C

    My NAPLEX experience w/ RX Prep *Guide to triple digits*

    First off, I'd like to thank those on the forum who provided their test experiences to help me through this difficult time of my life. To return the favor, I'll post my experience to maybe help someone out there reading. So my test was August 6 and I didn't start study until a couple of days...
  21. C

    CPJE streamlined!!!

    Alright guys, as you guys know in the world of Infectious Disease and antibiotic stewardship, we start patients on broad spectrum antibiotics and then after the C&S reports comes back we streamline our therapy to avoid unnecessary toxicities, etc. Now that 2017 May, June and July results have...
  22. S


    Hello! I am also selling my CPJE study materials in case anyone is interested Weissman's A guide to California Community Law 8th edition Rx prep CPJE law book and access to the online video and test bank (i have access until 8/14/17) That's really all I used to pass. A lot of the questions in...
  23. E

    CPJE: RXPREP California Law Summary vs. Weissman?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of studying for the CPJE. Which of the these 2 resources should i use? RxPrep California Law Summary for CPJE: $185 or Weissman's Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law - 9th Edition 2017: $138 Thank you for your help!
  24. T

    CPJE and Moving to California

    Regardless of the exam I am moving to California in September from Ohio. I'm just now looking at the application process and reading the pass rates more in depth and this exam looks absolutely hopeless. I'm currently a working retail pharmacist and don't have much time to study on top of the...
  25. P

    April CPJE

    Just wanted to make a thread for April CPJE test takers. I took mine on April 27th. When did you take yours? Let us know when you receive your scores! Ill let you guys know when I receive mine. Thanks!
  26. F

    CPJE March -April 2017

    Just a thread for these testing this days. Hi there fellow Pharmacist or future to be Pharmacist! Please post if you have taken CPJE and date that you took it or will take it. Let us know the date you got your results and if you pass. Study hard and good luck to all!!!
  27. J

    Weissman California Pharmacy Law book for CPJE

    For sale is my lightly used Weissman CA law review book "A Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law" 8th edition. Asking $50 or best offer, plus whatever it costs to ship. There is no highlighting in the book and it is in good condition. If you are interested I can email you pictures of it...
  28. C

    Getting licensed in California (frustrated and confused)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure this out and it's been confusing...or rather complete mess. If anyone has been through this process, please give me some advice. I got a job offer in California and I am graduating this May (Texas school). Has anyone ever applied for an intern license in...
  29. P

    For Sale 2016 RxPrep Book

    Used 2016 RxPrep book for sale. It is well worn and used. will throw in a study guide for CPJE for good measure. PM me for pricing
  30. C

    CPJE site complaint

    Hi, this is my first time posting on here, and I'd like to get some advice on how to approach this disastrous situation that occurred today: About 15 minutes into the exam, I began to notice loud, persistent talking and laughter coming from the 3 proctors in the room outside. It was otherwise...
  31. I

    RxPrep Course Book for the NAPLEX and CPJE (2016 Edition)

    Brand New. Never Used. $165 + shipping cost.
  32. Djpark

    CPJE JUNE 2016 Taker

    Folks who took cpje in june 2016, any score result yet? I took it on 6/1 but no score release yet
  33. I

    Cpje regrade, worth it or not?

    hi, I got my score from April 2016 and failed with a composite score of 67. The weird part is I scored average on all 3 areas...makes no sense! So I pretty much have to ace an area to pass? I saw that there's an option for a regrade, has anyone done this and had an actual change in their score?
  34. GeneralLancer

    CPJE Weissman SLIDES and LECTURE

    *Special Memorial Day Offer* Did you know about 1 in 4 out of state students fail the CPJE? That means you'll sit out 4 months, forfeit $61,000 in earnings and have to tell everyone you failed. Want to avoid that? Come to a lecture or have the exclusive slides mailed to you. LA June 1st SF...
  35. M

    Taking the CPJE on 4/30/2016

    Hi everyone I'm taking the CPJE on 4/30 because my spidey senses tell me there is something fishy about 5/1 (QA). Based off my pharmacy track record at this point in my life I should be finishing a pgy-1 or already in the position of my dreams, but life was derailed for the past year...
  36. S


    Dumb question but I'll ask anyway, oncology / cancer med questions have recently appeared on CPJE, right? Thanks ahead of time :)
  37. J

    CPJE experience

    I just took the CPJE today. Like everyone has mentioned, the questions are way more detail oriented than NAPLEX. Make sure you know the brand/generic. Some of the questions are really easy. If you work in a pharmacy, you will know the brand/generic. Some are for sure not on the top 300 list. I...
  38. S

    CPJE study tips (Pharmacy Outcomes section)

    I just found out that I got a 71 and have to retake the CPJE. I used Weissman, Rxprep, and ebay Pharmacy Charts to prepare for the exam. I studied by writing things out, but that does not seem to be enough. I was wondering if anyone could provide any tips on how to study for the Pharmacy...
  39. A

    cpje study buddy

    Live in southern California looking for cpje study partner can meet in person or on Skype.