Rowan SOM vs ACOM vs Burrell

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Jul 30, 2020
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Hello! I was hoping to get opinions from those who also applied/ are going to any of the schools above. I am making my final decision on which school I will make a deposit in. I think ACOM and Rowan are strong choices but I am from the west coast and would like to end up back here and that seem harder if i don't attend Burrell or a school in the west. Any opinions?

Also if anyone goes to any of these schools, can I get more insight on board scores. I understand we have passing rates, but I believe residencies care about the actual score vs if you passed.
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Nov 2, 2016
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ACOM student from CA here. I chose ACOM over BCOM for a few reasons, feel free to PM me. If you want to work as an attending in the west any of those schools will get you back there. California/ WA is very hard to get back to for residency since so many people want to go there, but after that there are no real limit to where you practice.