Nov 10, 2010
I am filling out the Saba Medical School application and I have several questions for which I was unable to find solid answers; I'm hoping I can get some help here.

Here goes:

1. What exactly is a science gpa (by Saba standards)? Which courses should it include/not include?

2. As a Canadian citizen who has previously taken the MCAT, am I required to report the scores since the MCAT is not a requirement?

3. What should one include in the resume for Saba?

Any help is appreciated :)
Aug 21, 2010
Do not know about the science GPA, but I imagine it includes all the classes you think are science related and not arts.

The MCAT is a requirement, and you will have to report. It used to be some students that were exceptional were exempted, but not anymore. Every person has to take the MCAT.

Volunteer experience and other experience are important. If you did bad early on, improvements are looked at highly. Good letters of recommendation from non-family related people who mentored you or worked for you in medical related field or school are important.