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SABA University Med School


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Sep 13, 2000
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    Does any one have any information on SABA Univ. Aside from the official site?
    Also has anyone heard from the graduates of that school in regards to the schooling, living conditions, USMLA pass rates, clinical and residency placement?
    I would appreciate any information...!!!


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    15+ Year Member
    Sep 25, 2000
    New Jersey
      Prof. Carlos Pestana of the U Texas-San Antonio medical school wrote a book on foreign medical schools. The 2d edition contains info on Saba. Dr. Pestana, now retired, was a foreign med school grad himself (Spain), a prof of Surgery at San Antonio, Chairman of its Admmissions Commitee. He visited many foreign med schools, especially in the Caribbean nd Mexico. His writing was often humorous but unsparing. He knew what to look for in med education. His book was only available from him. I have the info on how you might try to order a copy from him, but not immediately at hand. I give you my email address to remind me to find it for you.
      ([email protected]). Meanwhile, if you have a premedical advisor, you might try that office first. Many advsiors have a copy in their offices. I left mine behind for my successor when I retired last year. Pestana's comments on Saba are hilarious! Suffice it say, that his only recommendations in the Caribbean are first St. George's in Grenada and second, Ross University on Dominica. I visited both myself some years ago and I concur with Dr. Pestana.

      There are other reasons to consider both first. In NY State, where I was from, the State permitted graduates of only those two schools in the Caribbean to be eligible for residency positions. I understand California and some other states did the same. They did this after inspection visits and results of a questionnaire they were required to submit. (This refers only to the Caribbean schools; graduates of most schools elsewhere in the world are not so restricted).

      I think I answered another question of yours about Caribbean med schools in a previous posting.

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