School list: International student, MCAT 511, GPA 4.00

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Jul 8, 2018
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Hey guys!

I am an international student from Europe, and I plan on applying to medical schools in the upcoming days. That said, I was hoping you could help me create a list of schools I should apply to. I believe that only private schools accept international students.

My stats:
-MCAT 511 (Phy/Chem 530, CARS 526, Bio/Biochem 526 :'(, Psy/Soc 129)
-Bachelor's degree from a foreign school (doesn't count for most of US med schools)
-Master's degree in Kinesiology (GPA: 4.0)
-Post-bac coursework/prerequisites (GPA: 4.0)

-in addition to my Master's Thesis, I took 3 research courses (2 in biochem, 1 in physics; =200 hrs of work)
-60 hrs non-clinical community service abroad (working with disabled children/adults)
-80 hrs of physician shadowing abroad + 60 hrs physician shadowing in the US
-120 hrs of clinical observation/internship at the heart center (stress lab, cardiac rehabilitation)
-200 hours volunteering in the ER (transporting patients, interacting with them, cleaning beds and hospital equipment)
-40 hrs volunteering in Anatomy lab, dissecting cadavers
-1300 hrs of work in a hospital (9 months) - as an exercise physiologist, performing stress tests, etc.

These are the schools that I am currently considering:

-Rosalind Franklin
-Loma Linda
-New York Medical College
-Saint Louis
-Stony Brook
-David Geffen
-West Virginia
-U of Chicago - Pritzker (a long shot, I know, but I figured I should try one - you never know)

So what do you guys think? Do I have significant chances of getting accepted into any of these schools? Any additional suggestions/schools I should apply to?

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