Secondary Questions: Plans for this year

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Jan 3, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask about the common secondary question: If you are taking a gap year(s), explain your plans for the plan. I am applying this cycle and am taking 2 gap years. I spent my first gap year doing an AmeriCorps program, and my end date won't be until mid-August. I've been applying to jobs for my second gap year, but jobs I interviewed at were looking for someone ASAP. Hence, I decided it might be more reasonable to wait until late July/August to do the job search once I finish my current job.

My app will get verified by early July, which means I'll be doing secondaries in July/August. What if I don't know what my plans are for next year because I don't have a job lined up yet? Will this hurt me? It's also sooo hard to find a job in this market, especially because it's only a gap year job :( This has been stressing me out a bit. What will I write in my secondaries for those schools?


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I was in this position last year and I just described any activities I planned to continue throughout the year and what kinds of jobs I was applying to (but be realistic)