Seton Hall VS Downstate

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Jul 17, 2018
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So I am currently on a few waitlists, and first tier waitlist at Hofstra (my top choice school but I need to make a decision between these two schools by the 30th. I am currently leaning toward Seton Hall atm but don't want to regret my decision if I don't get off the waitlist anywhere.

Seton Hall:

Pros -
Three year program but I would have to match into one of their Hackensack Meridian residencies. Currently interested in derm, so this seems to be a quick way to make that happen without needing to take an extra research year. If I decide against derm, I can still do the full 4 years and enter the regular match.
I took two gap years, so a 3 year program seems very good to me to get me back on track with my goals
Cheaper than Downstate by ~85k if I do 3 year track
Great neighborhood and close to the city - safe
Lots of enthusiasm and personalized advice since it is only the second class and they need you to succeed to build a good reputation
Starts early July
New facilities
Lots of opportunity for research (from what I have heard)
small class size

Cons -
No gym
No dorms
expensive neighborhood
Might be very hard to get a fellowship after finish residency
Required attendance
Only one class above mine, so not much materials passed down to help us study
No reputation in the match - could be very difficult to match well if I choose to do 4 year program


Pros: Good match rate with NYC
People who live in the surrounding neighborhood are super nice and gave me a great impression while I was there
I believe they have not required class attendance
Gym and dorm

Neighborhood was rough
More expensive
Some specialties have non- existent match rates (like plastics)
Program seems to not have a lot of money
Big class size
Heard the dorms are really gross and since my family doesn't make a lot of money so finding an apartment in NYC that accepts my guarantors is painfully awful
Not a bunch of support it seems like - during interview day I spend a bit of time wandering around from place to place by myself whereas at other schools they took the time to personally greet us and show us around

All in all, I liked Seton Hall a lot better but I don't want to throw away opportunities in match or post match later in life. If match/fellowship wasn't an issue then I would choose Seton Hall hands down. That being said, I am just