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  1. J

    General Admissions & OTCAS OT School Acceptance for Fall 2021-2022

    Hey guys! I am just wondering if anyone has heard back from any schools for OT? I applied to both Seton Hall and Kean University and I have not heard back from anyone yet. Would love to hear from some fellow applicants to see if they have gotten accepted yet, thanks and good luck!!!!!
  2. L

    Seton Hall VS Downstate

    So I am currently on a few waitlists, and first tier waitlist at Hofstra (my top choice school but I need to make a decision between these two schools by the 30th. I am currently leaning toward Seton Hall atm but don't want to regret my decision if I don't get off the waitlist anywhere. Seton...
  3. J

    General Admissions & OTCAS Seton Hall MSOT program 2019 acceptances

    Hi! I applied for the MSOT program at Seton Hall and haven't heard back yet.. was wondering if anyone had heard back yet? It's my top choice so I'm really hoping.
  4. B

    Admissions statistics for Seton Hall University Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine

    In doing some research on schools i noticed that seton hall is a new school that has opened up in new jersey. they are going to be accepting students for the 2019 application cycle soon. There is no data on the MSAR on students statistics for the 2018 applicants as they havent started their...
  5. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Anyone receive interview invitations from any NJ schools for Fall 2018?

    Anyone receive interview invitations from any NJ schools for Fall 2018? (Kean, Seton Hall, Stockton)
  6. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Seton Hall / Columbia

    Hi, has anyone heard from Seton Hall or Columbia regarding there entry level OT program?
  7. goilers

    Seton Hall Opening?

    Does anyone know anything about Seton Hall's Med school to be? I've heard 2018,so would that make their first application acceptances start this upcoming cycle, or acceptances starting in 2018? Just curious because it seems like a cool opportunity, in a unique area. I've tried to search both...
  8. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Need Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could understand my situation and provide advice. Due to a long history of financial hardship in my family, I can only apply to and realistically attend either the Kean University or Seton Hall University's Occupational Therapy programs in New Jersey. Because of...
  9. optmstnck


    hello friends I applied to MHA for spring 2016. I've got admission to Marymount uni., Seton hall & George mason uni. I'm so much confused between George mason & Seton hall. FOLLOWING INFO IS FOR MHA PROGRAM (ON CAMPUS) According to USNEWS, GMU rank is 33 & SHU rank is 52 for MHA on campus. GMU-...