1. medshousing

    Renting West Harlem NYC Furnished Room in large shared 2 bed 1 bath Apartment

    MedsHousing.com Listing #2228 467 West 143rd Street, Apt2, New York, New York, United States Large two-bedroom apartment with option to rent in its entirety or to share, located in one of the most sought after, historic and safe neighborhoods in West Harlem off of Convent Ave. Unit is on the...
  2. C

    Do New York State schools offer in-state tuition after one year?

    Hello everyone, I had a question about tuition for New York State schools (such as the SUNYs, Einstein, Stony Brook, NYMC). I have heard conflicting things online, so does anyone know if they allow students to claim in-state tuition for M2 and onwards? If they do, can someone explain how that...
  3. T

    Suny Upstate Linkage Program Vs Ponce

    I have a friend who has been accepted to Ponce Medical School and the Suny Upstate linkage program (1 year MPH degree with conditional acceptance to SUNY Upstate medical). Unsure which one they would be better off choosing. Turning to the SDN community for your help! Thanks in advance
  4. llyskc

    SUNY Upstate Medical School Early Assurance Program (2020 cycle)

    I recently applied for the SUNY Upstate EAP program and have been looking around for any information about it. Seems like nobody really posts about this program. Anybody else applied? On that note, any past applicants know approximate stats and figures for the program and the...
  5. O

    My Interview Experience-SUNY

    Hi everyone, I was searching for interview threads and I was thinking that threads like "Class of 2024" are really helpful. You just can go there and find much information from different students, and also share your information with others, therefore enriching the body of the thread more and...
  6. L

    Seton Hall VS Downstate

    So I am currently on a few waitlists, and first tier waitlist at Hofstra (my top choice school but I need to make a decision between these two schools by the 30th. I am currently leaning toward Seton Hall atm but don't want to regret my decision if I don't get off the waitlist anywhere. Seton...
  7. R

    SUNY Purchase Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program

    Hi, Has anyone applied to SUNY Purchase to complete pre-med requirements as a post-bacc? I am looking to do a DIY program but it looks very risky considering that post-baccs get last pick on classes and labs are separate from lecture. Anyone that has been there or know someone who has? Would be...
  8. O

    CCNY Experience?

    Could anyone that goes to CCNY pre-med share some insight on what its like, as well as what the surrounding area is like? How are classes, what do you do for fun on weekends, ect. Thanks!
  9. M

    Hofstra vs. Downstate vs. UMiami - help!

    Summary: NY resident whose main goals are to 1) enjoy medical school and 2) put myself in position to match into a competitive residency if I choose to go that way (ortho or ENT? but still totally undecided). My family lives on LI right near Hof and my girlfriend will be in Manhattan for the...
  10. D

    Villanova University vs. University of South Carolina vs. SUNY Binghamton

    Hey guys, I've heard different things about each of these schools from different people. I understand that the MCAT and GPA are the most important things. However, I want to hear from people on their thoughts about each school's research opportunities, clinical opportunities, ECs, and things of...
  11. C

    Stony Brook vs. Drexel

    I have recently been accepted to Stony Brook and Drexel. I'm extremely excited to get both acceptances but both of them were going through curriculum changes and I'm not sure how much of a guinea pig I want to be. Here's a summary of their changes: Drexel: They just changed from Traditional to...
  12. Y

    UC Berkeley vs SUNY

    I'm sure this question has been asked a lot but I got accepted to both and I am not unsure which school to go too. I'm from Southern California and have been to the Bay Area countless of times to visit my friends from undergrad. On the other hand, New York would be a completely new and...
  13. M

    Switch to in-state tuition at SUNY Upstate?

    I have been accepted to Upstate Medical University, and I really like the school. But I'm out of state and tuition is crazy high: $66k. I have read around the internet that it may be possible to switch to in-state tuition after your first year, which is a much more reasonable $45k. Can anyone...
  14. redence

    Which SUNY school is best for premed?

    Hi, I'm a senior in high school, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I want to go to a New York State school to save some money, and I was thinking about SUNY Buffalo, Stony Brook, and Geneseo. I'm leaning towards SUNY Buffalo as my first choice, anyone go there? Can you give me a review and...
  15. B

    chance me

    I have a 3.9 gpa, 3.8 sgpa. 518 mcat 300 hours volunteering at local hospital 100 hours shadowing researching on relationships between disease and diet. had just a poster presentation, but have been with it for 2 years bio ta chem ta 200 hours soup kitchen a lot of tutoring mentor for my...
  16. O

    Accommodation in New York - 4 weeks at SUNY Optometry

    Hi everyone, I'm an optometrist from New Zealand. In July I am spending 4 weeks at SUNY Optometry on a scholarship. I am currently trying to find accommodation for this time period, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or leads. Thanks in advance! Oli
  17. N

    Stony Brook vs. Downstate

    I've been fortunate enough to be accepted at both Stony Brook and Downstate. I've checked out previous threads, but a lot of them seem outdated, especially given the recent curriculum changes at each of these schools. I was wondering if anybody could help me make a decision. Stony Brook Pros...
  18. I

    ICO vs SUNY?

    I just got accepted to SUNY today, and already have been accepted at ICO and reserved a spot. I now have to make a difficult decision between the two. Cost wise they are comparable because I am out of state for both. I did receive a scholarship at ICO covering the cost of housing living in their...
  19. C

    SUNY Opt

    Hey guys! I had just sent in my deposit for a couple of days. I was wondering do SUNY email you to let you know that they got your deposit? I was just curious whether they send you any more correspondents after you give your deposit or that doesn't happen till next spring? Thanks!!
  20. LindaAccepted

    Medical SUNY Upstate Medical and PA Admissions: Holistic Admissions [Episode 168]

    The most popular medical school admission podcast we’ve ever hosted was an interview with Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at SUNY Upstate Medical University – and today, she’s joining us again. Jennifer is extraordinarily experienced in med school admissions. Since...
  21. N

    Chances at admission?

    What are my chances at getting into just one med school? I am applying now and have received 12/20 secondaries so far. I'll probably apply to 2 DO schools too. cGPA: 3.62 (3.52-->3.42-->3.64-->3.82) BCPM GPA: 3.53 (3.39-->3.24-->3.49-->3.96); I got one C in organic chem lab AO GPA: 3.79...
  22. H

    merit scholarships

    does schools offer scholarships for good academics upon being accepted? i have a 3.94 GPA and am hoping some schools could offer scholarships. (specifically interested in SUNY, new england, saluls--and its probably safe to assume SUNY doesn't offer much considering its a state school)
  23. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS waitlist movement at Downstate and Kean

    I was waitlisted to both SUNY Downstate and Kean University and I'm wondering if anyone is in the same position as me. Does anyone know of people who got off the waitlist? If so, around when were they notified. Good luck to all, and thank you!
  24. N

    SUNY Downstate Applicants for June 2016

    Hi all, I was looking for a thread for the SUNY Downstate Physical Therapy for June 2016 and couldn't find one other than the occupational therapy thread. It's the first day of April and I haven't heard anything from Downstate. I was wondering about anyone else that has been interviewed...
  25. I

    My experience with the MD schools I applied to, for you future applicants

    Note: I did not get into any MD schools, so I am a bit sour about that, but I will try my best to provide facts about my experience, so you all can benefit for my experience. UCDavis: My stats were too low for this school, so if your stats are okay and fit their pathway, go ahead and apply...
  26. Jericho91

    SUNY School Rankings *BUMP*

    Howdy lady and gents I have not been on this forum in a few weeks (finally had some stuff to contribute recently). I am a Cali resident but I have been invited to interviews in 3 SUNY Schools (Upstate, Stony Brook, Downstate). I want to attend at least 2 in 1 trip but let's see how scheduling...
  27. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SUNY DOWNSTATE APPLICANTS 2016

    Anyone hear anything from Downstate? It's been a few months and I'm getting nervous as I have yet to hear back from them. If you applied this year or have been accepted in years past, would be kind enough to post your stats so I can see how I compare that would be awesome! Thanks!
  28. H

    is optometry worth it for someone who will NOT be in much debt

    hi, i am considering optometry school. if i go i would go to SUNY optometry and pay instate tuition, and potentially live at home to save more money. also, i am very fortunate that my parents have been saving money in a college fund and therefore i will not be in much debt after i graduate...
  29. N

    What should I do now? (Private Undergrad To CUNY/ SUNY)

    So here's what happened? I am an underrepresented minority male who graduated '15 from a top-tier private university in the Midwest. Where I traveled/study abroad in China studying the language and taking classes. But when I returned—despite following my adviser advice and fighting for getting...
  30. 2

    A question about in-state tuition for greencard holders?

    Hello. Does anyone know if SUNY optometry allows in-state tuition for greencard holders? Anyone who is a green card holder going to SUNY? https://www.sunyopt.edu/education/admissions/tuition-fees/ I checked the website, however, it seems like they allow only citizens for in-state tuition after...
  31. S

    what pre-med school's should I apply to?

    I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm debating on what school's to apply to for pre-med. I want to become an orthopedic, my back up plan is physician assistant. I'm looking to apply to schools in NY, NJ, PA, MA,CT, DE, MD, and RI. GPA: 93% or 3.7-4.0 ACT: 26 SAT: 1670 SAT Writing: 610...
  32. AOK AllTheWay

    University at Buffalo (SUNY) Wait List Thread 2015 - 2016

    Hey all, Since I got waitlisted here, and it doesn't seem like it's been done yet this year (It's rather early for that, though, to be fair), I thought I would go ahead and start this thread. If you've been waitlisted here, leave a post so that we all can get an idea of how many people have been...
  33. fitdoc123

    What to expect the first year of optometry school?

    I will be starting SUNY August 2016, what should i expect the first year of optometry school? At SUNY but also any other schools for general opinions? What is the first year like? classwork, time management? how did you balance school and fun time?
  34. S

    Personal Statement Question

    Hey guys, I want to ask for an advice. I have my personal statement ready, but hesitate to send it (to SUNY). I wrote why optometry mentioning that I want to give back to community after I received so much help coming here as an immigrant. I showed examples of how I already did by volunteering...
  35. fitdoc123


    Hi!! How did you interview go? Date of Interview OAT Score Undergrad GPA Accepted/ Wait Listed/ Rejected?
  36. C

    International student

    Hi there. So for the past 12 or so years of my life, I've been studying with a CBSE affiliated Indian school. This is my last year. Now, my 10th grade board examination GPA was pretty damn good, a 9.2 out of 10. But I really slacked off during 11th grade due to some family issues. 12th is going...