1. D

    Boston University vs SUNY Downstate

    Boston University Pros: -Higher ranking/prestige... Ranked #29 Cons: -3 to 4 hours away from family -Cost of Attendance would be $85k a year... AKA $340,000 over 4 years not including compounding interest :( SUNY Downstate Pros: -Combined MD/MPH in 4 years! -Low Cost of Attendance at $55k a...
  2. L

    Seton Hall VS Downstate

    So I am currently on a few waitlists, and first tier waitlist at Hofstra (my top choice school but I need to make a decision between these two schools by the 30th. I am currently leaning toward Seton Hall atm but don't want to regret my decision if I don't get off the waitlist anywhere. Seton...
  3. J

    SUNY Downstate vs Howard COM

    Howard Pros Already confirmed, have a lease DC is probably nicer, haven't spent much time in Brooklyn Have car available Like previous living conditions in grad school The students and other classes are really cohesive Cons Long travel time home, (NY) More expensive Not as ‘competitive...
  4. DowntownDavid

    Park Slope room for rent ASAP

    Please read carefully. Preference is for long term roommate however can be somewhat flexible. Room for rent available in a 2 bedroom apartment at $1350 per month for long term. If short term (less than 1 year) price it will be $1600. If ultra-short term 3 months or less it will be $1900...
  5. M

    Hofstra vs. Downstate vs. UMiami - help!

    Summary: NY resident whose main goals are to 1) enjoy medical school and 2) put myself in position to match into a competitive residency if I choose to go that way (ortho or ENT? but still totally undecided). My family lives on LI right near Hof and my girlfriend will be in Manhattan for the...
  6. S

    RWJMS vs. SUNY Downstate

    If anyone has any insight or advice on this decision I would really appreciate it. I'm an out of state for both schools but can become in state after one year, so tuition differences are really a major factor. Additionally, when looking at apartments it seems that cost of living while...
  7. D

    NJMS vs. Downstate

    Hey all, Not normally a poster but I'm having a bit of trouble deciding between Rutgers NJMS and SUNY Downstate (these are the two I've narrowed down to as of late). As one could imagine, since they're both state schools comparisons between these two aren't common - any insight would be...
  8. B

    Doing pretty bad in orgo 1

    Hey guys.. How is everyone doing? Currently, I'm taking Orgo 1 and I'm doing so poorly, I might end up with a C+ at maximum for the class. I was wondering if SUNY Downstate would still accept me? Particularly their EME Program. I
  9. A

    Einstein vs. SUNY Downstate

    I was just taken off the waitlist at Einstein and am conflicted. 28 y/o M non-trad moving from SF to NYC. Background in software sales and real estate before making the switch. Any and all input would be appreciated! Downstate Pros -- Live off campus in a fun part of New York = better...
  10. infinityavenue

    Downstate vs Stony Brook

    I have a week to decide between these schools and have no idea what to do. I'm IS at both and cost will more or less be the same. Both are close to home, but Stony Brook is more convenient in terms of travel time as I could easily drive home as opposed to having a 1.5 hr MTA commute. Both have...
  11. N

    Stony Brook vs. Downstate

    I've been fortunate enough to be accepted at both Stony Brook and Downstate. I've checked out previous threads, but a lot of them seem outdated, especially given the recent curriculum changes at each of these schools. I was wondering if anybody could help me make a decision. Stony Brook Pros...
  12. N

    Miami Miller vs. State School

    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Pros Accepted to the MD-MPH program. Strong interest/background in public health—I don’t see the MPH as an “essential” to my medical career, but I am drawn to this dual degree program specifically because the MD/MPH components are so well...
  13. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SUNY Downstate Interview Q's and Essay?

    Hey everyone, I've received an email for interview with Downstate in 2 days. Can anyone give me insight on the questions they may ask me for the interview as well as what I may need to write an essay on? Thanks.
  14. Newyawk

    transferring for clerkship years

  15. A

    Rochester vs Hofstra vs Downstate

    Hey everyone, Thanks for clicking on this thread! I was recently accepted off the waitlist at both Rochester and Hofstra and need to make me decision soon. Previously committed to Downstate before I got these two acceptances. I'm interested in fielding any and all opinions you fellow SDNers...
  16. C

    Penn State Hershey and SUNY Downstate US World News Rank

    Hey all, Im asking just based on pure curiosity. My decision to attend a school would never come down to a probably-biased ranking but i am just interested in knowing. Both Downstate and Penn state are unranked, meaning they did not give their info to be ranked. I was just wondering if anyone...
  17. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS waitlist movement at Downstate and Kean

    I was waitlisted to both SUNY Downstate and Kean University and I'm wondering if anyone is in the same position as me. Does anyone know of people who got off the waitlist? If so, around when were they notified. Good luck to all, and thank you!
  18. Jericho91

    SUNY School Rankings *BUMP*

    Howdy lady and gents I have not been on this forum in a few weeks (finally had some stuff to contribute recently). I am a Cali resident but I have been invited to interviews in 3 SUNY Schools (Upstate, Stony Brook, Downstate). I want to attend at least 2 in 1 trip but let's see how scheduling...
  19. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SUNY DOWNSTATE APPLICANTS 2016

    Anyone hear anything from Downstate? It's been a few months and I'm getting nervous as I have yet to hear back from them. If you applied this year or have been accepted in years past, would be kind enough to post your stats so I can see how I compare that would be awesome! Thanks!