Shadowing During COVID-19 (Tele-shadowing, etc.)

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Jun 6, 2020
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Hello guys! I was planning on using this summer to gain all my shadowing hours, but unfortunately due to COVID places are not really allowing students to shadow. Do you guys have any recommendations as to how I could get shadowing hours? Or know any optometrists who are open to Tele-shadowing, or anything of the sort? Anything would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

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I'm not sure about tele-shadowing, however I found a great organization that offers virtual shadowing (essentially meeting different health-care professionals and learning about their career and such). They are inviting an OD in next Monday if you'd like to join. We are able to add this into our applications as long as we clearly state that it was virtual. Here's the link: Dr. Hardeep Kataria, OD, FAAO – Virtual Pre-Health Shadowing