Mar 19, 2016
I am in the middle of my med school applications and just got back a disappointing MCAT. I got a 498. 122 on chem/phys, 124 on bio, 124 on psych and 128 on c/r. My gpa is a 3.5 and I'm an emt with a background in reporting and community health outreach. I want to say I'm a good candidate besides this score, but I don't want to waste 100s of dollars on applications that I should just wait to do next year when I've taken the test and (hopefully) done better. Thoughts?
Mar 14, 2014
the moon
I know folks who have gotten accepted with lower mcats. Personally I would apply to 10 schools, worth the $600ish risk

Apply to newer DO schools such as VCOM, ACOM, BCOM, UIWCOM. If you're looking into MD I would retake. The MCAT is one aspect of the app and with you being an EMT it will help. Call around and ask admissions directors and they'll give you clear cut answers.

Best of luck!

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