Should I focus on applying to MD or DO Schools?

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Oct 25, 2017
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I know this is a very very common question but as a senior (waiting until the 2019 cycle to apply so I can save some moolaaa), I need to weigh my options and start planning. So here's the gist: currently sitting at a cGPA of 3.4-3.5 but I might be able to get it up to a 3.6 by the time I graduate with a degree in physiology. My MD sGPA is higher than my DO sGPA because I do well in math courses. I will have had lots of volunteer and clinical experiences (ranging from international trips to being a CNA to over 2.5 years of advanced lab research and another .5 year in a data analysis lab).

HOWEVER, there are things causing me concern and honestly, my advisor is practically useless. I failed a course - like 0.0 in an advanced science course required for my major and am currently retaking it to hopefully get a 3.5 or 4.0.

How much will this 0.0 impact medical school admissions view of my application? Other than that course and 1 course I got a 2.5 in, all my other grades are 3.0s or above.

I need everyone to be completely real with me on this, I can take it. I just don't know where I should focus my efforts.

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