Feb 10, 2015
so took it about a week ago and got 151 Q and 145 V and a 4 writing. I was finishing some summer classes and didnt have that much time to put alot of studying into it. I wanted to at least get a score on paper so I could finsih up my applications and I know you can just send GRE scores to the PTCAS schools after the you submit your application. So should I take it again? I know the verbal was on the lower end but wondering how much it plays into it. My GPA is kinda on the lower end too as I had a tough couple years starting off college
Aug 8, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
You should definitely retake it and try to get a combined score of 310 or better if you have a low cum. gpa. I'm applying this cycle with a cum. gpa of 3.22 but I was able to get a 159Q, 158V which is a little above the average scores. Check the schools your looking to apply to and try to aim for a score thats at or better than the average accepted students scores so that you can make up for your low GPA.
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