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Jan 9, 2005
I thought it might be appropriate to start a thread addressing these questions- not necessarily answering them, but just listing the actual questions. My interviewers had a list of these to choose from and this question type makes me particularly nervous. Practicing answering just a few might help people get into that thinking pattern and become more relaxed about this question type in general.

1. A plane crashes into the ocean and there are 13 people (survivors) and a life raft that only holds 10 people. What would you do? What if (same situation) the water was at hypothermic temperatures?

2. A couple that you are very close to is about to get married. You know (as the pharmacist) that the man is HIV+ but that his fiance does not know. How do you deal with this situation.

3. The other pharmacist that you work with is very disrespectful to a patient in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. How do you deal with this pharmacist?

4. You (as a pharmacy student) know that a classmate cheated on an exam. How would you deal with this situation and this student?