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    CME Huge discount on courses at

    Keen to build your CV, learn new skills and stand out from your colleagues? Tired of paying huge fees for medical courses? As a special offering to SDN, courses at ‘’ are now available at heavily discounted prices. Hamid Tehrani, Consultant Plastic surgeon in Liverpool, has...
  2. B

    Courses before DAT

    I am applying during the 2025-2026 cycle and deciding between taking the DAT either summer 2024 or 2025. Since I am studying biomedical engineering, adding extra courses to my schedule is difficult but possible. I am inclined towards taking the DAT summer 2024 because I don't want to forget...
  3. boston_3

    Application vs. Matriculation Pre-requisites

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew how to reliably see if a course is required at the time of application or by the time of matriculation? I was planning to finish up physics and orgo 2 during my application year, but it was brought to my attention that some courses are required when you...
  4. H

    Please help me pick between two classes for my last semester in college

    Hello, I really want to take two Biology classes for my last semester in college, but they have time conflicts so I can only take one of them. I’m in between Bio 362: Endocrinology and Bio 365: Introduction to Microscopy. Which one do you think I should take? I want endocrinology because I...
  5. Integrated MCAT Course

    MCAT How to Read an MCAT Science Passage

    How to Read an MCAT Science Passage When the new MCAT was introduced in 2015, our company became a teaching workshop and development incubator. Our previous course, WikiPremed, had specialized in interdisciplinary methods for the old exam, so we were uniquely poised to help our students with...
  6. D


  7. V

    Wake Forest Premed Online Workshop

    Hi everyone! Just sharing a resource I came across. Wake Forest is doing a premed workshop from 1/4-1/15 talking about how to study for the MCAT, planning gap years, etc. The deadline to register is 12/18, and it costs $1595 ($995 if you go to WFU). The link for registration: NEW! Winter...
  8. P

    19 credit hours first semester??

    Hello, I'm an upcoming freshman pre med at a state university. Right now, I'm looking at 19 credit hours my first semester. Is this doable? I was wondering if anyone has done this and succeeded. Bio is supposed to be a hard course at my university, but I'm better at bio than chem. My course...
  9. N


  10. B

    Is this considered “Other Science” for AADSAS

    Hi I just have a quick question. Would “Wetland Environments” be considered an “other science“ course. It’s in the Department of Geosciences. Based off this list ( Geology...
  11. A

    Physics Prereq Question

    I graduated from undergrad in May and have been taking time to work before applying to schools. I intend to apply June 2020, but I have some questions about the physics prereq that I didn’t quite finish in undergrad. I used AP credits in undergrad to cover my physics 1 and physics 1 lab...
  12. bodog16

    Animal Nutrition Online Courses

    Animal Nutrition is a prerequisite course for one of the schools I am applying to (NCSU), but is not offered at my university. I found a few different courses online but I'm not sure which one to take. Did anyone take an online animal nutrition course through another university? looking for...
  13. I

    Hardest Pre-med courses

    Rank these courses from most to least difficult, please: Genetics OChem 1 Physics 1 Ecology Biochem Intro to Neuro Human Physiology I want to take 2 of these courses over the summer, 3 at the same time in the fall semester, and the rest I will take later. What combination would be the most...
  14. B

    Best MCAT Prep Class

    I am looking for an in person prep class, specifically anywhere in California to help me prepare for the MCAT. Money is not an issue. I know people say that it is best to self study but I honestly am not the type of person who is good at self studying (people learn best at different ways and I...
  15. Itsnotludwigs

    Best Cosmetic Dentistry CE Courses?

    I'm a current dental student interested in gaining further certification/specialization/training in cosmetics. Can anyone recommend which are the best CE courses to enroll in? Any other advice for a future dentist aspiring to focus on cosmetics?
  16. A

    Science gpa

    So AACOMAS counts kinesiology courses as "other science" as stated on their website, which factors into science gpa. I took a kinesiology course listed as kinesiology-199 soccer, which was basically just playing soccer 3x a week. So this will probably be a dumb question, but would this count in...
  17. D

    Resume Builder: Take a medical course this summer!

    Georgetown School of Medicine offers two summer medical courses (Gross Anatomy and Physiology). A transcript is given at the end of the course from the medical school, indicating you have successfully completed a medical school course. Grades are given as well. We take rising juniors and...
  18. D

    What Classes Do I Have Left to Take?

    So these () are all the classes I have taken so far and maintained 3.8 GPA. I am majoring in chemistry and was wondering what I should take to have a good chance at most dental schools. I have 3 semesters left: Spring 19, Fall 19, and Spring 20. How should I spread the classes to make time for...
  19. D

    Kaplan MCAT 60% off course

    Hey, I bought the Kaplan self paced/live course but my school is offering one that I decided to take instead. I am selling this one for 60% off ($1000) with all the resources including AAMC. It’s brand new to be launched and I have all the resources till April. Let me know if you are further...
  20. G

    Should I study this course for the MCAT?

    I'll be taking biochem the spring prior to graduation followed by the MCAT. Should I do separate MCAT specific studying for that class or would "regular" studying for unit exams suffice? Please advise. Thanks
  21. sasukeuchiha33

    Will top medical schools frown on only two biology classes?

    Hi all. So somewhere down the line if I maintain a high GPA, I would like to apply to top 20/ top 15 medical schools. Anyway, I've been told by my school that course rigor is a factor in med school admissions, and that my lack thereof would serve as hindrance to getting accepted at top schools...
  22. E

    Can’t take biochemistry

    Hi everyone! I am in a bit of a jam regarding taking biochemistry. I am starting my junior year and was unable to get into the biochemistry class (only 24 students allowed). Biochemistry I is only offered in the fall and I will be going abroad next fall so I really got screwed. I am trying to...
  23. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  24. stydying4PharmD

    SOS: I need an online Physio I/II class!

    Hey all, I'm new on here but think this would be a great resource for info/feedback! I need recommendations on where to take an ONLINE Physio I/II course (not A&P)! Friends and I need to take it over the summer, but it's okay if it crosses over spring/fall semester. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. My...
  25. F

    Is taking Physics 1+ Chemistry 2+ intro to neuroscience at same time unadvisable

    So I have to take these three courses plus the 1 credit lab that goes with each course. So, basically I'm taking 12 credits of science classes. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into chemistry first semester so I've had to juggle my schedule to make everything work. Thanks for the help guys and...
  26. B

    Classes to improve GPA vs. Extracurriculars

    I just have questions about my GPA situation. Before I ask, I will give some information about my stats. My total GPA is 3.6+ and my science is a 3.48. My MCAT score is 526. I studied really hard for the MCAT and thought that my score opened some doors for me to apply to medical school, but my...
  27. I

    ICO coursework sheet

    Hi! I am filling out ICO's coursework sheet which instructs to list all science courses. I took an intro to engineering course, does this count as science? And how about the math courses? Thanks!
  28. KeepingUpWithK

    At my breaking point (Advice Needed)

    Latley I've been so stressed out with my college courses to the point of me feeling like I want to quit. I'm now stuck with taking nothing but sciences and a few electives. I'm trying to get into a dental school, even talked to the director of admissions. I've asked for her advice and she told...
  29. P

    Post-bac course selection

    I plan to take one course this semester and another course next semester as I should focus more on gaining clinical experience. These are the courses recommended to me by the post-bac director: genetics, microbiology, cell bio, molecular bio, anatomy & physiology I can take any of these, but...
  30. qyle95

    Course structure difference - need advice

    Hello folks, I have decided to go to veterinary school in Australia, and is still in the process of deciding which offer to accept. Murdoch and Melbourne are the schools I got into, and seeing as the cost to go to Murdoch is only slightly lower, I wish to make a decision based more on the...
  31. S

    How do med schools check if your course was online? One of my pre-reqs is online (Biochem)

    So unfortunately, I have already submitted a couple secondary applications before reading that these schools DO NOT accept online courses for pre-requisites (University of Miami Miller and John's Hopkins). All but one of my pre-reqs have been satisfied through AP or through in-person...
  32. ludba

    AMCAS Question - Course with deferred final exam

    Hello, I am in the process of filling out an AMCAS application form and I have reached a point where I have taken a course in the winter (Winter 2017) but I have not received a grade yet because I deferred its final exam to be written at the end of the Summer session (August). After I write the...
  33. D

    Please see classifieds for bench preparation course in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Please see the classifieds for information about a bench prep course in the San Francisco bay area for international dental applicants to US dental schools.
  34. D

    Should I save some med school reqs for after I transfer? (regional state school to top 40)

    Hello all, I am a rising sophomore attending a low-tier regional state school. I am no longer happy with my current school academically and will be applying for a junior transfer spot at a few schools in the USNWR's top 20-40. With that in mind, how should I fill up these next two semesters...
  35. uhds

    Transcript Entry Course Title/Subject

    Hello everyone! My transcripts lists a course as "Interpersonal Comun I" should I list it in the Course Title as "Interpersonal Comun I" or do I list it as "Interpersonal Communication I"? For Course Subject: There's a bunch of choices now, it's not listed just as Biology, Chemistry...
  36. Sara Ribeiro

    Pharmacy Course Information

    I am very happy to be in the forum. I see that the knowledge made available in the discussions is very important. I take this topic to leave my site that has all the information for who will join the Pharmacy area. - Curso de Farmácia - Saiba tudo sobre o curso e a profissão (2017)!
  37. hsk013

    Failing Multiple Exams, Will Probably Fail a Course(s?). What do I do?

    A first-year med student here... So I have been getting Fs on almost every other exams... I am barely passing my classes, and I am afraid that I might fail even more as the first year ends (and next year too). One of my classes has 8 exams. So far we had 5 exams, and I failed 3 of them already...
  38. P

    Kaplan Prep and Diagnostic Exam

  39. S

    Would taking a 2.0 credit courseload instead of 2.5 lower my chances?

    I am taking a course that I am doing really badly in right now and was going to drop it before the drop date so that it wouldn't show on my transcript (at my school, we can't retake courses to replace a poor grade). Would having a 2.0 credit course load instead of a 2.5 credit course load lower...
  40. D

    UCSF Introduction to Dentistry Day 2017: One Day Course for Predents!

    Calling all students interested in dentistry!! UCSF ASDA is proud to announce our third annual Intro to Dentistry Day on February 18th from 8a-5p! We have revamped our day with exciting new speakers, sim lab activities, a scavenger hunt and break out sessions with our dental students. All...