Mar 7, 2019
Medical Student
US MD from above average medical school. 210s/240s for Step1/2 however I failed first attempt for CK. CS first pass.
Only other red flag is I didn’t pass a class during MS1 year, had to repeat the year and did very well second time around.

Originally applied pediatrics, but after failed CK mid-interview season (already wasn’t really getting interviews) I decided I’d prep a SOAP app for family medicine to optimize my chances. I love primary care so it was a very easy pill to swallow. Since then have received honors in multiple Family Med rotations and gotten LORs from those physicians.

Anyone know of someone who has similar red flags who has had success/failure in SOAP? I love interviewing so I’m not especially worried about that, but I have no idea if my chances of matching are 10% or 80%. I’ve seen the stats for the general SOAP, but was hoping some factors would improve those horrid percentages (US MD, good CK, good letters and rotation grades for family med).

Any advice or similar stories welcome to this thread.

Good luck to you all!
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