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  2. D

    How bad is an LOA?

    Long story short, I failed a bunch of classes and I requested an LOA to repeat M1 because I know I don't have the material down. Throughout the semester I had multiple makeup exams for those classes but failed those due to limited time to study. Now they are being put over the 5 week summer...
  3. A

    Step P/F - What does this mean for Class of 2023?

    I'm kind of freaking out right now. I go to a lower tier MD school, class of 2023. Knowing that Step is an equalizer for students that work their butts off, kill Step, even though they don't go to Harvard Med was really encouraging. Now I'm feeling like there's even more barriers in front of my...
  4. D

    Any reassurance for step 2 CS?

  5. Asclepius293

    Failed Fam Med Shelf- Matching

    Hey everyone, Last week, my dad’s bowel perforated and he was septic the night before my fam med shelf. I was kind of out of it and took it anyways which in retrospect was very dumb. It felt like a total blur taking it. I ended up failing by a few points. Clinically, I did really well and our...
  6. Flamingo477

    Step 2 CS April-May Score release Thread 2019

    Hi Drs, I did my exam may the 3rd in Atlanta. I did plenty of mistakes that I hope would not lead me to a fail. - Did not have the time my personal notes perfectly. Many of them had only 2 DDx and some even did not have any supporting evidence. - Did not have time to add more than 3 workup...
  7. M

    SOAP chances

    US MD from above average medical school. 210s/240s for Step1/2 however I failed first attempt for CK. CS first pass. Only other red flag is I didn’t pass a class during MS1 year, had to repeat the year and did very well second time around. Originally applied pediatrics, but after failed CK...
  8. P

    Pass/Fail Classes

    I was wondering if anyone knew vet schools' opinion on pass/fail classes. My advisor told me that taking one would not be an issue, but I am not sure about two. I took one last semester already and I want to take another one this semester since it is my last semester. Keep in mind that the class...
  9. P

    Putting the "trick" to rest

    There has been a lot of discussion on this board concerning the trick to find out if you passed exam prior to the release of the score report. Could people please post experience with the presence of a link to a new application and its association with a subsequent failure once the score Report...
  10. P

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass?

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass? It would help me a lot to know that other people had issues solving multiple cases and maybe ran out of time. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. S

    Rate my Chances for Residency Please

    Hi, I was really nervous about the match so I wanted some feedback on my current application status. I'm a U.S. MD grad applying for psychiatry. Failed step 1 and did much better the second time with an average score. Step 2 CS and CK pending (I know I have to work hard on this) Otherwise...
  12. P

    Step 3 question - help

    if cases end early but it doesn't say the patient is getting better but say a patient was scheduled for surgery and the program says that and ends the case, is that a good sign? If you run out of time on the case before the patient can improve but you put in the correct treatment regimen before...
  13. P

    Step 3 Day 1

    Step 3 Day 1- Day 2 in two days I am looking for someone to either let me know that I am like everyone else or if I did worse than I should have. Mostly looking for how people felt during their experience. To make a long story short...6 blocks. The first 2 blocks were very hard for some...
  14. T

    Failed APPE Pharmacy Rotation

    Hello, I am an P4 student and I failed my first APPE rotation. I am a student with above 3.5, always made the deans list, and one of the top in my class. I followed everything that my preceptor told me to do, showed up on time, did everything in my power to learn. I even gave my preceptor my...
  15. DoctHouse

    2.38 cGPA Undergrad so far... Advice/Chances?

    Hi. I'm a 18 yr-old, URM, pre-med, Biochem major at a community college. I'm planning on using IGETC to satisfy my pre-reqs for a UC. I enrolled as a freshman 2017 and took 3 classes the first semester. I failed 2 and Ace'd one. The F's were in Math and Art. I failed because I had personal and...
  16. U

    July 2018 NAPLEX...got a 74

    Hello, I am not a foreign graduate, and came out of my NAPLEX exam feeling confident. I had made my way through RxPrep and all of it’s quizzes, and received a 106 on the Prenaplex just two days prior to my exam. As I have done with every test in college, I went home and began to look up answers...
  17. P

    Need help: Risk failing Step 1 or graduate late?

    I have exactly 18 days left in my dedicated Step 1 study period until the exam. Due to a medical scare in the family, I was unable to study for Step 1 during my dedicated study period. I just took my first NBME and scored a 182. I've asked my school for an extension to delay my Step 1 but they...
  18. BearsBeetsBattlestar

    step 2 CS - fail?

    Hi guys! IMG here! I took step 2 CS recently and I'm already freaking out... I'm afraid I might have failed:( So I beg you guys for your honest opinion about what I did wrong. I'm specifically concerned about my ICE (PE most importantly). It would be really great to hear people's experiences...
  19. A

    Step 2 CS: Failed, Retook, and Matched!

    I failed CS, retook and passed it, and had a great match. Back when I found out I had failed, I scoured the internet for information about what to do, and I only really found one post that was relevant to my situation. I'm sharing my story in case others find themselves in similar circumstances...
  20. H

    failed at the match- next best move?

    non US IMG USMLE 1- 228 (second attempt) CS- pass first attempt CK-259 I applied to 150 IM programs and only recieved 3 interviews. One interview was from a place I observed at. They loved me there and the interview went great. Most of the people that interviewed with me that day were...
  21. B

    Failed a class

    Any advice or harsh/honest words are welcome. I am a first year medical student and I have had some academic trouble. So I found out that I failed a unit and I will be remediating over the summer. My dean made it sound like my ability to do anything relatively competitive is basically over...
  22. 4

    Really need advice please help

    Hi so i'm a freshman and this is my first semester and I'm pretty sure I am going to fail Calc. The final was SO bad. And on top of that I may potentially end up with 2 C's. Are my chances of DO school significantly altered or ruined? Is Calculus even a requirement for DO school?
  23. B

    I got 2 D's in my first year at a Community College...

    Hi guys, So I got 2 D's in my Community College prior to transferring to UC Davis (where I am a Junior now.) The D's were in Intro to Philosophy and Sociology. I currently have a 3.75 cGPA (without grade replacement), and I'm panicking because I've just realized that I may not get into any MD...
  24. N

    COMLEX level 2 ce 9/13/17

    Anyone else take COMLEX level 2 CE on 9/13/17 score way lower than expected? Disproportionally lower than COMSAEs, practice exams, and qbank performance?
  25. M

    Admissions Stigma on Failing a Class

    Hopefully this can relate to people who had to fail before succeeding. I failed and retook College Algebra my freshman year at a private school in which I was a miserable student athlete. I understand the MD application does not replace grades, but the DO application does. I have raised my GPA...
  26. Gruffud

    What if I bomb the ADAT

    So I haven't taken the ADAT yet, but I am getting really nervous about taking it. If I take it and bomb it, can't I just not put it on my application? Or will they still have the score?
  27. H

    Fail on personal statement

    I failed the USMLE step 1 in 2012. I passed this year with 228. Should I address the failure in my personal statement? Or should i just wait and see if they ask me about it on interviews?
  28. A

    Step 2 CS permit disappeared- Does this mean i passed?

    Hello, Just wondering for my own anxiety's sake- 1) Has anyone had a Step exam where their scheduling permit disappeared (While the permit has NOT expired) and ended up FAILING? Thanks so much
  29. C

    STEP 2 CS 2017 _ definitely failing

    Hey everyone, here's yet another Step 2 CS freakout US med student. Did fine in clerkships and Step 1. Took CS July 2017. Pretty sure I bombed the crap out of it - specifically the ICE section. I'm not sure what exactly goes into grading, but here's hoping it's fairly lenient. Like many other...
  30. A

    STEP 2 CS- Mistakes enough to fail?

    Hey everyone, Just wrote my Step 2 CS as a Canadian IMG studying in the UK and i made some mistakes that are giving me anxiety and i'm wondering if it is enough to possibly cause me to fail. - I auscultated the aortic and pulmonary valve for every patient, but i did not auscultate at the 5th...
  31. HelpINneed911

    COMLEX Step 2 PE failed 3 times.

    I have failed the PE three times. The 4th attempt was taken one week ago. 1st take... Failed humanistic and biomedical 2nd take... passed humanistic, failed biomedical 3rd take.... passed biomedical, failed humanistic If I didn't pass the exam this time I will be dismissed from medical...
  32. hsk013

    Failing Multiple Exams, Will Probably Fail a Course(s?). What do I do?

    A first-year med student here... So I have been getting Fs on almost every other exams... I am barely passing my classes, and I am afraid that I might fail even more as the first year ends (and next year too). One of my classes has 8 exams. So far we had 5 exams, and I failed 3 of them already...
  33. P

    Expecting CS score this Wed. 2/1 ??

    Eligibility document disappeared today (my eligibility would have lasted a number of months still). This does not have a bearing on pass/fail anymore from my understanding but DOES say scores are coming back this next week. Anyone else expecting? How are you feeling?
  34. B

    Appealing a Block Grade

    At my school we do blocks by system. Within the blocks we have small quizzes and activities that are graded and then we have final exams in anatomy and another based on clinical information. We have to have a certain grade at the end of the block to pass or else we will have to do a remediation...
  35. D

    NPTE January 2017

    So this is my second time taking the NPTE. I received a 562 on the October exam. Am I too hopeful to think I will pass in January or do you think thats a close enough score to be able to get it the next time? Studying is terrible but I have changed my techniques. I'm using O'Sullivans...
  36. PromisedNeverland

    Difficulty of Pharm School, graduating late?

    How many of you have faced academic difficulty in pharmacy school and had to take 1 more year in order to graduate? How many hours did you study a day ? What happens if you fail a class in pharmacy school?
  37. B

    Used to be a bad kid

    Hey! Been lurking for a few years! Background info: I was suspended from my first college 6 years ago for underage drinking and later dropped out. I am an alcoholic and have been sober for 5 and a half years now, am applying this June. I have decided to write my statement based on my...
  38. F

    USMLE Failed STEP 2 CS... Doesn't seem possible.

    Hi everyone, I got my score report back and it says I failed the ICE portion of the exam. From my understanding ICE (Integrated Clinical Encounter) scores the examinee on their physical exam and their patient notes. I don't believe that it's possible that I made enough mistakes to fail this...
  39. gucci

    Which Schools are P/F?

    Hi, I was wondering which schools are P/F, which are H/P/F, and which are grades. I know there have been lists before but I am aware this is something that is changing in schools and therefore some of the older threads are not entirely accurate. Is there anywhere to find this information out...
  40. N

    D in Orgo II, F in Calc II

    Hello SDN, I find myself in a terrible situation. Last year I took orgo II and got a D in it and this semester I took Calc II and failed the course. I have already received my degree and am looking to apply to dental school THIS cycle. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? Do I have any...