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Oct 7, 2001
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The previous "STATS PAGE" was extremely succesful, so its about time we started a stats page solely for 2003 applicants! If we all update our posts as we hear back about interviews, acceptances, etc., then it'll be a great reference page. Fill in the usual information, along with anything else that will benefit 2003 applicants or future applicants. I'll start:

Cumulative GPA: 3.47
Science GPA: 3.23
Major: English
Minor: Chemistry, Physiology

DAT: 20 Academic, 23 PAT

Research experience: 2 years in a Neuroendocrinimmunology facility

AADSAS submitted: June 3

Applied: (9 schools) Ohio State, Case Western, UNLV, Arizona, Marquette, Louisville, Kentucky, Iowa, Creighton.

Interviews: Case Western (Aug. 26), Marquette (Sept. 9), Creighton (Sept. 12), UNLV (Oct. 3), Arizona (Dec. 20)

Denied: Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio State. I didn't receive secondaries from these schools.

Accepted: Case, Marquette, Creighton (non RDEP), Arizona

Will be attending: Arizona!!

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Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 3.92
Science GPA: 3.93
Grad GPA: 3.65
Major: Chemistry

1st DAT:
Academic: 20
Biology: 20
Gen Chem: 21
Organic Chem: 22
Total Science: 21
Reading: 17
Perceptual: 15
Quantitative: 19

AADSAS submitted: June 10

Applied: (9 schools) UNC, UCONN, Case Western, UPENN, Columbia, Nova, UOPittsburgh, UOMaryland Baltimore, UOMichigan

Dental Experience: Approx 130 hrs of shadowing.

Interview Invites: Case Western (sep 13), UPENN (Sep 19), UNC (Sep 21), UCONN (Sep 30), Columbia (Oct 4), Nova (Oct 11), UOMaryland Baltomore (Jan 14), UOPittsburgh (Jan)

Interview's Cancelled: UOPittsburgh

Accepted: CWRU, NOVA, Columbia, Univ. Of Maryland

Denied: N/A

Will be attending : Univ. Of Maryland
Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 3.4
Science GPA: 3.5
Major: mech engr

DAT: 21 Academic, 19 PAT

AADSAS submitted: Never
TMDSAS submitted: 6/3 (sent to schools 6/26)

Applied: Baylor

Interview Invites: Baylor, August

Denied: None

Accepted: Baylor
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I'm a Canadian Applicant,
Undergrad Cumulative: 3.91
Science GPA: 3.89
Major: Neuroscience

1st DAT: Academic 19, PAT: 15, rewriting in Nov 2002

AADSAS: will be submitted by end of July, early August.

Applying : Case Western, Detroit Mercy, SUNY Buffalo, Nova, Temple, UMich possibly

Interviews: will update

Accepted: N/A

Denied: N/A
Major- Psych
overall gpa: 3.0
science gpa: 2.7
postbacc gpa: 3.3

aadsas: July 29th submitted online

1st DAT (2000): 18/17 dat/pat
2nd DAT (next month): N/A

Will apply for 2003 school year: 19 schools

Dental Experience: volunteering/shadowing in two clinics

Interview Invites: Hope so!

Accepted: N/A

Denied: N/A
Undergraduate Institution: Whitman College
Cummulative GPA: 3.50
Science GPA: 3.36
Major: Chemistry-Biology
Minor: Physics

Perceptual: 22
Academic: 21
Reading Comp: 21
Quant Reason: 16
Biology: 20
Organic: 25
Gen Chem: 25
Science: 22

Submitted AADSAS: July 7th

Applied to: OHSU, UNLV, Arizona, U of Michigan, Columbia, NYU, Boston U, Tufts, U of Washington, Loma Linda, Creighton

Interview Invites: Boston (January--Vancouver regional), Columbia (11/15), Tufts (11/18), University of Michigan (11/1), NYU (11/4), UNLV (11/26), Arizona (12/7), OHSU (Jan 17th), UW (Feb. 3rd)

Withdrew: Loma Linda.
Secondary in progress w/UW
Denied: n/a

Accepted: NYU, Tufts, U of Michigan, UNLV, Arizona, Creighton, Columbia.
Psychology Major, 1997
Biology Minor

Overall GPA: 3.09
Sci GPA: 2.7
DAT: Academic 21/ PAT 15

Dental Experience: 500+ hours assisting chairside/observing in general dentistry and oral surgery practices

Applied (6/7): MCG, Nova, Temple, Pitt, BU, Tufts, Maryland, Louisville, Indiana, Arizona

Interviews: Temple (Sept. 20), University of Maryland (Oct. 16), MCG (Sept. 29), Indiana Univ. (cancelled), BU (cancelled), Louisville (Nov. 11), Pitt (Nov. 18)

Accepted: Maryland, Temple, Pitt, Louisville

Waitlisted: MCG

Denied: Arizona

Withdrew Application: Tufts
Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 2.7
Undergrad Science GPA: 2.5
Graduate Cumulative GPA: 3.6
Graduate Science GPA: 3.7
Major: Biomedical Sciences

1st DAT: 19 Academic, 20 PAT

AADSAS submitted: July 21

Applied: (16 schools) UCSF, UOP, Loma Linda, UNLV, Case Western, Boston, Tufts, NYU, Buffalo, UMichigan, Meharry, Nova, Temple, Marquette, Columbia, Indiana.

Dental Experience: ~100 hrs at a dental office

Some Research experience.

Interview Invites: Indiana (cancelled) , BU (Nov.20), UNLV (Nov.14), NYU(Nov21)

"Continuing Review" category at Buffalo, Nova waiting for my fall grades

Denied: Loma Linda, Case Western, Columbia, Meharry, UMichigan, Marquette,Temple

Accepted: NYU, BU, UNLV
School: California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)
Major: Biology w/option in Physiology
Minor: Chemistry
Undergrad cummulative GPA: 3.28
Science GPA: 3.15
BCP GPA: 3.14

DAT taken January 2002

Academic: 21
Perceptual: 20
Science: 19
Ochem: 21
Gchem: 19
Biology: 20
Reading Comprehension: 25
Quantitative Reasoning: 19

AADSAS Aplication Submitted July 3rd

Applied (17 schools): UCLA, UCSF, USC, UOP, Loma Linda, UNLV, NYU, Columbia, Harvard, Michigan, Boston, Tufts, UPenn, Maryland, Temple, Nova, Marquette

Interview Invites (14 schools): UCSF, USC, UOP, Loma Linda, UNLV, NYU, Columbia, Michigan, Boston, Tufts, UPENN, Maryland, Temple, Nova

Accepted (14 schools): UCSF, USC, UOP, Loma Linda, UNLV, NYU, Columbia, Michigan, Boston, Tufts, UPENN, Maryland, Temple, Nova

Waitlisted: Marquette :confused:

Never heard from again: UCLA :mad:

Denied: Harvard :thumbdown: +pity+

Attending: UOP :D :clap: :D :clap: :D :clap:
Undergrad GPA: 2.9
Undergrad Science GPA: 2.5
Major: Biology

Graduate GPA: 3.9
Graduate Science GPA: 4.0
Major: Biology

Cumulative GPA: 3.0
Cumulative Science GPA: 2.8

Took DAT in May 2002 -
Academic: 17
Perceptual: 17
Science: 18
Ochem: 17
Gchem: 18
Biology: 19
Reading Comprehension: 17
Quantitative Reasoning: 16

AADSAS submitted: June 24

Applied: (15 schools) Nova, Indiana University (withdrew application), University of Kentucky(withdrew application), University of Louisville, University of Maryland, Boston University, Tufts University, University of Detroit, UMDNJ, NYU, Case Western Reserve, Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, Virginia Commonwealth University(withdrew application)

Dental Experience: ~40+ hrs observing at a dental office. For my graduate thesis I'm currently studying the transcriptional regulation of a tooth specific gene involved in the formation of tooth enamel.

Research experience: 9 years working in a genetics laboratory

Interview Invites: Case Western Reserve, Tufts University, University of Louisville (Turned down interview), Boston University, University of Detroit (Turned down interview), Temple University, Nova (Turned down interview), NYU (Turned down interview).

Denied: University of Maryland, UMDNJ

Accepted: Tufts University, Case Western Reserve, Boston University, Temple University

Going to Temple!
Cumulative GPA: 3.7
Science GPA: 3.7
Major: Zoology (1998, University of Washington)

Academic: 23
Perceptual: 20
Quantitative: 22
Reading: 22
Biology: 22
Gen Chem: 26
Organic Chem: 22
Total Science: 23

AADSAS submitted: June 6

Applied: Tufts, BU, Harvard, UConn, UPenn

Dental Experience: Approx. 125 hours volunteering at a dental clinic.

Interview Invites: UPenn (Sept. 27), UConn (Sept. 30), Tufts (Oct. 3), BU (Nov. 4), Harvard (Oct. 4)

Denied: N/A

Accepted: BU, Tufts, Harvard, Penn, and UConn

Will be attending: Harvard
Alumni - The George Washington University
Cumulative GPA: 3.2
Science GPA: 2.7
Degrees: BA, Psychology; Master's in Public Health

DAT: 21 Academic, 20 PAT

Dental Experience: 6 months dental assistant for general dentist

Research: Master's thesis (hopefully published soon), Work currently as an Epidemiologist in HIV/AIDS and cancer surveillance

AADSAS submitted: June 7, 2002

Applied: (17 schools) UCSF, Harvard, Univ of Pacific, Tufts, USC, NYU, Univ of Mich, Temple, Howard, Univ of Maryland, Boston, UMDNJ, Columbia, UPenn, UPitt, VCU, West VA

Interview Invites: Temple, UPENN, Univ of Maryland, MCV/VCU, Columbia, UMDNJ, Boston, Tufts, University of Michigan, UPitt, NYU

Denied: Harvard, West Virginia, UOP

Alternate/Waiting List: Temple

Accepted: Boston, NYU, Maryland, UMDNJ, UPitt, Columbia, UPENN

Enrolled: Univ of Maryland!!
Cum- 3.571
Science- 3.366
Major- Bio
Minors- Chem, Theology
Application out- TODAY!!!!!! 7/25/02
Schools- detroit mercy, U of Michigan, Temple, Pitt, Tufts, NYU, Iowa, and u of MD.
DAT- academic 16, PAT 17, NEW DAT SCORES!!! academic, 18 PAT 17 YAY!!
invites- Temple 10/18, and Pitt 10/28
Undergrade institution- King's College PA
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Cumulative gpa: 2.96
Science gpa: 2.7
DAT: Sept. (hoping to score 20 or >)
Experience: 7 months working as an orthodontist's assistant
Cumulative GPA: 3.68
Science GPA: 3.6
Major: Chemistry
AADSAS Submitted: July 23

Experience: 1.5 year (dental assistant)
Research: Pharmacology (1.5 years)
DAT: 20
PAT: 19


Interview Invites: Boston(Oct 26), NYU(didn't go), USC(Oct 11), UCLA(Nov 4), LLU(Jan 8), UCSF(Jan 14)

Denied: N/A

Accepted: Boston, USC
bizump for newbies/lurkers to post their stats, and the rest of us to update secondary/interview invite information.

I received 5 secondaries today -- let the games begin!
this is kinda of out of the topic, but does lower division science course count towards your science gpa? classes like intro to meterology, psychology, nutrition....etc?
Science courses are science courses. However, Psychology does not count for science. It doesn't matter if they are lower division or higher they still count for your science.

what about nutrition?
Nutrition is computed in the science GPA, but not in the Bio/Chem/Physics GPA (obviously).

You can download the AADSAS Instructions .pdf file from the adea website for more information on what classes are included in the various GPAs.

Just go here http://www.adea.org/AADSAS/2003Application/2003_Application_Front_Page.htm and click on "Section 4". The GPA/course information is contained within that section.
what is dsaf?
Originally posted by Centrum
what is dsaf?

Don't bother him, Centrum. Juan has not been himself lately.

DSAF is a cuss word when people get very depressed and mad at AADSAS...let him be.

when he gets into Harvard, he will be fine.

schools are already sending out rejections! :eek:
I just updated my stats to show an interview.
I see that most of the interview invites are starting with midwestern schools....anyone hear anything from any east-coast schools? The ones I've spoke with aren't cashing checks etc until September....my committee letter is still being sent out, so I guess it'll be a few more weeks till schools get my applications :rolleyes:
I just updated my stats to show my UPenn interview.

Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 3.65
Undergrad Science GPA: 3.67
Major: Neurobiology
Minor: Business Administration

Took DAT on July 2002 -
Academic: 21
Perceptual: 17
Science: 22
AADSAS submitted: Aug 13, batch #8

Applied: (11 schools) UCLA, UCSF, LLU, USC, Columbia, UPenn, Tufts, BU, UCONN, Temple, and Harvard
Dental Experience: $120+ hrs observing at a dental office/free clinic

Research experience: 1 1/2yr @ Neurology

Interview Invites: Temple (10/24), UPENN (10/25), Boston (11/24--SF Regional), UCONN (11/22), UCLA (11/15) , UCSF (1/14)

Denied: USC

Accepted: UCLA, Temple, UPENN, UCONN (with scholarship), BU

Withdraw: Columbia, Tufts, LLU
Undergrad: Georgia Institute of Technology
GPA: 3.42
Science: 3.2
Major: Applied Biology

DAT: May 2002
Academic: 19
Perceptual: 21

AADSAS submitted: June 6, 2002

Applied: MCG, MUSC, U Penn, Temple, Marquette, and UK

Experience: shadowing and assisting in dental offices and 1.5 years of hospital experience

Research: bioinformatics and genomics laboratory

Interviews: Temple, Penn, MCG, MUSC, UK

Acceptances: Temple, Penn

Rejections: N/A

Wait list: UK, Marquette
Added Temple and UPENN interviews. End of Page 1
wow Pebbs...Impressive GPA's! :eek: :clap:
Added UPENN interview.
Added my MUSC interview!!
Dude, Gavin, does Kentucky have some mad in-state requirement??

Anyways, I cannot wait to hear from some schools. Now I can add the rest of my stats to this page:

Major: Chemistry-Biology
Minor: Physics
Cumm GPA 3.42
Science: 3.2something

Science: 22
Acad: 21
Organic: 25
Chemistry: 25
Biology: 20
Readint: 21
Quant: 16
PAT: 22

Applied: Oregon Health and Sciences University, Boston U, University of Mich, UNLV, NYU, Columbia, Creighton, Arizona, U of Washington, Tufts, Loma Linda.

Interview: not until AADSAS sens my app out!

Dental Experience: OHSU clinics, OHSU dental careers summer program, volunteering with dentist for 100+ hours, etc.

PS I am SO EXCITED for this coming year. I just am hoping I get into at least ONE school!!!!!
Added Univ of Maryland interview (end of page 1).

Gavin....with those kind of creds, they're crazy to not give you an interview!!....unless there's an in-state requirement/preference...but that prefernce would have to be a REALLY REALLY strong one. At any rate...I wouldn't fret too much. It's their loss in the end.
Added my UNC interview!!
Updated DATMATT: AADSAS calculated GPA's

Cumulative GPA: 3.56
Science GPA: 3.43
Major: Math Education
Minor: Chemistry

1st DAT:
PAT 20
SCI 20
AADSAS submitted: July 22

5 years experience as a public educator

Applied: (8 schools) U of MI, U of TN, U of MN, U of CO, U of Washington, U of Pacific, Loma Linda (no longer applying here as of 10/2002), Columbia

Interview Invites: U of TN & U of MN in October; U of MI in November, U of Pacific in December
I am not going to send out Loma Linda's secondary application.

Accepted: U of MI, U of TN & U of MN
Added my UCONN interview!!:clap:

See you on the 30th at UConn!
Why didn't you apply to UW? Well, I guess that is OK since you will still be a Husky if you go to UCONN.
Added my Columbia Interview!!


See you at UCONN!!:clap:
I didn't apply to UW because I don't have all of their prerequisites completed (no microbiology) and, since I'm originally from New England, I thought it would be nice to be near my family while I'm in school.
hi everyone