Oct 7, 2014
Southfield, MI
Resident [Any Field]
This course provides CS candidates with sufficient hours of top-notch case training, led by a group of MD's and Theater Actors that will guarantee you a "PASS" on your Step 2 CS.

Basic course includes:

~ 14-16 practice cases ( 1 case = Patient Encounter + Physical Exam + Note writing) Notice: All encounters between student and patient are carefully observed and critiqued by physician on site, notes written are saved and submitted to a group of practicing physicians that also critique the note and give their feedback to our students.

~Course Material - Course Manual (tailored towards tactics ensuring success)
- First Aid (Step 2 CS)

Sessions begin December 2014, you are welcome to schedule the dates that are most convenient for you, you can go through the entire course in 1 week (5 days) which would mean 3 hours of training per day, or you can spread it out more flexibly (over a 2 week period) and do 2 hours of training per day, whichever you might prefer.

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