Stony Brook vs George Washington


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Mar 17, 2016
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Hi all,
I was definitely going to commit to GWU but recently found out that Stony Brook essentially paid for tuition and a little more, meaning I'll only pay ~10k/year compared to GW's ~40k. Regardless of where I go, my parents are willing to cover it, but cost is still somewhat an issue since 1) my dad plans to retire soon 2) I want to spare my parents the financial burden if possible, especially since they're going to help contribute something for med school tuition too. With ~90k saved for college, I'll have almost 50k extra by attending SBU and definitely not feel as bad about asking my parents to help me with med school.

GW's research opportunities are much much better due to NIH and reduced competition (less premed there, plus I have an advantage due to 2 years research experience), but Stony Brook has stronger sciences overall (I'm actually kind of terrified of the bio weedout intro courses). I also think GW has the students I want to be-- more polished, socially keen-- and SB has the students that I'm like now-- very academic. It really boils down to whether I'm willing to pay 100k more to have an easier time and a better environment. I don't quite have the confidence to say I'll have a good time at SB because it feels like many people there are like me, and I still haven't quite got a feel for academic difficulty (I know it's hard, but I don't know how hard). I don't want to discount GW difficulty either, but the difference to me seems to be GW = chart own path with research while keeping academics up, whereas SB = fall into academic grind/ladder and do research when possible.

I know it's last minute, but really any input would be great. If there are any SB or GW students/graduates, I'd love to
talk to you!

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Do you plan on being a science major?