1. S

    Mental Health Resources!

    Research Participation Opportunity - Grow the Knowledge of Mental Health for Health Care Providers! My name is Sylvia Cossavella, and I am clinical psychology doctoral student at Alliant International University, San Diego. I am currently working on my dissertation, which seeks to understand...
  2. corgo

    Stick it out with medicine or explore different career?

    I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor. In the Philippines, most kids rely on their parents for everything until they get their degree and marry off. Work is frowned upon (unless you are within poverty line), scholarships are scarce, and parents pay for school so no one really does loans/ get...
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  4. WhateversClever

    Remote Data Verification

    I currently work in retail pharmacy and don't know how much longer I can survive. The pay is good but the stress, lack of respect and effect it has on my personal life can not be discounted. I recently had COVID and was forced to stay home for 10 days. It was the longest I had been off work in...
  5. C

    JOB APPLICANTS NEEDED: NIH Funded Research Associate/Research Coordinator Position

    APPLY AT Research Coordinator The Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (PLAN; PLAN ) in the University of Tulsa’s Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a full-time Research Associate / Research Coordinator. The position will assist with a 5-year NIH/NCCIH...
  6. ApplyPoint

    The Medical School Admissions Process is Long and Stressful. How are you Coping?

    Earlier this month, Dr. Anne Thorndike, a physician in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, wrote that physician burnout starts with the medical school admissions process, which takes almost twice the length of time...
  7. M

    Coping with mental health in school

    Hi, I have epilepsy and things haven’t been going well lately. I had just gotten into med school prior to covid, but my episodes picked up to a point where I decided to get surgery. I deferred for a year, got the operation, and I recovered well physically. I got the ok from my doctor, and was so...
  8. J

    What Are Some Challenges Facing Future Doctors

    I’m a premed. I love medicine. I don’t love student loans. I don’t love it when doctors are making less and less. I don’t love it when doctors are complaining about their jobs and telling premeds to pursue something else but they don’t give specific reasons as to why they feel that way. With...
  9. jordandaisies

    Survey for Clinical/Counseling Psych doctoral students: Stress & Coping

    We don’t want to waste your time: you’re a doctoral student, you’re familiar with study solicitations, here’s one more for you. Here’re the brass tacks: · The study’s about stress and resilience of clinical or counseling doctoral psychology students · It’ll take 20 - 30 minutes ·...
  10. T

    Personal Statement Advice for a Student who struggled in Undergrad?

    Can anyone give some advice on how they got through their personal statement? This is the most stressful part of this application for me at the moment because it's so hard for me to talk about myself without accentuating my flaws academically. My main issue is because during undergrad I...
  11. C

    Career advice

    Hey guys. So up until now I was pursuing medicine. After a rigorous SMP and a gap year, I have been reconsidering it. I realized that although I want a job where I can work with people, use science, and be my own boss, the inherit extremely high level of stress in medical education and as a...
  12. doglova

    Work environment

  13. lodo.owl

    How bad is it, really? Past grief, multiple withdrawals, and stressing out.

    Hey all, kind of a long background story here but would absolutely love and appreciate any honest feedback and advice. Early 20s. Biracial female (African-American and French/Dutch). Currently I’m a sophomore at a state school. Started my freshman year with a 3.9, started scribing part time in...
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  15. D

    Feeling Lost & Unmotivated

  16. D

    How to let out stress during dental school!?!?!

    During my second year of dental school I took off my mind from dental school for a few minutes a day by finishing my basement. I am in third year now and I take clinic pretty darn seriously. My schedule is very busy now and I don't have time to do anything else. I barely have time to study for...
  17. vetstudentgirlfriend

    How to Be a Supportive SO?

    I'm new to this site, but my SO is a pre-veterinary student. He is currently waiting to hear back from his vet school of choice and the stress/strain it is putting on our relationship is crazy sometimes. We have the same major (animal sci) and I have a science/animal background because of it, so...
  18. E

    Help?? Am i doing this right?

    Hey guys! i am new to this forum and am really looking for some advice and support, as veterinary medicine is not a very popular major around my area. i am finishing up my second year of college and want to pursue vet medicine. But, im worried about the prereqs for vet school itself and making...
  19. O

    I need HELP!... Advice for senior in high school

    Hi i posted this before but no one replied. But im in dual enrollment and i currently have 44 hrs almost there for my asssoicates, which is (5 classes left) the most i will ever take. Im too sure what to do or how to handle everything while trying to enjoy and do things in ny last year. I also...
  20. O

    URGENT ADVICE!! Discouraged high school me please

    hi, i made a thread earlier i dont know what the heck happened to it lol. But im in dual enrollment and im trying to get my masticates and i have 5 classes left, which is alot. i have never taken that many before and i need advice on how to handle it being still a senior and balancing school and...
  21. W

    GPA and personal well being

    *from a stressed out second year who just finished a frustrating exam* Feel free to respond to this in any direction you choose. I’m honestly just looking for an affinity group here. To those who are entering the realm of epidemiology and public health, can you speak to the value of...
  22. J

    Timeline concerns

    Hey everyone, I just had a few questions about the timeline of the application process. I finished my AMCAS application in June, but I had some issues getting transcripts and it did not get completed and sent to schools until July 31 (I had taken a community college class in high school, and I...
  23. A

    How many vet exp. hours do you work a year, in pre-vet

    just on average.
  24. T

    MCAT Advice - To take or not to take

    Hi to anyone who sees this. So I am going to do my best not to whine or complain because I know many people have had it far worse than me, but I am not sure what my next steps should be in this situation. So this is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I took it, I voided it. I was...
  25. Piglet2020

    MD & DO Incoming MS1s Nervous Venting Thread *Share Your Greatest Fear*

    I created this thread so that incoming Class of 2022 students, like myself, can vent their anxieties about starting med school. I know that a lot of students are scared of moving away from home to a new city, immersing themselves in one of the toughest professions, and in short, adjusting to...
  26. X

    MD Whats a good specialty for someone who doesn't have a strong passion for medicine?

    I have realized going through medical school, especially 3rd year clinical, that I do not have a strong passion for medicine. Especially as of late, I have just been going through the motions and trying to avoid anything medicine related as much as possible. Some may say I am just burned out...
  27. F

    Feeling isolated and stressed in Dental school. Advice?

    Hey everyone, I'm a D2 student, and I'm wondering if any of you have advice/similar experiences. Basically I find the people in my class to be competitive and not very understanding of each other's struggles with mental health. For example, I confided in a classmate that I used to speak to...
  28. S

    research stress

    Hi! I recently started a summer research internship, I'm unbelievably lucky to be there and I'm genuinely interested in the project, but I have zero prior experience and I've been feeling super stressed out. I have no idea what the "culture" of working in a lab is like and I can't figure out...
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  31. D

    Scored 7 points lower on latest FL, what do I do?

    I've been studying to retake the MCAT for the last 3-ish months, and have taken 3 FL during this study cycle (I took 4 the first time I took it, so I understand pacing and I've never had trouble finishing sections). I took NS 3 which resulted in a 507 and AAMC Sample which was 77%. I felt pretty...
  32. P

    Anxiety in medical school

    I'm an MS1 who's struggled with anxiety since middle school. I've kept it under control my whole life until my second semester of medical school. I don't know how else to describe it other than a "mental breakdown." I've had to take a medical leave of absence from medical school because of what...
  33. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT Is the MCAT Stressing You Out? Fight Back with the 5 Key Habits!

    Studying for the MCAT can be one of the most stressful endeavors you have ever undertaken in your life. It can be especially stressful considering that you also need to juggle research, volunteering, shadowing, and several other essential checklist items for your medical school application. In...
  34. H

    Stressed Premed

    I withdrew from chem II earlier in the semester, but even with the lighter course load, school is just beating me down. I know where I went wrong- I started the semester with 7 classes (including labs). I am completing my associate degree and high school diploma at the same time (full time dual...
  35. L

    Is this enough for an update?

    So currently, I am waitlisted or deferred decision at many of my schools. I want to send update letters to help my chances, but I wanted to know if I have enough content to make it a good letter. Updates: -continuing my volunteer activity once a week (prefer not to go into detail because it...
  36. B

    Rebuilding Respect

    Edited to “delete”, as there isn’t apparently a way to do this. I was foolish and assumed this was anonymous, but @sb247 makes some very good points. Thank you for that. At the very least, I’ll bring this up at my next councilling appointment.
  37. Niikkiiii

    In Danger of Failing classes

    Hello friends, So I have finals in a few days, and I am concerned with a couple of classes, and I'm not sure what to do. I am currently failing my anatomy class, but have discussed withdrawing with my professor, so I'm guessing if I fail, I don't think he'll put an F as my grade, but instead...
  38. Niikkiiii

    Having trouble this semester

    Hey all, I have had a pretty rough semester. I guess I would like some reassurance (if possible). I want to go to medical school but I am literally in danger of failing two classes. I have been busting my ass and trying to pull through but I do not know if that will be enough as the semester...
  39. A

    PA vs MD, specific circumstances, money not an issue, etc

    Hi, I had some questions regarding pa school vs med school that I was hoping to get some insight on from those who have more experience than I do, so I make the right decision and don't regret it in the future. Prereq wise for PA school I still need biochem, microbio, genetics, and Ochem lab...
  40. slowthai

    Indoctrination in Medicine

    I already asked this question in the med students forum, but I wanted to hear you guys' take. I hope this is allowed, lol. I was curious. Most fields that require very intense amounts of training require some form of indoctrination or programming. I assume that's true for the field of medicine...