Take a few classes to continue the upward trend while interview season is going on? Help


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Dec 7, 2017
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Hello everyone, I am currently in the midst of my application cycle and I am a waiting on roughly 35ish schools responses. I am a reinvention applicant with an upward trend in the last two years of my undergrad at a 3.8 GPA (This is great, however with the amount of credits I have accrued caused my college to consolidate the last two years into one giant super senior year so the GPA trend is not as evident as it would have been had I done post bad classes.) Some schools have rejected me and told me to continue the upward trend and update them.

However I have an interview invite to ICOM and I was granted a secondary at WCUCOM (which I heard is indicative of an interview). I am optimistic about the current cycle and I hope to gain an acceptance.

If I were to take classes the only science classes that would be offered at this point in the school term at my local college would be ZOOLOGY and sociology.

If I take these classes, how would I update the schools? Would I have to submit my new transcripts through ACCOMAS? Or just straight to the schools? I would like to keep my feet wet with academics, however I do not want to do a full masters program until after this cycle has concluded.

Thank you in advance!
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