Taking UC Berkeley Extension Genetics - Any way to study for the final well?

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Jan 20, 2018
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I'm currently taking the UC Berkeley Extension Genetics course under Professor Placyk. I'll be getting ready to take my final soon...and I'm frankly a bit lost.

As you guys know, genetics is a very large subject and I'm frankly feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since you have to get above 70% on the final to get a salvageable grade.

To those who have taken the class, I have a few questions:

-How is the final in terms of difficulty?

-What are some helpful study materials (official and unofficial) that can help with getting a good grade on the final?

-Is there a way to abridge the textbook in order to pinpoint what is needed to do well on the final? It's very wordy as a textbook and the online notes are very minimal (as he mentioned).


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