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Jun 13, 2015
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I only used 3 resources for the DAT:

*Chad's videos (coursesaver.com)
*DAT Bootcamp
*AP Bio book by Cliff's Notes.

I did well enough to get into school my first year (22 AA and 20 TS). My GPA was 3.8. I took the DAT in July 2015 right before my senior year of undergrad.

Anyways, I just wanted to recommend these resources to everyone because they made studying actually enjoyable while being right at the level of what you need to know for the DAT. I tried some other resources briefly (DAT Destroyer, etc.), and I felt burnt out almost immediately. They made studying hell.

However, Chad's videos are actually fun to watch and the way he teaches makes the info stick long-term. (Fun is important when studying for months, trust me.). The practice quizzes at the end of each video are also extremely helpful.

DAT Bootcamp's practice tests are about as close to the real DAT as you can get, and they give you explanations of why you got answers wrong or right. They also have some great video explanations. Their PAT question generator is also the coolest thing out there for PAT practice. I got a 24 on the PAT. (Don't trust Kaplan's PAT practice questions. They're too easy, and will give you false confidence.) Also, DAT Bootcamp's reading practice is the best out there. I got a 28 on reading because of it, and I only used it for a couple weeks before the test.

And finally, the AP Bio book by Cliff's Notes (I think I had the 3rd edition) was great because I could just flip to topics I knew I was weak on (thanks to DAT Bootcamp) and learn exactly what I needed to know very succinctly. There is no overkill in that book, in my opinion. It's right on point for what the DAT will ask.

I know that a ton of people suggest resources that will way over-prepare you for the DAT. That's fine, and it works for some people. But it wouldn't have worked for me. Over-doing it for extended periods of time can actually be counterproductive.

Price: Both Chad's videos and DAT Bootcamp have monthly subscription fees. I think they were ~$50 and ~$17 respectively. So, it can add up, but it's absolutely worth it (and a drop in the bucket compared to things like lab supplies in dental school). AP Bio is only like $11 on Amazon.

Best of luck! You got this!
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