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  1. K

    Feeling lost and anxious about studying for the DAT

    Hi, I'm feeling utterly lost and stressed over studying for the DAT and would like some advice on how to use the approximately 18 weeks (as of 9/3 when I posted this) I have before my exam to study. My exam is scheduled for Jan 9. Just to give some background, I'm currently in my 5th semester...
  2. M

    CourseSaver Chad's Video Problems

    Anyone else having trouble playing the videos on Coursesaver? Just purchased a subscription. When I try to play them on Safari, I get this message: This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 224003) On Chrome and Firefox, the loading circle just keeps spinning and the video never plays. I...
  3. babytomato

    Chad's Video Quizzes?

    I see that Chad's videos are free to watch but do the quizzes need to be purchased? Thanks!!
  4. T

    Chad's Videos myspeed plugin faster speed not working

    Hi guys, So I downloaded the plugin for Chad's Videos after downloading the Firefox version that the Coursesaver website recommends (I first started watching them on google chrome). Chrome says it does not support the plugin; On Firefox the plugin is visible but has absolutely no effect on...
  5. ringofkeys

    Bootcamp change to Khan for QR

    Does anyone know why Bootcamp switched from Chad's to Khan for the QR section? If Chad's was working for so many people, what would the reasoning behind the switch be?
  6. socal6

    April 2017 DAT Breakdown: 23 AA, 24 TS

    Hey guys, just reposting this here since I accidentally posted on the main forum! AA: 23 TS: 24 -- Bio: 25 GC: 26 OC: 22 PAT: 23 RC: 23 QR: 20 DAT Bootcamp average Bio = 23.5 GC = 22.75 OC = 20 RC = 20.5 QR = 18.5 PAT = 19.5 2009 scores Bio = 24 GC = 23 OC = 19 RC = 21 QR = 19 PAT = 22...
  7. A

    My DAT Experience

    Hey everyone! I just finished my DAT earlier today and I want to share my experience. Reading the DAT sdn forums helped me a lot during my preparation so I want to share my scores and the materials I used. Overall, I think DAT Bootcamp is the best resource out there, along with a few others...
  8. B

    Reading Comprehension and full length exams???????????

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time finding sources to help me with practicing for RC section of the DAT. I'm also wondering where I could find full length practice exams? I currently have the 2007 and 2009 exams but thats about it :( Thank you!
  9. M

    DAT in 9 days...sos

    I have my DAT in 9 days on (1-21-17) and I'm getting so anxious and feeling pretty hopeless... I've done all of the normal things (Chad's videos, doing Destroyer, Cliff's bio notes, practice tests, going through the Kaplan book) and I just took yet another practice test and got... Bio - 17 GC...
  10. B

    Gen Chem+ Orgo... Chad's Videos, DAT Coursesaver, or Chemistryprep?

    I have noticed that Chad's videos on his free website are too long and there is so many of them...whereas on DAT coursesaver there's fewer videos... and then there is which is chad's videos with paid subscription.... which would help me out more with studying for ochem and...
  11. amalgam2020

    The BEST 3 resources I used for DAT prep

    I only used 3 resources for the DAT: *Chad's videos ( *DAT Bootcamp *AP Bio book by Cliff's Notes. I did well enough to get into school my first year (22 AA and 20 TS). My GPA was 3.8. I took the DAT in July 2015 right before my senior year of undergrad. Anyways, I just wanted...
  12. briggsinator2

    Reschedule DAT? Need help asap!

    Just took the 2009 ADA DAT, and thought I absolutely KILLED it... Was very surprised by my scores (other than bio/PAT, that is): GC 21, OC 20, RC 21, QR 19, PAT 23, BIO 28 TS 22, AA 21.8 I thought the math on the 2009 ADA DAT was absolutely terrible... Thought I would get a 16 lol. Felt...
  13. pateeth

    How to go about the DAT destroyer and in general about studying for DAT?

    Hello, I've been lurking through this site for months now, last month I finally decided I couldn't put off studying for DAT anymore and decided to face my fears. Anyway, I'm not very strong in ANY of the subjects of the DAT. I've been taking very detailed notes on Chad's videos, and I...
  14. briggsinator2

    DAT Study Question

    Question for all you DAT-students out there: if I just use DAT Destroyer and Chad's videos (along with the Princeton Review's Cracking the DAT) for the sciences, Math Destroyer/DAT Destroyer for math, and Crack the PAT for the PAT, should that be sufficient to do well in everything? What else...
  15. X

    23 TS 20 AA: DAT breakdown for the average NERVOUS test taker

    PAT: 17 QR: 15 (I know) RC: 18 BIO: 24 GC: 23 OC: 21 TS: 23 AA: 20 First of all, I want to start by saying that it has been years since I took any science classes, and I was always very nervous when it came to the sciences, especially for bio. Second, while studying, I worked...
  16. LRJRDH2012

    2016 real DAT AA 20 vs Bootcamp vs DAT Q-Vault vs Destroyer

    Took my DAT today (for the 3rd time) & just wanted to say a few things about what I found most helpful. (Previous scores are listed first/today's scores third.) Biology 18//18/19 General Chemistry 18/18/20 Organic Chemistry 17/18/19 PAT 19/20/18 Reading Comprehension 22/20/22 Quantitative...
  17. A

    1 month before my DAT

    Okay so I have a little less then a month until my test. This will be my first time taking it, and want it to be my last. Any tips? So far this is what I have planned... Reviewing all Chad's videos in hyper speed and redoing his quizzes for OC & GC. I've been on and off with Destroyer for OC...
  18. N

    Chad's Videos...

    which website should i get chad's videos from? i see they're on coursesaver, and they're on his own website but they look free on his website. haha I'm so confused! any help is amazing!!
  19. S


    Trying to open a new CHAD's Videos subscription for DAT! 25$ split half and half. Venmo is preferred. Message me!