1. A

    Red flags to look out for during job interviews

    I am interviewing for my first job out of training. Any tips on the most important red flags to look out for in the employers? Anything specific that the employer does or says that would be a deal breaker or should have me think twice before taking the job? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. J

    Cracking the OAT - Practice Exams?

    I've taken some Kaplan practice exams which i've learned from this page are much harder than the real OAT. I purchased the Princeton Review - Cracking the OAT which comes with two practice exams. Has anyone taken these exams that could tell me how closely they resemble the real OAT? I don't...
  3. R

    I need some insight on these practice NS FLs

    I am concerned about my most recent NS FL 5 exam. I took it today and I was only able to finish P/S. Did anyone else feel FL 5 B/B passages and questions were very long and worded poorly compared to other exams? My goal is to score 512 on actual. Or was it just a very bad day for me? (my B/B...
  4. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  5. jjmanutd24

    Fear of Practicing?

    Just a bit of backstory first: I`m a Veterinarian from India, I graduated in 2016 and moved to the states soon after. Recently I completed my ECFVG and NAVLE and am in the process of getting my State License. The problem : I`m scared to start practicing at a hospital. For the past 2 years Ive...
  6. A

    Bad question from Princeton review? or just my error?

    So I've always been taught that the formula for torque is T=FcosTheta * R .............however this princeton review practice problem on torque is using the formula T= FSinTheta * R When solving for torque do we always use Sin in the torque formula?? Or is this just a bad question...because...
  7. marcosma

    Stanford Secondary Question

    Hello! I am currently pre-writing my Stanford secondary and I am working on the following question: --- What do you see as the most likely practice scenario for your future medical career? Choose the single answer that best describes your career goals and clinical practice setting: Academic...
  8. C

    Stark Law Questoin

    My family owns a private business that sells DME. I’m a medical resident in a related specialty. There are non-MD/DO practitioners that work there and rely on MD/DO referrals. I would like to work with or for the company. My understanding is that any DME prescription I write cannot be filled at...
  9. S

    MCAT Practice Questions

    Hey everyone! Doing my MCAT in August. Went through the KAPLAN books and wanted to complete some MCAT PRACTICE QUESTIONS in order to find out where I am lacking and focus more on those subjects. Does anyone know a forum, thread, website or anything that have practice MCAT questions we can test...
  10. H

    Starter Practice for Sale in NYC!

    Great for students soon to be graduating from a residency program soon! See Ad below! Are you entrepreneurial and enjoy making a profit while practicing dentistry? Why work for someone else rather than owning your own practice? Don’t sweat trying to build up a new office when you can purchase...
  11. T

    Taking MCAT in a week, can people please give me feedback on my proposed Practice FL schedule?

    I just took NS1 and got a 506 (127/125/127/127) and know for a fact that this was due to timing issues (guessed on 8 questions in B/B, which were on GLYCOLYSIS!!! MY SPECIALTY :( !) I want to spend the next 7 days really hammering FLs and doing as much practice as I can. Below is my schedule and...
  12. A


  13. N

    1 practice exam a day?

    is 1 practice exam per day overkill? I have a week and a half? Or should i do 1 every 2 days and review ?
  14. C

    MD Can anyone help me understand this aspect of MD course?

    Hey, so it has been about 2 months since I started my MD course. So far everything has been going great! The thing is, I am so interested and motivated to learn Anatomy and I find it very fascinating which is good because I plan on becoming an Orthopedic surgeon one day. But my university does...
  15. whosnisarg

    Fun Little Question! (Florida Dentistry)

    Hey, guys! Just wondering - what are your thoughts on private practice ownership in Florida (specifically in/near Miami) for mostly cosmetic cases? I was thinking about where people care most about their looks and I've already heard NY and CA are pretty saturated but haven't heard much about...
  16. whosnisarg

    The Next Dr. Apa?

    Hello, again! Okay, this is more of a light-hearted question! What would it take to be the next Dr. Apa, or the next superstar dentist? How does one STRICTLY perform cosmetic procedures and "lure in" class-A patients? Is this only profitable in New York/California (this one I am curious about...
  17. 7

    Is anyone else scared about the future of dentistry?

    For some reason I've been reading a ton of articles on the rise of DSO's and the group model, and it makes dentistry seem like a less desirable profession the more I read about it. People like Marc Cooper make it seem like every dentist in the future is going to be a corporate slave taking...
  18. redence

    Can a PA open their own clinic/practice?

    I'm interested in the PA profession but at the same time also interested in business, so I was wondering if a PA could open up their own practice, what about in New York? I heard that they need a MD supervising them. Who would get the money? Would the PA's have to pay the doctor(s) the most of...
  19. smileyfacegirl27

    Approach to improving Chem/Phys Section score?

    Hey all! I am currently taking the MCAT in January and Chem/Phys is my weakest section, I am consistently getting around 125 on every practice exam I take. As I have the MCAT in 60 days, I am looking to improve all my sections but especially this one since I can't seem to get the numbers to...
  20. 9bbn


    Hello all, I've been using Jack Westin's CARS passage of the day for practice for a while now and was looking for something similar for scientific passages. Recently, looking at AAMC practice material, most of the scientific passages are straight from science journal articles. I looked for a...
  21. BoardVitals

    Test Tools Want free practice questions? Enter our raffle.

    We're giving away 3 prizes in the raffle this year! Click here to enter. You could win: The Ultimate Med School Study Package OR Any BoardVitals Question Bank of your choice (we're giving away two of these.) We'll select the winner next Monday, Sept 25. Anyone who enters will win one of...
  22. A

    ATLS Practice Tests

    I want to announce my website with full-length ATLS tests: mcatest wixsite com/atls You can download the questions free, and pay $4.99 for the answers and full explanations. Thank you.
  23. H

    Pearson practice exams vs PCAT

    I am scheduled to take the PCAT for the first time this Friday. I have been religiously doing the study guides/practice exams from Dr. Collins for the past two-three weeks and have been doing pretty well on those. I purchased the Pearson exams and took exam #4 a couple days ago and scored within...
  24. Leia-1

    MD Summer practice

    Hi! I just finished my 3rd year in Medicine and I'm thinking about spending some time in hospital with the nurses, learning how to do some simple procedures. Which is the best department to do that?
  25. freedoctor17

    Help Interpreting Practice Full Length Scores 1 month out

  26. J

    PAT Questions

    Hi! I don't understand the answers for these questions and I was hoping someone on here could help :) ANSWER ^: (A) ANSWER ^: (C) ANSWER ^: (D)
  27. T

    More DAT Practice Exams

    I am looking for more practice exams for the DAT. I know of the free ones offered by Princeton Review, DAT Bootcamp, and DATQVault. I am approaching my test date and want to expose myself to the test as much as possible through taking and reviewing practice exams. Sidenote: I am finishing the...
  28. bellowbruins

    AAMC Bio Question Pack Volume 1 #6

    Hello all, In Q Pack, Biology number 6. I understand that C and D is clearly out. But among A and B, both is possible. I went with B and the answer is A. In such kind of similar cases, how would you know which one is more likely to be correct. For me, I choose B because the passage said that...
  29. D

    Uh, Am I Missing Something?

    Just came across an old thread where someone wrote: "I sometimes want to restart my old solo practice, complete with counselor and PT, and make it a cash-only pain practice. No opioids whatsoever. You can come in as many times as you want - and much of the time I would see them and defer to PT...
  30. D

    Summer practice abroad. Help is needed

    Hi guys! I am a 3rd year medical student in Romania. I was thinking about doing my summer practice abroad ( Denmark, Sweden, UK ) but I have no idea where to start. Did any of you have the same thought? And if the answer if yes, what exactly did you do about it? What experience is expected...
  31. J

    Kaplan FLs same as my AAMC practice test scores????

    So I've been doing the Kaplan course the past couple of months and have gotten: 503, 505, 507 and 509 on my last FL tests. From the forums, everyone was saying that the AAMC practice test is sooo much easier than the Kaplan tests and that you should expect at least a 3 point increase. So going...
  32. chraugust

    Free MCAT & DAT Practice App

    Hey guys! I created a free DAT and MCAT studying app that is based in practice multiple-choice problems. The app currently has primarily biology questions but more are added frequently. To speak to the "ethos" of this app, I scored in the 99.7 percentile of the DAT and the students helping...
  33. H

    Need a better answer explanation to a TPR CARS question

    (from TPR CARS workbook) The correct answer is D but I selected A. To paraphrase, Paragraph 3 states that the US can't provide for its own needs for raw silk and rubber. It seems the paragraph is implying that America will not decrease their consumption and continue to rely on exports ---...
  34. Hands4Surgery

    SKYPE partner needed for Step 2CS. Exam is 3/20. Need partner ASAP!

    Hi All! I need someone that is willing to be my SP on skype (and I can be your SP if needed) to study for Step 2 CS. My test is on 3/20. I am in a US medical school but I am a bit off cycle so most people took the test already, and it's very difficult to find friends that have time to...
  35. doctorsdoctor

    Practicing Radiology in (EU,NZ, AUSTRALIA) after residency training in PH

    After finishing radiology training in the Philippines for 4 years I plan to go abroad (New Zealand/Australia/Europe/Dubai). So I have researched and my best chance of practicing medicine abroad is to train residency here in my home country Philippines, and later on take a fellowship program...
  36. J

    practice tests

    hi guys. i wanted to know which practice tests are the best to use. i'm definitely using the AAMC ones with all the q banks. what other ones do you recommend? (next step, EK, kaplan?) i'll be studying for 2 months, for what it's worth. thanks :)
  37. Thoroughbred_Med

    For Sale TBR Complete Home Study (2012)

    Hey guys, Trying to sell a complete set of my used TBR books. I am looking to get $100 plus shipping for the whole set but am willing to sell each individually as well. Also, I realize these aren't the updated ones for the new exam. But practice problems are practice problems right! There is...
  38. S

    Live IV practice

    Trying to get an idea if any schools are allowing their students to practice live IV on each other? We did in my courses as an EMS provider before we were allowed to practice on patients, however our COM is resistant to letting us try live IVs after practicing on the IV trainer arms (nothing...
  39. S

    Live IV practice

    Trying to get an idea if any schools are allowing their students to practice live IV on each other? We did in my courses as an EMS provider before we were allowed to practice on patients, however our COM is resistant to letting us try live IVs after practicing on the IV trainer arms (nothing...
  40. 2

    What Are The Requirements For A License To Practice In UK/Thailand?

    I'm still in high school (first year of IBDP) and I'm interested in becoming a doctor. For university, I'd like to go to the UK (if I can make it), and I'm wondering what comes after MBBS/BSc? At what point do you get a license to practice (UK)? What about Thailand? If I don't take up...