1. S

    Dental Private Practice Education

    Hi all. Can anyone here recommend resources for learning the ins and outs of starting and running a dentist private practice?
  2. Marwah Saleh

    Advice for overseas dentist

    Hi I am an overseas dentist and i want to move to the USA. I found several dentist jobs in michigan, florida and Georgia. Kindly can you give me advice whether one city is better than the other? Also how much is the acceptable average salary of a dentist in the USA?
  3. Maher Kasabji

    Looking for a General Dentist partner

    I am General dentist 20+ years in practice. I have a very well established practice for many years Why is it so hard to find a partner or associate to transition to so I can finally slow down and transition myself to retirement ? I thought many times to just shut the door and call it a quit...
  4. A

    High School Student in Need of Guidance!!! Please Help!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on a public platform, so please be easy on me lol.:1geek: I am a senior in high school, taking classes at my local community college as a Dual Enrolled student. By the time I graduate high school, I will have around 90 credits (my AA and then some)...
  5. I

    How hard is it to become an orthodontist?

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and am deciding between being pre-med and pre-dental. I would love to become an orthodontist but don't think I would enjoy or be happy being a dentist. How difficult is it to get into a residency to become an orthodontist? Is it true that only the very...
  6. E

    Army Dental Specialist

    Hi! I am currently a 68E (Army Dental Specialist) for the national guard, and for drills, I. basically assist a dentist in conducting brief dental exams on hundreds of soldiers one weekend a month. Will the weekend hours count toward my shadowing hours?
  7. M

    Would I Enjoy Being a Dentist?

    Would I Enjoy Being a Dentist? I recently was accepted to a dental school and I estimated my total cost of attendance to be $230K. I know what you’re probably thinking… if I’m questioning this, I should run away from this field. The thing is, I realistically don’t see myself doing anything...
  8. M

    Saw this comment made about 10 years ago… do you agree in 2022?

    “Dentistry is a lot better than being an MD nowadays. Less hours, higher per hour salary, higher chance to be in private practice, and better insurance reimbursements. The only other thing that I think is better is a PA program, its cheaper faster and gets you 100K in 2 years time.” I am...
  9. M

    I have compiled a list of cons with being a dentist… let me know if any of these are inaccurate or not common enough

    Lets start with the general state of the profession: The field is getting saturated and will require you to move to a more rural setting to find a job that pays more than $120K. Insurance reimbursements are cut year-after-year, making you have to work harder to collect compensation over...
  10. I

    Buffalo vs Columbia

    Hello everyone I can't decide between Buffalo and Columbia. I would like to go for OMFS (only considering it but not hell-bent) in the air force as I am in HPSP program. Both seem to be very good and loved both places during the interview but I don't know much about Columbia so if anyone who...
  11. F

    AEGD/GPR program advice needed

    Hi everyone! I really need help deciding which program I should choose to apply to in a few months. Background: I'm a 3rd year dental student at UMKC. I have an ok GPA. I never wanted to specialize but I really love root canals so I would love to attend a post-doc program that is heavy on...
  12. D

    SPEP Collegiate II Texas A&M / TAMU Dentistry 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I see there's no thread for this year's SPEP Program so I made one!
  13. D

    Rutgers dental from NYC

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any students who attend the Rutgers dental school and commute from NYC, I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan so I was wondering if that would be a possibility if Rutgers was an option for me to travel to Newark! Thanks!
  14. D

    Is it possible to work for a corp or private office 3 days a week?

    I was looking to work essentially 3 days on 4 days off. Is this possible? Could I possibly do 3 10-12 hour shifts as a dentist working for a corp or private office as an associate? Is this something that needs to be negotiated? If you have personal experiences with this please let me know!
  15. D

    What are some rural places in the country where I could associate?

    What are some rural places where associates make substantially more money? How much could I expect to make as a new grad working as an associate in a rural area? Any rural places in Florida? Trying to pay off $300K FAST
  16. D

    CAA vs Dentistry

    For someone that likes both fields equally, how would you objectively compare these two fields? Looking for comparisons in regards to financial outlook, job outlook, work-life balance/schedule, work environment, politics, prestige/respect, etc. I will practice either profession in Florida. Keep...
  17. D

    Is being a dentist really that bad? This post makes it seem like being a dentist is horrible. The the points that scare me the most are the financials. Do you really only make $100,000? I don’t particularly plan to open a practice, and I will be going to a dental school that is...
  18. D

    Dentistry vs CRNA

    I am in a tough position. I currently have offers to start dental school this fall. The one I’m looking at going to is gonna cost me a total of about $250K in loans. For 3 years now I’ve envisioned myself as a dentist and figured it was the best thing for me, but after shadowing some more, I’ve...
  19. C

    Selling lot of WREB patient/mannikin dentist exam materials

    Hello, I passed the practical portion of the WREB this past November, so I am selling all of my leftover WREB exam supplies. I was a nontraditional candidate without school resources, which is why I bought so much and have so much extra! Almost everything was purchased at Acadental or Stevenson...
  20. L

    Dentistry or AA

    Hello, I am a non-traditional student and I am looking to make a career change. The careers that I am interested in are dentistry and anesthesiologist assistant. I have shadowed and done my research on both professions and I love them both which is why I am having a difficult time making a...
  21. Het.mehta

    Can I get into a good dental school or even a dental school?

    3.58 cuml. GPA, 3.37 sGPA. I have 4 publications as a first/second author, but also did get a C/ in Org Chem1/2. I have good shadowing hours and letters of rec, and volunteering.
  22. T


    Hey all! Half rant and half seeking advice here. So. Somewhat recent grad here working in a low stress gig at the time doing operatives only during these crazy times. Initially I took this gig since there weren't a lot of opportunities at the time when COVID broke out early last year so I took...
  23. Andrew StudentLoanAdvice

    Do you have student loans?

    Do you have student loans? Are you confused about how to manage your student loan debt and ensure that you are following the right plan? Or, just want reassurance you are on the right path? I recently spoke with Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor about the state of student loans. We...
  24. N

    Military dentist husband + civilian dentist wife?

    Hello I’m a dental student on the Army HPSP. I’m in a serious relationship with someone who is also in dental school, with plans to get married. However, she’s not in the military. She wants to come with me wherever I’m stationed, if possible. I had a few questions: Has anyone here been in a...
  25. Dr_Dentist

    The Rheostat

    Hello everyone, I am currently a D1. Pertaining to the rheostat, I know pretty much everyone uses their toe side to control the speed of the hand piece/burr. I was having trouble with that at first and observed a few older students using their heel. Using my heel on the rheostat works better...
  26. D

    Pediatric Dental Residencies

  27. S

    WAMC? When to take DAT?

    Hello, I am currently a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and I am interested in going to dental school. My GPA is very low compared to others; my cGPA is 3.28 and my sGPA is 3.27. I don't have much volunteer hours in the dental field but I have been shadowing a dentist. My...
  28. D

    RESTORATIVE DENTISTS: What are some things you wish your specialist colleagues knew?

    Hi, I'm a prosthodontics resident and I'm preparing for an interdisciplinary presentation to future endodontists, periodontists, and orthodontists. I'm trying to develop guidelines that specialists can follow to help guide them through treatment with the restorative goal in mind. Ever refer a...
  29. C

    Colorblind oral Surgeon?

    Hello everyone! I have a mild form of deutan(red/green) color blindness. I was wondering if any of you know if oral surgery residencies test for color vision? oral surgery is very competitive, and I don't want to work so hard and spend so much time just to get disqualified because of something...
  30. D

    Pediatric dental residency vs GP

  31. PikminOC

    Covid and dentistry business

    How has covid affected dentists businesses? Some offices near me were closed for two months. Not sure if they paid their staff during this time. Are dentists hurting financially?
  32. bentley13

    Lab Fees and Income Structure as Associate

    Hi SDN! I’ve been offered a couple associate contracts and both have indicated that I would be responsible for 100% of lab fees. Is this standard? It seems odd to me that this expense would fall on the associate. Obviously a lot of whether this is fair to the associate or not depends on how...
  33. zEkii

    Pre-Dental Students Applying to Dental School ( Now or in the Future ) MUST READ!

    Hello Pre-Dents! It’s been awhile since I posted… But 4+ years ago, I was a pre-dental student applying to Dental School. At college there was always in-service to discuss about the MCAT or special post-bac programs for Medical students. But there wasn’t a DAT study course or anything to guide...
  34. P

    Dental Life Style

    Hi, I am thinking about dentistry, but I would like to know more about this industry. I have shadowed several general dentists and dental specialists, but I would like to know more. 1. Do dentists have health insurance themselves? (They don't have dental coverage themselves? If they really...
  35. M

    Applying for HPSP/ SSRI's/Navy Dentistry

    Hi all! I want to start by saying I've done a good bit of research on the HPSP, all branches of military dentistry, and all of the disqualifications. I have not applied for the HPSP yet, just in the process of talking to a navy recruiter. It's always been a dream of mine to serve in the Navy as...
  36. P

    Any dentists with scoliosis?

  37. I

    [PRE-Dental, Please Read - What is your advice? -

    I have a bachelors of science degree in biology. I have an overall undergrad GPA of 3.0 and Science GPA of 2.79. I am retaking my DAT. Based on DAT simulator practice tests, I have been getting 19 to 21 AA. Please list as many dental schools as possible that you think I have even the slightest...
  38. thelazyvaca

    WAMC after my masters and DAT retake?

    Date of submission: June 20, 2020 for this cycle, and in May for 2021 (the 2021 cycle will be my best shot out of the two cycles) Overall GPA: 3.13 Science GPA: 2.84 (11 hours of A's to bring it up to a 3.00) Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.81 (11 hours of A's to bring it up to 3.00) DAT score (include...
  39. thelazyvaca

    Has anybody been accepted/interviewed at MeHarry that did NOT take quantitative analysis? School suggestions would be helpful too.

    Hello folks, I am an applicant deciding on schools to apply to this cycle, and saw that MeHarry requires (urges?) applicants to take quantitative analysis. I have tried searching for this topic, and can not find any posts or website saying that it is strictly required. Also, knowing my...