Apr 28, 2015
Hello folks,

Hope all well! Would like to get a few practical tips while treating Endodontic molar cases. I use loupes, thus finding canals, not an issue. However after determining the working length using apex locator, I go short of it while manual instrumentation till 20-25 hand Files esp...before using rotary.
Any imp clinical tips ??
Thank you so much...


7+ Year Member
Jan 21, 2013
Always remember that rotaries shape well, but don't clean well. They only have the ability to stay centered within the canal ignoring canals that are wide in a bucco lingual direction. A to Z rotary is something I wouldn't advocate, so my advice would be to spend alot of time on irrigation. Each case is different and requires a different protocol, remember to read your xrays well before starting treatment. For example, in thin roots, finishing your canal prep at 4% is sufficient than 6% to avoid any possibility of perfing.
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